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  1. Really? I thought you had to go about requesting statements and highlighting all the charges, sorry for being so ignorant, I've had a lot on my mind recently......
  2. Hiya, I can't really help as we're in financial trouble too but just wanted to say I know how you must be feeling, we're waiting for bailiffs to come and take my car any day now its absolutely awful and your poor children must be so upset. I'm sure the people on here can help you though, they really are so helpful, good luck. x
  3. I know, I have heard about it and seen it on the other forum but it looks so complicated to do, he's always had LOTS of fees on his account over the last 7 years Ive known him, the latest ones were an unauthorised overdraft fee of £15 then £20 a day for 10 days, then a couple of returned debits that were £20 each! THAT is quite a hefty sum in one month. We are silly but it seems the punishments are harsh x
  4. And just for the record, you're a bit defensive Kermit- I only said "Thanks again, and good luck Ted and everyone else who is victim to the bullying and praying on the skint and scared" I didn't say that every bailiff did it, but I HAVE been BULLIED and I am SKINT and SCARED. I'm entitled to say that aren't I?
  5. Thank you so much, it really is awful jumping everytime my cat even runs down the stairs but with all this advice and support i'm hoping it will be over soon. Sorry just one last question, shall we answer the phone to the bailiffs and if so- say what? Thanks again, and good luck Ted and everyone else who is victim to the bullying and praying on the skint and scared. x
  6. Oh that would be great... I will get on to it as soon as possible, He is paid monthly. x
  7. Ok, letters have been posted and no work yet from Bailiffs, but partner is pretty sure it is tomorrow the seven days are up. When they call should we answer or if we do what should we tell them? Thanks in advance, youre so helpful on here its great I dont feel so alone x
  8. Thanks for the link! Works out we may be eligible for £146.00 housing benefit a month so would help but not much, its obvious I need to go back to work full time. Its just such a shame, Somebody told me about a website to get onto a Social Hpousing register but that will take 4 weeks just to get a confirmation letter but I've done it so we'll sit and wait.... in the meantime still cant get through to CAB but have spoken to Solicitors handling our Notice, explained we're really struggling lately but hoping to pay arrears soon and not let anyone down, he said to keep him informed. x
  9. Thanks again... My problem with the car is we have an open drive then we are surrounded by counrty roads so it would be a fair distance to walk back from if I parked it close, as its going I think if they did take my car its now the least of my worries, we need to get out of this immediate hole we're in but then living afterwards is going to be tough as its proven we cant pay rent and have any money left. I'm calling the CAB today again, hopefully I'll get through... but as stated previously I have applied for "help" from DWP an d all they can give us is Jobseekers for me but to sort ourselves out I would have to take a full time job and I just cant bear to do that yet, my daughter is 15 months and still even b/f-the main thing is I want to bring her up, not have someone else do it 5 days of the week, but there seems to be no other option (other than her daddy going and getting himself sacked(!)) Its so unfairt as friends of mine that deliberately work for rubbish pay are having their rent and council tax paid for with income support to top up their earnings, ok, we are bad with handling and budgetting money but we're trying so hard, x
  10. Well our landlrd is a solicitor and its from her office, it says "We enclose by way of service a Notice Requiring Possession under section 21 of the Housing Act 1988. You will se under the Notice you are required to give our client possession of the property after 25th September 2008. We advise that if you do not comply with the enclosed Notice, our client will apply to the court for a Possession Order, she will do so without further notice to you. We advise that if our client is forced to issue proceedings against you to obatin a possession order, then our client will also be applying to the Court for her to be awarded costs against you." Thanks for offering to help, i'm in such a state.... x
  11. I hope I'm posting this in the right section-I couldnt see one for evictions? Basically, we are really struggling to make ends meet, my partner works over 70 hours a week to support me and our 1 year old and while we have not been well off we have managed to pay bills and rent up until two months ago, when after a series of bank charges and unexpected bills we found ourselves behind on our rent (and council tax but thats a seperate BIG headache) but because we're scared and silly we didnt realise it was 2 months behind until our landlord called round this monday to tell us and ask my partner to call her as its in his name, (we've tried asking for help from DWP but have been told twice now that the only help we can recieve is me claiming Jobseekers Allowance but i feel my daughter is too young for me to leave her yet although I am happy to work on a weekend when her grandparents can look after her that would not really help our financial situation much. The problem is my partner earns more than the income support level is set at but our outgoings exceed the incomings by ALOT and we are really scrimping by as it is. We cannot get a loan to consolidate probably because our credit history is shot to pieces) so we've been trying to get the 2 months rent together then today we get a Notice Requiring Possesion giving us until September. I cannot see a way out but i'm trying and unfortunately my partner is getting very stressed and worried and seems to be sticking his head deeper into the sand by not calling the landlord-I told him just to call and be totally honest because thats what we are, but look where it seems to get you. I wish he had told me things were this bad sooner but then again I can see why he didnt. Can anyone help-I've tried calling the citizens advice but can never ever get through. x
  12. Thank you for your reply, it was so helpful-I've got the letters ready to post tomorrow, and the hand one in case they do call round, if they telephone, should we answer? I called my local authority today and spoke to a council tax customer service and he told me to let the bailiffs in to a means test, sorry if thats wrong I cant remember the exact thing but it was a means something but from reading posts on here I know that would be foolish to let them in? I told the council our outgoings exceed our earning capability but because partner is not on a "low wage" in their opinion we cannot get ANYTHING, the only thing we would be entitled to is me signing onto JobSeekers by Contributions and attending fortnightly interviews to look for work, I am happy to work on a saturday or sunday as that is the only time Grandma could look after her and Im not prepared to leave her with anyone else yet but I feel I am being forced to leave my baby before either of us are ready too. Sorry to go on but it's so stressful, Also, one last question, as we have paid £100 already to the bailiffs does that mean we agreed to their terms? We paid because we panicked before I looked on here, I can't believe I was going to let them take my car as that seemed the less painful option. x
  13. We missed two council tax payments, a bailiff came last tuesday when we were out and posted a NOTICE OF REMOVAL PROCEEDINGS, which threatened to return to remove goods unless we paid in full. When my partner called the number on the paper, they said they would accept £100 , then another £100 the following week, then another £100 the week after and the week after that the remaining £1000.32 must be paid otherwise they will take my car, which they noted the reg on the paper, with the words "24hour grace, uplift, ford KA". Well we paid £100 via debit card over the phone and they said they'd leave us for a week, which means this coming thursday they want the second £100. this will leave us with mo money until payday and we have a baby to look after. I called for a crisis loan but because we are not receiving benefits all we can get is an immediate needs loan for bascially pennies which wont help at all, the man made me feel like **** on the phone saying "we're not here to pay peoples debts" - we have never claimed any kind of benefits and are struggling as I would like to bring up my child myself and my partner works very long hours trying to make this possible, we just had a couple of bad months and instead of wanting just the £180 or so we missed they are now claiming the full amount outstanding to April 2009 - to quote the bailiff "to teach people a lesson". We can't afford another 100 and are so scared about the next few weeks coming, I need my car as I live out in the country and would be completely cut off from everything as im alone 6 days of the week while my partner works so hard to support us-because his salary just exceeds the bracket allowed for income support we cannot even get housing benefit so are forced to rent privately and its all so unfair, when you try your hardest to do the right thing and this happens. Please help, any advice would be so gratefully recieved. x
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