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  1. Actually, the paper did print my story, but I'm still waiting for the compensation from the bank. However I've now switched accounts.
  2. Hello guys Just to let you know that I wrote to Anna Tims, at The Guardian; she got onto the Halifax and miraculously the problem got sorted out. The story was printed in the paper. Truncated form appears here: Anna Tims on credit card fraud at the Halifax | Money | The Guardian Halifax have written to apologise: "Mistakes were made . . blah blah" and offered £100 compensation. I'll try not to spend it all at once. Actually - come to think of it, I haven't RECEIVED it yet. Maybe THAT's been stolen from my account too.
  3. I got my money back pronto. And I received a form letter from the Halifax today saying they were 'sorry I was dissatisfied with their service' and the Guardian were looking into my sorry tale which would be later featured on the consumer page. They also sent me a leaflet which said: Personal Complaints. Here's what we'll do. **** ALL*. *I made that up But it's amazing how efficient all banks become when newspapers step in. I'll keep you posted.
  4. Update: The incompetence is staggering: On Aug 2nd I was sent the Crime Declaration form by the Halifax fraud dept. It said on the second page that if there were any additional frauds, I should add them on. As by then there had been at least seven more, in addition to the original 2 x £500 frauds, I printed out a copy of my recent statements with all the frauds clearly ringed. I added a letter to this explaining what was happening, and took copies before sending it all back to the Halifax Fraud dept. On 11 August I phoned the Fraud Department, hoping that my fraud claim h
  5. Update: Today,I checked my account again to discover there were yet MORE fraudulent transactions and when I phoned up again, learned there were more pending! The person I spoke to told me that I had shedloads of transactions about to go through on my account. We worked through all of them and they amounted to nearly a thousand quid. This on top of the £1000 that had already disappeared. The fraudster must have thought Christmas had come when the card I phoned up to cancel still worked. And then she said that the card that had been used was my OLD CARD that I had phoned up to can
  6. Thanks Yourbank Yes, the phishing email probably was a coincidence. My deep seated irritation is because originally a tiny sum was taken from my account as a donation to Christian Aid and I've since learned that fraudsters often do that to check the validity of a card before plundering it further. I didn't actually know that - I do now! But when I spent a tiny sum of money on iTunes, Virgin credit card phoned me up the next day to check if that sum spent was me. And yes I know that credit cards are often quicker off the draw than banks. It's also the fact that it's happened tw
  7. Thank you for that. Your experience sounds terrible. It's this wall of silence and total lack of accountability that has me punching walls. I've written to Which, to the Guardian consumer website, and to R4's You and Yours. Oh and the Halifax 'customer relations' dept (ha bloody ha)
  8. This keeps on getting worse and worse! For a second time in ONE WEEK my account has been plundered. On Monday 28 July I found an email from halifax@securesuite.net thanking me for changing my password which I had not done. And the same email said it had been sent at 13.33 when in fact I was looking at it, at 12.30. I forwarded this email to security@hbosplc.com. This may have been a phishing but it was very unusual. It didn’t tell me my account was about to explode or I had to sign on immediately. In the light of the recent fraud I was a bit disturbed. I phoned the Halifax again and
  9. Thank you for that. It all seems to depend on who you get when you phone up! Some of the people at the call centre are reluctant to help you at all while others are much more flexible.
  10. I'd be interested in hearing them. And yes, it's really ridiculous that the hotline is shut over the weekend. One of the things that really bugged me was having to wait for the Fraud Department to get back to me before I could arrange an extension on my authorised overdraft. Because once my account had been plundered I was way way over it but the person who took my call couldn't just arrange an overdraft there and then. What are you supposed to do if you have loads of direct debits in the time between you making the call and the Fraud Dept getting back to you? "No we won't charge
  11. Thanks for that. I've just talked to the Halifax again and got through to a more helpful person. He said that someone 'a bit stupid' had used my debit card to pay off their credit card! Hence the Mint Classic. And yes, you're right - he also said that fraudsters do often make a small donation to a charity in order to check the validity of the card. I'll get the money back but apparently the Fraud dept are very busy this time of year. If it's any help to anyone the customer fraud hotline is: 0845 604 5494
  12. Hello everyone I'm a newbie here but I've been cloned and my Halifax account plundered and I wondered if it's happened to anyone else. I'll be as succinct as possible. This morning I checked my online Halifax account to see that two sums of £500 had been removed using a Mint Classic card (which I don't have and have never had) and the money had been taken out in Southend, where I've never been. So £1000 in cash - gone. Phoned the Halifax and explained what had happened and cancelled my card. And also that as £1000 had gone I was now well over my overdraft limit. I would have to
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