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  1. Yeah send everything to them delivered. It may explain why they never believe you havent recieved a letter as they think they have the same filling system as them if not registered is delivered to the bin lol.
  2. Hiya, You need to send off for a CCA and get the SD put aside at your local county court. The 6 years is from the last time you made a payment or acknowledged the debt in some way rather than from the date on the credit agreement tho unfortunatly. Seems to be a common theme tho, all the SD's from capquest recently seem to be relating to Egg debts. Sure someone can give you a better answer as Im knackered lol.
  3. Seems like swings and round about but over all I would say we are better off. We lose the criminal offense, but gain that it is now law. As they were never prosecuted for the offense anyway it works out better as they can now be hounded by the relivant authorities.
  4. I would agree if your sure its not your handwriting something dodgy is going on, be it an identity thief or a magic form that the DCA has made appreared from no where. Either way sending them a crime number should either get them off your back or increase clean trouser sales in the area
  5. I would get it put aside anyways if possible. The main reason being if it turns out not to be statute barred for some reason it will be too late and secondly you can put in a claim for expenses including things such as time getting advice on what todo and have a pizza to de-stress courtesy of the DCA You only have to do it at your LOCAL court, just ignore the courty court, off the dirt track, outer Syberia address they have put.
  6. Im still figuring out the form myself so cant help there, but as far as I know you have tgo to the court in person as you will have todo an affidavit on it. Still not sure of you have togo again after to the hearing either but will find out when I go I guess.
  7. DCA's have a tendancy to ignore the small things like if you actually owe the money or the law... Best thing todo is send off a CCA and SAR request and make them prove the debt, and of course make sure you get the SD put aside
  8. I can see some very annoyed judges when 500 set asides come in all against capquest lol. I always thought this type of thing was meant to be a last resort not a first contact!
  9. Damn another one! Did they get a new printer or something?
  10. I updated it earlier Dont want to hijack this one, but in short im waiting for the CCA to go 12 days then I will goto my local court with the forms (will still be in the 18 days)
  11. They seem to take random courts in the hope, I guess, that you wont be bothered going there. Mine was Liverpool and I live in London, but turns out you only have togo to your local county court. I've been reading through the guidelines and procedures and this in itself, in my opinion, would be a breech as they are required to put down the local court to which you have resided or conducted the majority of your business in the last 6 months. By the looks of it its automated. They take where the debt was made / defaulted, look up that court (even as in my case it doesnt even exist anymore
  12. Hiya, Im in the same situation. It seems to be there weapon of choice at the momment. If you have just recieved the SD get a CCA request off to CapQuest as soon as possible. Like now. With any luck they will not reply (or atleast not provide the actual CCA) within the 12 days time period. You will then have 4 or 5 days to goto the local court and put in the forms to set aside the SD on the basis that it is dispute and they have failed to yet supply the credit agreement. That should ward them off the bankruptcy attempt and with anyluck, they will not supply the CCA within anoth
  13. Thanks I'll look it up and get the expenses sheet ready Will see if they come up with the CCA but I doubt it being so old. Even if they do there's so much wrong with the SD I should still have a strong case. Had to spend hours finding out what the hell was going on with the fact it was at the Liverpool court Ill claim that too!
  14. Sent off a CCA request on Friday and will go down to the court to get it put aside after 12 days which will boost what I can put in my reasoning. Funnilly enough I recieved another letter yesterday threatening to send me an SD for another debt I know nothing about, so apparently they are going to make me bankrupt twice... lol Will I have to attend court a second time properly to have it set aside or will they just make a judgement on the forms I give in?
  15. Thankyou Would the fact they made no attempt to deliver it in person and the fact it was made to the wrong court (which is part of the procedures) beenough to have it set aside? Let alone the fact I have not really got much of a clue about the debt. Cheers.
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