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  1. Also, depite my lack of knowledge, I managed to get MBNA to agree to accept £4500 on £16000 debt in partial settlement with written guarantee that they won't chase for the money in the future, simply by being persistent and using the CCA letter etc from this site. Some you win, some you lose but at least some of his debts are being sorted. I am a lot poorer as a result and now have no savings but the extent of debt when it is too high becomes absolutely crippling and you can't live your life - he is better to owe me and repay at a reasonable rate - I expect I shall die before he pays me back
  2. Well, I took letters from here re harassing phone calls - had to send these twice and Fredricksons returned the £1 postal order, third time of writing, they agreed to stop! Sent letter giving them permission to deal with me and emphasised that I did not own the debt but would try to help my son. Asked for CCA and got stuff from Capital but to be honest I don't really understand any of it so don't understand how to get bank charge refund or if the debt is enforceable. I think I must be a bit thick sometimes but all this is new to me. Still, I will see what happens next? Cap One originally agre
  3. Please can you help me? Capital One gave my son's debt of £4K to fredricksons debt collection agency. They agreed both by letter and email, 'on behalf of their client Capital One' to accept £1654 in full and final settlement. I asked for them to include a sentence - "That the sum of £1654 was in full and final settlemnt of the account and neither they, Frdricksons, nor Capital One, nor any other collection agency acting on Capital One's behalf would try to recover further monies in the future". Within minutes of me sending this email I received an emailed reply to say "Capital One had re
  4. It might be worth your while writing to ask for it - this is what I did on advice from here and received a photocopy of the original application and a photocopy of T&Cs which had the higher credit limit in it - not the one applicable when RBS Advanta changed to MINT. This indicates to me that people in the office will 'doctor' paperwork which I find incredible, but it is not the copy of the signed CCA and indicates they don't have it. It appears that without being able to produce the signed cca in court, the debt collector/'bank has a much weaker case, some say unenforceable. I don't know
  5. Hi, I wote to ask if the debt had been sold or whether the DCA was acting as an agent and received reply in each case for my son that the debts were not sold. If you ask the direct question in writing, they do appear to respond, especially if you follow up within a 2 or 3 week period with a reminder. This is just based on my experience. I wrote to MINT to ask if they had sold my son's debt to Triton in the letter asking for SAR, mind you I am not too sure what the implications are if it is sold or just being managed??
  6. From the advice I received on this site, do the following to each creditor: there are standard letter templates on here and the letters I sent are: 1) to stop DCA or banks or credit cards phoning or turning up on doorstep you need the following which yousend to the debt chaser: Dear Sir/Madam Your Ref: put you account number here Following a number of calls from your company relating to an alleged debt, I now write to inform you that I require all communications in writing. Please do not telephone me again and remove any telephone numbers you hold for me from your sys
  7. CAP1 sent letter to my son saying interest suspended for 28 days - they must be telepathic! He now homeless as a result of debt problems - how much worse can it get??? Still at least we are dealing with it now, wish he had confided in me earlier, might possibly have been able to help him with saving his flat! Good luck to everyone and again thanks for the help.
  8. Hi, when you get the response from them, probably photocopies of all statements and a photcopy of the application and phtocopy of the CCA, check every piece of paper for the signed and dated CCA because it seems without it, they can't enforce the debt! Then you have a much stronger basis for negotiating - I found all this on this site! If this is not included, then it is highly likely they don't have the original, so good luck!
  9. Is there a letter to ask for interest to b stopped as Cap1 are still adding that monthly. Many thanks
  10. Well, the CCA is definitely not signed - it is a photocopy of their current T&Cs, so maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel!! I do hope so as my son is severely depressed and I don't have much money (bring on the violins) but I must try to help him because there is no one else. I don't know how you all manage to cope with all this, good luck to you all, and my sincere thanks, I couldn't do this without this site
  11. I found this on the net - I just copied the bit about MINT - Extract from presentation document for RBS Retail Direct - 4 October 2004 Iain Clink (MD, Cards Business): Now moving on to when we have accounts on board, we want to make sure the accounts maintain the quality they initially showed when we brought them on board, and so we have an ongoing credit scoring of active accounts. This is based on the account behaviour and it is calculated monthly for all accounts we have. We base it on factors such as the credit limit utilisation, how much of the credit they are using, the ty
  12. I have done the FORMAL NOTICE - ACCOUNT IN DISPUTE letter to Triton and they are out of time 12+2 days form the first letter, so I shall see what happens. The only thing I can find about RBS Advanta changing to MINT is on a January 2004 statement saying 'Welcome to MINT' paragraph saying 'same great benefits' and 'use the RBS Advanta card as normal and they will send new MINT card when current card expires'. ]Something very odd though, enclosed with that statement is a photocopy of CCA, unsigned and undated (do you have to sign them) but stating that the credit limit is £8,900 when on the sta
  13. Thank you so much, I think it is an application form and I will try to scan this for you to see and perhaps be kind enough to advise (not sure how to do it but I will work it out!!). Mint refuse to deal with me cos it is handled by Triton but it looks as if they will have to. I will send the account in dispute letter to Triton today and then see what occurs. Do you think I should contact Mint to say this isn't a cca, assuming it isn't? Thank goodness for this site!!!
  14. Sorry to take up so much time, but one more thing which may be relevant although I don't understand the significance of it. - The debt has not been sold to Triton, so they are acting as agents, what does this mean? Thanks again
  15. Thank you - I wrote a letter to Triton and MINT 23rd July asking for the CCA etc. No response from Triton on this but MINT sent copies of statements + copy of signed Credit Agreement but with RBS Advnta not MINT and dated asfar as I can see either January or June 2001. Are RBS Advanta MINT?? Does this CCA mean they can just change the name of the credit card company?? How do we stand - can anyone help please? Should I send the letter in Berrylover's reply to Triton since they have not come up with the goods and until I get advice from you, I am not sure if MINT have. Mint say 'We are obli
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