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  1. they have all my reply's now. text with met. I could give a breif from memory but thats the best i can do.
  2. This place uses a number plate recognician system. Photographs every thing on entry then on exit and they work out who's offending the time limit, then they send them with pics of u leaving with time & date stamp. Didn't even now about it til 2 months later!!!
  3. I just explained the facts and they just keep uping the fines. by the time they reply its gone overtime again and then the bigger fines come.
  4. the reply's come in form of fines. its says on the fine MET PARKING SERVICES Ltd. EC1P
  5. I have had a parking ticket from Met parking £100 or £50 if i pay up with no fuss or else! But the thing is, that i just can't chew that down, not with a Mcdonalds too. Which is the place of the so called offence! It all started when i was due to meet friends for lunch at McD's Billingsgate by the way. 1 of my friends had broken down but was on route so it turned out that i had stayed longer than the alotted time of 1hour by 15mins. I wrote as instructed to the MPS to give a satisfactory reason for the oversite. But to my astonishment, alas i was tipped B******* & the anty was
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