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  1. No, i paid the mint card off in full as they wouldnt freeze the interst. This is a seperate RBS mastercard
  2. Hi In 2007, RBS defaulted me due to me going onto a DMP with CCCS (Now stepchange) In 2009 i successfully got RBS to confirm in writing that they could not find my credit agreement and thus could not take actions to enforce the debt. I have continued to receive a credit card statement every month for over 7 years. The balance doesn't change. They dont add on any interest. I don't offer them any money and they have never asked for any. Is there something i can send to them basically saying don't send me anymore statements because you aren't getting anymore cash or will i have to just put up with receiving a credit card statement with an outstanding balance for years to come on a balance that is never going to be repaid. Regards Rob
  3. Back in 2002 i started a DMP with CCCS, wrote to all my creditors explaining i was in difficulty and would be repaying reduced payments. Pretty much everyone except HBOS issued defaults straight and as of now my credit file is clear EXCEPT for HBOS who originally chose to accept reduced payments for 4 years and then decided to issue a default notice in 2006. This is now hurting my credit file. I have written to them and they replied saying they were well within their right to do this and the default would be staying. Simple question then. Are they within their rights to wait so long before issuing a default and could i take this further to get it removed. Thanks for you help.
  4. sorry to bump my own post but can someone please help. Blair Oliver & Scott have started the phonecalls and im unsure what to do. Can someone reply to my last post. Regards Charmer
  5. Hi All Please can someone take a look at the latest letter that i have received from BOS because i am a bit confused now. http://i42.tinypic.com/29da3o9.jpg It states that they have complied with Section 78 of the CCA 1974 but if you look at my screen grabs in the first post i only ever received a copy of an application form and some forged T&Cs. Also the letter says that the CCA 1974 does not prohibit collection activity when the account is in dispute. I thought if an account was in dispute they couldnt ask for payment Any help would be greatly appreciated as to what to do next. Do i just ignore them, SAR them or start payments again. Regards Charme
  6. Thanks. Should i do nothing or write back to Blair Oliver & Scott or Bank of Scotland telling them to bugger off ?
  7. Quick brief. Defaulted on Bank of Scotland card in 2002. Default notice issued. Been paying back through CCCS ever since. Found this site at the end of last year and sent them a CCA request. No response at 12+2 so i sent them in dispute letter. The very next day after they signed for it, i received this. What it looks like to me is an Application Form (It says Application Form at the top although it is very bad quality :- http://i42.tinypic.com/wlsiyw.jpg Page 1 of the Terms and Conditions. Now this is where i think they have been a bit naughty. It says at the top, The parties to this agreement are:- BOS and they're address. Beneath this is my name, but the address they have put for me is wrong. I didnt actually move into the address they are stating until 3 months after they issued me with the card and i never applied for any credit at the new address. So the address on the application form and the address on the T&Cs is completely different. Looks like they have doctored the T&Cs in a hurry and put the wrong address on, the fools !! http://i42.tinypic.com/2h51hrq.jpg Page 2 (T&Cs continued) http://i41.tinypic.com/30saamv.jpg Page 3 (T&Cs continued but in a completely different font !!!) http://i40.tinypic.com/8zl65y.jpg Can someone just confirm if these is valid or not and if not possibly help with a letter possibly with a bit about them being naughty for doctoring T&Cs and messing it up. One last thing. Blair, Oliver & Scott have been administering the account since 2002. I CCA'd Blair Oliver & Scott but received this info back with a Bank of Scotland headed letter. I know they are one & the same but should i write back to Blair, Oliver & Scott or Bank of Scotland. Many Thanks
  8. I CCAd RBS in January. Their 12+2 was up last week. Ive sent them an in dispute letter so they can bugger off. Will get a CCA request off to Mint on monday.
  9. Mint have decided to close my CC account even though i have a perfect payment record because they have managed to link it (different addresses) to my RBS CC credit card which i defaulted on in 2003 (which ive been paying back through CCCS, Awaiting CCA) Mint say that I cant use the card anymore but i still have to make monthly payments and they will still charge interest. I dont have a problem with this at all but i was just wondering if I can still CCA MINT even though no default / collection activity is taking place and if they cant provide one can i stop paying it. Not entirely sure ive described that very well but i hope someone understands. Feel free to ask if its nonsense.
  10. Im aware that a bank can take money from a current / savings account to offset an outstanding debt that you may have with them. Does anyone know if they can still do this when they have not fulfilled a request for a CCA or does the debt being in dispute not make any difference ?
  11. Many thanks for your quick replies. I appreciate all your help.
  12. Sorry. Forgot to mention. They are both Credit Cards..
  13. Hi all. Ive been paying these 2 back for the last 6 years on a DMP with a CCCS. Im finally going to get my arse in gear and CCA them both, but i dont recieve any correspondence from either of them anymore. I know both debts are still in house and have not been passed to DCAs. Does anyone know the addresses i need to write to to request the CCA's. Kind Regards. Charmer
  14. Hi Everybody First post so please be gentle with me. Defaulted on CC with Yorkshire Bank a few years ago which resulted in CCJ. Been paying them £XX.XX per month for last 4 years as per court instruction. Now the debt has been passed onto Marlin. So far they havent harrassed me because they know they cant force me to increase the monthly payments. Im going to go down the CCA route (should have done it a long time ago but only just found this forum !!! ) but after spending a lot of time reading the boards, i cant seem to find anybody who has won a case against Marlin for non production of CCA. Can anyone point me to any examples or does anyone have any experience of this before i start getting myself into all sorts of trouble. Kind Regards C
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