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  1. Sorry, my scanner isn't working. The priority form looks like one I posted sometime ago although the terms on the back are very small
  2. My husband has been in diispute with MBNA for approx 4 years.Various Debt Collectors have been involved and no paperwork has been found. The latest being Rockwell who have sent a photocopy of a priority request form signed by my husband. Its at the top of an A4 sheet of paper and 3 inches deep. on the reverse there is Financial & related conditions. The wording is very small and like theother page is width of A4 sheet of paper and approx 3 inches deep. Iis this valid paperwork?
  3. The letters that studio are sending appear to be their standard response. Yes, I would like some info regarding sending a letter before action.
  4. I have tried exactly the same with Studio. They refunded the charges but refused to refund the PPI payments quoting the same wording. Any advice on how to proceed would be appreciated.
  5. Thank you for your help. I have written to Studio regarding the PPI payments so will wait and see what rep;y I get back.
  6. I sent Studio a CCA letter with a £1 postal order. In response they sent me a form filled in with my name and address but not the address I was living when I opened an account with Studio. The £1 was credited to my account. I then sent Studio an SAR and a postal order for £10.00 and also asked for details of the PPI payments. Again the £10.00 was credited to my account. Studio sent me a print out of my account from which the total of PPI payments came to £1,108.95 and default charges of £280.00. I asked Studio to refund me the PPI payments and default charges. Studio wrote back very qui
  7. Have you contacted Access to Work? They will complete an initial application over the telephone and will let you know if you qualify. The paperwork will then be sent out to you to check, sign and return. Access to Work will pay approx 80% of the costs. Access to Work will then arrange for a full workplace assessment to be carried out and a full report and costings will be sent out to you. It is down to the employer as to whether they think the costings are reasonable.
  8. I received my DLA payment also on the 27th Jan and the next one was paid on the 24th Feb (due date) so not sure why they have changed yours. I would give them a ring to see why.
  9. scanjet1954

    R Vs MBNA

    Davey77 posted the link to your thread on my own (Bones v MBNA) as some of the paperwork you have been sent is similar to my OH's. I will be watching to see how you get on.
  10. Thank you for your response as all help is gratefully received. Now off to read other thread.
  11. Thank you very much. The only signature, which I have erased. was on the priority request form. They obviously think think we will accept whatever paperwork they send us as being "correct".
  12. Thank you very much, your help is very much appreciated. I will try link again http://i144.photobucket.com/albums/r183/scanjet1954/ebay/scan0006.jpg I will also get letter ready to post off. We are waiting to see if MBNA send the same information on the other account.
  13. Thank you for your quick response. Scan 1 is the covering letter Scan 2 is a copy of a Priority Request form Scan 3 is Financial and Related Conditions Scan 4 is a covering letter re the current terms and conditions Scans 5 -8 are copies of credit card agreement and terms which are current and not from 1999 Do I still need to send the same letter you have quoted?
  14. scanjet1954

    Bones v MBNA

    My OH has 2 accounts with MBNA which have now gone into arrears. Letters sent by recorded delivery have gone to MBNA. We have received some paperwork for one of the accounts. Could someone please have a look and advise if this is enforceable? The T&C appear to be recent ones as they mention £12.00 which wasn't applicable when the account was opened. Fortunately, MBNA do not have our new telephone number so we are not being harrassed by constant calls. http://i144.photobucket.com/albums/r183/scanjet1954/ebay/scan0008.jpg http://i144.photobucket.com/albums
  15. My husband is on long term incapacity benefit and he received the £60 last month. I am on high rate DLA for mobility and care but I haven't received anything so far.
  16. Hi Palomino, Thank you - I will ask my hubby to find the paperwork. We hadn't thought about drawing it earlier as the lump sum and monthly payments aren't vast amounts.
  17. Hi Nevos, Yes, it is a lot to think about. We also need to take into account that I am disabled and my husband isn't in good health. We live in private rented accommodation so we do not have any property to worry about.
  18. Hi Nevos, Thank you for your help and advice. We are going to sit down and work out a plan of action. We did think of initially offering an amount we can afford but don't want to be paying out for years and years with the debt not shrinking. If I lose my job and we are living on benefits then we are going to struggle with paying the essential bills let alone what the creditors would expect. We don't tend to answer the phone and only pick up on numbers we know.
  19. Thank you for that good bit of news. No, we don't have any private pensions between us only work pensions plus any state pension due when we reach 65 years.
  20. I was under the impression that his previous work pension which is frozen until he is 60 years would be affected. He is due a lump sum of approx £13,000 and approx £270 per month. I would estimate approx £30,000.
  21. Thank you for your advice and support. This site is proving to be excellent with its advice and the support given to others in need.
  22. Thank you very much for your advice. I will be looking up as much information as I can on this site. With my husband not working we now have no savings hence the worry of getting behind with payments but will have to see how things go in the mean time.
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