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  1. Last payment was made 1999. (which incidentally was refunded as deferred status was established then, for a period of one year). No payments or contact since (other than 6 wks ago), apart from CCJ issued in 2001 on a previous address I'd left 2 - 3 yrs previously - and they knew I didn't live there, as had kept them up to date at that point.
  2. Got the S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) file back from the SLC... Looks pretty comprehensive, copies of original agreements etc... What do I do now?
  3. Hi Emmaf01, Thanks for your reply. I did send both completely separately. Strange SLC did not mention or acknowledge CCA request; and returned £1 fee that was enclosed with it. Maybe they didn't like the time constraints around the CCA request (@ 12 days)? Like you say maybe none of it makes sense with SLC. Or, may be they don't have original agreements; although, I think I reads they have scanned them since 1990. I think they have 40 days to reply to SAR so it might take a little while...
  4. Hi guys, Sent off letters to Glasgow... However, within a week the payment for the CCA request was returned with no explanation, but reply was indeed an acknowledgement of the SAR... Does this mean the DPA (SAR) covers the CCA request anyway (with providing copies of original agreement). Or, does this mean they don't recognise CCA requests?
  5. Found a good CCA request on the "Nurselayer v Student Loans Company" thread... I think.
  6. Thanks again, can you link me to the relevant letters. Been looking and there appears a confusing amount of stuff. An earlier message cast doubt on CCA '74 validity. Requesting original agreement sounds good contender as well. A link to DPA letter & SAR would great. (I'm pretty sure I saw one somewhere!). Regards,
  7. Hi emmaf01, Yes the debt is with SLC, but with their legal dep. The CCJ has since ran out but I understand they could reinstate, as it's Gov, not commercial. I'll draft some letters based on what I've seen here. Cheers,
  8. Thanks for your advice... I will look into that... Obviously I'm bothered if I don't co-operate with them they'll press for full settlement, of complete amount. They're meant to be sending forms for me to fill in to decide my payments. Barred Statute seems possibly risky, does it work, anyone been there ?
  9. Hello good people! Have found this seems to be the only place fighting the corner of the down trodden on the Net! I am being pursued by the SLC for the time I went to Uni (even though any job application made since has resulted in zer0; not even an interview - I now drive a van!). Anyway, I have been contacted regarding a debt owed to the SLC that I had not heard about for nearly ten years. They claim a CCJ was issued, (now expired), and I owe them £6,300. I don't recall how much original loan was; they say £5,999, but I doubt it. I was at Uni for 3 yrs, ('95 - '98). I hav
  10. Hi, I have a similar issue, went to Uni between 95/98, original pre 98 loan was deferred for one year then I heard nothing further, until last week that is. They say a CCJ was issued (which has now expired) and that I still owe them £6,300 including court fees. I don't recall how much I originally took on as SL, they tell me it's £5,999, but I don't recall - been a long time. They will not accept deferment saying that that option has gone since legal route was taken. I have not received any correspondence of any sort since '98-'99. Can anyone please offer any advise. I'm also a cou
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