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  1. I have phoned the National Debt Line and they informed me that if I send letters to CapQuest via recored delivery asking for a "Copy of a signed Credit agreement & statement of account" with a £1 postal order enclosed and letter quoting "the limitations act 1980 section 5" as the account is statue barred I do not need to set aside the demand. This is because they can not proceed with the bankruptcy if the account is statue barred... Copies of the letters I used are here National Debtline England & Wales | Debt Advice Hopefully this should see the end of this sham. But if im wrong let me know! Cheers Paulo
  2. Also am I able to post these forms or do I actually have to go to the court shown on the lettter?
  3. Thanks for the help... Have decided to set it aside anyway but am having trouble with some if the fields!! Basically I dont understand what half of it means! Any one able to help me with how to complete forms 6.4 and 6.5? Form 6.4 (a) Name & address of person to attend hearing --> Is this me? Attend before registrar as follows (Date, time, Place) --> What do I put here? The court details? (d) State the names and address's of the persons to be served --> What do I put here? (e) State the applicants address for service --> Is this my address? It says "Signed (Solicitor for the) Applicant" --> Do I need it signed by a solicitor? Form 6.5 Sworn at --> What do I put here? Lastly am I able to complete these forms on the actual word documents provided or should i copy them (i.e removing Crown Copyright etc) from the footers of the letter? Sorry if I sound stupid but I want to make sure this correct and dont understand legal jargon! Thanks!
  4. Sorry to sound stupid but how can they make me bankrupt when I dont even owe them any money? I closed the account with £0 balance and AMEX have no record of me oweing them any money! And if its statue barred then how can they even try and claim it? Setting aside a demand for something I dont owe seems very strange to me along with sending a letter to the High Court of Justice! I've read on some other forums that these letters are just to scare you... This is doing my head in now! Thanks for all your help...
  5. I live in West London so its not that far away but there are numerous courts near to me! And yes I cant see the High Court dealing with this... Makes it all seem very strange to me...
  6. Why do I need to do this? And what does setting aside the demand do? To me they are not liable to anything as if there were any money oweing it would now be "Statue Barred" as I have not made contact in the past 6 years. It also states in Pat A that my appropriate court is High Court of Justice, Strand, London... Surely this can not be the court??? Thanks for your help...
  7. Nothing shows up on my Experian report... Is Equifax better?
  8. Thanks for the reply... I sent his by Royal Mail "signed for" this afternoon... I am writing to you with regards to a letter I have received from you called a “Statutory Demand for Bankruptcy”. It states that this is because of a debt which remains unpaid from April 2000. To my knowledge the XXXX account which it relates to was closed without any outstanding balance. Since receiving the letter I have contacted XXXX and they say they have no record of a balance being owed. I am still currently an XXXX card holder and find it hard to believe that if such an amount had been outstanding that I would not have been contacted directly by them. Due to the nature of your letter I have sought legal advice on this matter. I have been informed that I must be able to see proof in the form of an xxxx bill that this balance is outstanding. This proof must also contain a list of each transaction totalling the amount of £xxxx which I “allegedly” owe. I would therefore kindly ask that within 7 days all the above information is supplied to me as requested or a letter is sent stating that the matter is now closed and no further action will be taken. Otherwise I may be forced to take further legal advice. Do you think this will do the trick???? Paulo:idea:
  9. Anyone able to help me or give any advice? Im going to write a letter but want to make sure that this will stop any alleged action, or at least place it on hold! Anyone out there able to help?
  10. Hi, First post today and in need of some advice! I am looking for some help and advice as I have received a Statutory Demand for Bankruptcy from CapQuest with regards to an AMEX account I closed in 2000. To my knowledge the accountwas closed with £0 balance in 2000 and this has got me slightly worried as they are requesting around £1200 or will make me bankrupt. I have received a few letters from them previously but binned them as about three years ago another debt collection company wrote to me asking for a similar amount. I rang them and informed them that I beleived there was no balance and to show me the AMEX statements with the balance showing. I never heard anything ever again until a few months ago when CapQuest starting sending me letters. I am wondering if this is a put the "frightners" on letter and they can do nothing? My Experian credit report shows nothing of this, and I own my own property and now have another AMEX card. Surely I would have not been allowed these if this was the case and I owed £1200... Also what implications will this have on me with regards to my moratge and how can they make me bankrupt when I am clearly not! What should I do...Any help would be much appreciated! Paulo.
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