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  1. One week after sending statements (overdue charge on every one) and what they are calling a signed credit agreement (no bigger than a postcard!) they have sent me a letter saying they are applying for judgement/AOE etc...... What should I send back? Any advice would be much appreciated.
  2. I think its the correct document. What exactly does it need on it to qualify??
  3. Hmmm....... Does anyone know who to go to get the charges taken off the original amount? Thanks is advance
  4. Amazingly I have just recieved a copy of some statements and a signed declaration stating I have read and agree to be vound by the T & Cs. Almost all of the statements have charges on them. Can anyone advise next move?? Thanks
  5. Hi all, I wonder if you could have a look at this: I have a £900 overdraft from Intelligent Finance (who are no longer my main bank). I have recently recieved a letter from a company called Rockwell demanding the full amount or else (court and CCJ etc.....) What would you recommend as a first course of action? Offering a monthly amount? Or an SD as there are a number of charges on the account. Many thanks in advance.
  6. I also think it must depend on the Judge. I am convinced that a more savvy judge would have been more sympathetic. I must point out I am not trying to aviod this debt, I just do not want to pay more than I should. Paticularly to a company that contravenes a large portion of the OFT guidlines (not that the Judge was interested!)
  7. It didnt at all. I had a feeling it wouldnt the moment I set foot into the court! Judge was very old school, wouldnt take into account the fact there might be illegal interest/charges on the account. The fact was I owed the full amount no question and people should take responsibility for their debts. I was in for about 40 minutes altogether trying to get my case across. I must admit I panicked a bit and admitted to a portion of the debt so has given 7 day adjourment that I can work something out with the 'creditors'.
  8. Now recieved a letter from Wescot on Behalf of Activ Kapital/Barclays Bank PLC asking to contact them within 14 days>?!? Whats going on, should they get a letter as well??
  9. Well that hearing went well! Anyone want to know what happened??
  10. Its for an egg credit card, but the hearing on only 7 days away. Does that give enough time?
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