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  1. Thanks for the replys folks. Ive asked the question on a start date a few times, first delay was the Vat certificate was wrong for the contract i am going to be on, yesterday when i asked the Council involved where trying to delay but my future boss was adamant "the contract is signed and they cannot stop it going forwards". His last words where "as it stands i could well have the call to arms on Monday" The job posting i was sent is in the International Construction personel field but my job has never been in general Construction or connected to a job agency, i work in a niche part of the ind
  2. Over the last month i have been offered a job, as its Construction based i have had 5 training courses to cram in before i am legally capable to go to work. Ive been doing these over the last month, one 5 day course two 3 days and two one days. Last week was my signing and on my evidence sheet 3 days in i put "ive got a job" my signer was not impressed i should be looking for a part time job at least and she will be checking on my evidence next time. Thats not a problem as ive got two local firms willing to give me the odd hours if they come up. Shortly after signing and returning
  3. HI Palomino Yes i'm pretty sure it would have been on stop like every account was, My MD and office junior signed, junior hasnt had any letters. The rep spoke to the MD some weeks ago and TP are well aware we are no longer trading. I am looking online for a business forum as good as this one, but no joy yet. I am not looking for a get out of jail card, i would just like to show my MD how much mire he is in, Written down so he can read it over and over again so it sinks in. He thinks its no big deal, a quick visit to a judge say your bit, home have lunch, set up another company, start aga
  4. Hi Palomino I never expected in my life to be a director, so week one i was in research mode and have been ever since, and everytime we had an office meeting i would drag up pages to show them all there obligations as directors. It was worthy of a photo seeing them all bent over looking at the screen but i think the only bit of advice they ever took was getting Articles of association drawn up. I was a major thorn in their sides but had no clout being out numbered.
  5. Hi suprise Thanks for that i had forgot, i still havent had anything back from Lloyds and had completely forgotten, ive filled in my Statement, nearly, benefits still not sorted, house under threat, council tax benefit still not sorted, pay now or else, bog off,wheres my paperwork i paid a pound for? Theres no escape for me with the stat demand which finaly in 21 days will put an end to my dealings with Lloyds all i need now are some waders, my wellingtons are no where near high enough for the amount of mire i'm in.
  6. Just spoke to the ex MD and "he hopes he has it", my chat about keeping paperwork for the insolvency people seems to have fallen on deaf ears. He did say the one of the banks is chasing the other four directors for £10,000+ which takes me right back to my question at the start of my appoinment "wheres the £10,000 gone" a reply from one as he opened out one side of his suite "look at the lining" didnt bear well for the future.
  7. Hi all Still no copy from my ex MD but i will pop over to his house today and see if i can get hold of it. Last night i was handed another copy of the demand at my door, the male said he would be back in 21 days to hand me my court papers. The demand includes a £159.15 charge. In the morning i had a letter from LLoyds regarding my previous post in another forum "its finally arrived" and had just filled in my financial statement, now it looks like i didnt need too.
  8. Hi all I have been expecting some doom since week one of my appoinment. It became apparent very quickly the other four directors had no idea on the money, accounting side of business. The bill of £13,000 is for unpaid building materials. I am pretty sure myself, The MD and one other director are signatures, i have mailed the ex MD to see if he has the office paperwork at home, if so i should have a copy pretty quickly. We did lose two directors by resignation but they where not removed from companys house when i last looked (May). On my MDs return from his holiday as he flipped through the s
  9. HI I was a director in name only, but was issued with shares at some time, i think they made me a director so they didnt have to pay me regular. I am thinking its a personal guarantee and no i dont have it.
  10. Well from my first post as Spex357 in the year??? i have been expecting this day, my first Statutory demand. This is from a signature i gave on an account for a national builders suppliers for a company i was appointed director too in the last two years. It seems official in every respect, name of creditor, court address, warning etc. I remember the day my MD asked me to sign a form whilst the rep was still there, and the thought if they look at my credit record it wont happen, but hey it did so hear we are. Am i right in thinking i need to send a request for the agreement etc to see exactly w
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