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  1. Hello, thanks for your responses. I felt the need to go on here and ask opinions because my wife had to phone the company the next day, and say what she wanted to do-I was just so mad about it that I wanted some suggestions, luckily it isn't like a mobile phone contract where you cant cancel without paying off the full amount. Each time we have phoned them, it's just feeling like we are a cash machine for them, it has cost money every-time she has called them. So we are voting with our feet, going to have to cough up £142 to cancel the policy and go with the other people. So thanks for t
  2. 127 views, and not one opinion, come on people-I thought this was Consumer Action Group!. A place where people come together to discuss matters relating to things that are worrying them, don't be shy, just take a few minutes to say what you think, or what you would do.
  3. Hi, everyone, we just moved home a week ago, my wife phoned swinton to notify of change of address. We changed our car in january from a 2007 ford focus to a chrysler grand voyager, the premium went from £27 a month to £64 a month. Today they have charged her admin fee i think of £30 to press a couple of keys on the keyboard. Also they have stated they are upping our joint policy to £99 a month, well with that kind of monthly payment & the finance each month-we wont be able to afford any diesel to run it. well rant over. Anyhow they close at 5pm and i want to know would the wife be withi
  4. hi, could not find a section for this anywhere on CAG, so i'm putting it here. i just used one of the free pension calculators, i'll keep this short. put in age 39 how much do you want pension per year, i just pulled a figure of £12000 a year out of the air it asked me when i wanted to retire, i put 70 years old. i then was told i would have to pay in £270 a month in to get that out. i was really shocked that figure was so high. i was thinking i could maybe afford about £45 a month! which means i probably will starve to death, a week after retiring. Have never had savings to p
  5. 24th march 2011, yep still paying them! going to start looking at getting legal advice now on this, the wife's been paying them 5 years! i noticed also that i wrote some parts of the above as i was the victim-not my wife, sorry about the confusion, she just couldn't deal with them herself, so i came on here and wrote sometimes as if i was her, and telling her story.
  6. "I would also include a cover letter stating that they should pay particular attention to each and every specific point and deal with each in turn fully, as should you find out ate at a later that all the information has not been supplied under this request, it will be considered witholding of documents as has been seen of late with RBS." will that not just drag this problem out for far longer than i really want? i have read the S.A.R yesterday, but wont asking the D.C.A to get a move on be faster? I havent heard from them for over 30 days (or there abouts) i am entitled to an up
  7. Well, thanks for the speedy replies to this post. 40 days have certainly passed, so may contact the information commissioner, if i dont get this resolved quickly. Subject Access Request? no did not-due to the RBS staff member stating the statements will be arriving in the mail (been assured this 3 times on the phone!) but will look up S.A.R, get back to you about that. As for the charges being bon-a-fide, can't see how, there were never any debits nor standing orders, maoney was paid in, then drawn out, never went over drawn she said (wife) can only feel a computer error sent her in t
  8. hi, my wife got a letter from a DCA a while ago, simply stating they have been looking for her for 2 years, because RBS (Royal Bank Scotland) have not managed to find her. we have moved around a bit in rented properties, trying to get cheaper accomodation. anyway she left RBS a long time ago with £0.00 balance, however she didn't close the account formally, then we forgot all about it-then 2 years later we she got letter stating she owes over £200 in charges/fees. she phoned the DCA & RBS and DCa have been very good, no problems-contact and RBS said they expect all will be revealed whe
  9. Cheers car2403, well that sounds interesting and even though i have now read your post twice, it still sounds like i need to be a solicitor to understand it! (haha) yeh i know but everyone puts LOL! seriously though, i think am just about getting the gist of it., yes that may well be a very useful piece of info to have, but what would be the best way to use it, without going to court should i just explain to the FSA about HLC & the credit agreement or approach Apex first? because as far as i know too much time has elapsed since the agreement was taken out? correct me if i am wrong. so
  10. Yes of course, it's a beauty only 7 days to cancel !, they just bought time and asked her to try the course a bit longer when she said she couldn't do it-gave them enough time to then say-we dont care now, nothing you can do. The cag forum search box for HLC yields results, there are so many people who have been shafted by HLC, Only the FSA can do anything about them, if enough people complained. Petcat, thank you for taking time out of your day to offer advice to me, i appreciate it. i will take on board the points you made. i know i could get the HSE involved, i have addressed pro
  11. The £74.09p is the agreed amount to pay, monthly to HSBC via DFH. the original amount was well over £100 a month. The £74.09p is for what used to be our "old loan" but they consolidated (?) it in to "A managed Loan Arrangement" with 0% interest recently. The white agreement at the top of the 3 is what was sent to us when i issued a CCA request to Apex cred management, (who act as DCA for "Home Learning College" this is the firm we need dealing with as this is the one agreement we believe could be made unenforceable.
  12. Well, as you may of guessed i do not work with computers all day in an office. so skills a bit lacking, had problem with Javascripting. Woh, just got the pictures on and they took up the whole page, ie lifesize! gonna try & reduce them. HOW DO I FIND OUT IF I TOOK OUT payment protection insurance with the credit cards or loans?
  13. Hi, again, Sorry Lexis, yeh the meds thing was from another poster above. my mind is very busy with all that's going on at the moment, so sometime's i think i have said things that i should have put in a different way-but without realising until later. i don't mean any offence to people in low cost housing ie, Council nor Housing Associations-but i think people may get the wrong idea. I expect every town has an area where you really would not want to live, and there are 2 or 3 areas near us that if we ended up being offered a place there-well let's just say i'd rather not think about it.
  14. Thanks to the recent posters, i will think about what you have said, Goldlady-the letter may well just be a scare tactic, but they scare the pants off you don't they. I did get a letter off in the post to them, last night-i offered a £1 a month and explained the situation. if get too much hassle, will get an m.p on side. Cadencealex, yes there are people who know the benefit system inside out, if you know what to do, you ARE going to have everything paid for you and you can just sit at home whilst people like me, pay £70 a week in tax-to subsidise these types of people, meanwhile my family
  15. i am not a bad man, i am not an evil man, but someone up there sure doesnt like me very much, i know my screen name is "iwannawinlotto" but i cant afford to play the damned thing, how much Cra* is a person supposed to be able to take in one lifetime, if there is Karma, i must have been Hitler in a previous life!!!
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