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  1. Dear All, I haven't had much response here, would anyone have any template letters I could write to HSBC. Apologies but I don't know how I should proceed with this. Thanks
  2. Hi Demonbarb - I hope you will sort something out from them , what HSBC seems to be doing to their customers are completely out of order. Regards - Aimfree
  3. Hi Martin, I have replied to your email. If you can help me how I should go about it, that will be great. I am very upset and not sure how to go on this. Not only that as a result of the cancellation of my direct debit, my mortgage has gone into arrears and I need to call them on Monday to make a manual payment but my credit file is flagged as one month payment in arrears Thanks -J
  4. Yes you are right, no warning was given to me that they were going to cancel all my standing orders and direct debits.
  5. Dear Consumer Group, I am wondering whether someone could help me on what I should do with HSBC Bank. I went slightly over my very little agreed overdraft for 1.5 weeks by £300 due to bank charges a couple of cheques that were paid. The arrears were cleared soon after my salary was credited into my account. However, to my surprise when I went to check my mortgage payments and a number of payments, I find myself in total shock to realize that HSBC cancelled all my direct debits and standing orders from my account. I am now facing a number of charges from my mortgage, credit cards
  6. Can anyone help? About two weeks ago I tried to purchase a ticket on british airways web site however there was an error on ba.com web site and I was asked to contact ba to have my ticket issued. After checking my Halifax bank account I found out that ba charged my debit card and a pending transaction of £856 was blocking my available funds. I then contacted BA to either have my ticket issued or transaction cancelled and they advised me that there was nothing they could do as I never bought the ticket, and was advised to contact Halifax. I then contact Halifax who then advised
  7. Dear All, Thank you so much for your help and responses. Just had a letter from the Head of Customer Services and apologising for the incovenience and they offered me £150 for incovenience. I will accept it on the basis that they will ensure I will not be harrassed again regarding this debt. It's definetly worth writing to the Chairman! Aimfree
  8. Hi debbbbsy, Thank you so much for this. This is very helpful and gives some piece of mind now. The letters are being sent by a Debt Collector, this is the second Debt Collector RBS assigned this year although the county court judgement is paid to a different firm of solicitors. Do you know their address in Telford? A letter was posted to RBS Chairman yesterday ;-). Let's see what they have to say. aimfree
  9. Hi Thanks for the reply! I have been in contact with National Debt Line and they advised me that I should complaint to RBS first and then take further to the Financial Ombudsman and possibility the FSA. Do you know any organisation that I could give me any further advise ref charges on my property? Regards, Aimfree
  10. Hello Everyone, I am wondering if someone can help me with an issue: I have a CCJ against me from RBS for 4 years now and I have been paying them every month (never missed a payment). However I have been receiving letters from RBS threatening me with legal action for this debt again, can they request the Courts to apply for a charge on my property even though I have never missed a payment? I am in process of making a complaint to RBS against unfair practices for demanding pament for this debt since I already have a judgement on this but I am a bit worried if they apply for a cha
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