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  1. what a fantastic story. Not been on here much at all but this came up on my Twitter, pleased the CAG is still helping forum members
  2. Extra Energy wouldn't be able to close the account and transfer the supply to British Gas without receiving industry data flows transferring the supply. Could perhaps be that BG have got the wrong MPAN, therefore moving the op's supply. If they'd got the wrong mpan associated with the wrong address, the letters would go to the address of the supply they think they're taking
  3. best line of action here is to complain to BG that it's an erroneous transfer, they'll initiate the switch back and EE should put you on the previous tariff. It sounds as if it was too late for EE to stop the transfer if the final bill and charge had been applied
  4. I recognise writing that advice for the insolvency portal page 6 years ago Malc
  5. Good idea. It is very frustrating. Hopefully with the rollout of smart meters it should eventually be possible for them to switch the meter between credit and pre-pay which would make things a lot better for customers
  6. When i worked in servicing, eon's policy for tenants was that they'd have needed the account for a year, pass a credit check and pay £50 per meter fee. If I remember rightly if the property had lots of changes of tenant or the meter was fitted for debt recovery we didn't look favourably on that... Obviously I don't know what BG's policy is... Maybe a security deposit would persuade them? I wonder whether it might be worth you writing a letter of complaint and state the reason's you've quoted from USwitch an send a copy of the front page of your credit file with your excellent score?
  7. I think your next course of action is to write to the complaints team and tell them that a deemed contract exists in this instance as they were the existing supplier of the propety. Ofgem advice to suppliers states that deemed contracts should not be onerous and with fair terms and conditions. By incorrectly billing you as a business they are acting unfairly. Also, the delay caused by their error is leaving you out of pocket. Ask for a final response so that you can take this to the Ombudsman.
  8. It is legal what they're doing, and similar to credit cards and other financial products, each supplier will have their own criteria. I think you've got a couple of options - either find a supplier who will change them, wait the 60 days or if no supplier can guarantee to change them find a supplier who does smart prepayment meters, whih then gives you a choice of all of their tariffs
  9. yes, the delay was caused by protracted discussion with the government
  10. The national database XOServe, maintained by National Grid and used by all suppliers lists who the supplier is for every metering point on the grid (other than those maintained by Independent Gas Transporters. There's no paperwork involved
  11. I think it's a pretty solid case here - you haven't taken supply so they haven't supplied you with anything. There's some Ofgem guidance to suppliers on when a deemed contract exists - see https://www.ofgem.gov.uk/ofgem-publications/38477/guidance-deemed-contracts-standard-licence-condition-7.3-gas-and-electricity-supply-licences.pdf "1.3. A deemed contract relationship will normally exist in circumstances where any type of customer moves in to new premises, and starts to consume gas and/or electricity, without agreeing a contract with a supplier." Maybe print that and highlight it to them? Do let us know how you get on, sorry I wasn't able to provide the exact details last night - thanks Bazzas for that
  12. As there's been no consumption and there's no contract in place, the standing charges are un-enforcable. A deemed contract only comes in to force from the point at which you take supply. This is covered in the Utilities Act and Gas Act (can't remember the exact bit and not feeling well, but pointing this basic bit out should be enough)
  13. Is the eon account closed or still open? If it's a closed account and pre-dates the IVA, although not consulted as a creditor EON's insolvency team should be writing this off. If the account is still open, the best course of action would be to contact EON's insolvency team and ask them to close the account to the date of the IVA, submit a claim in the IVA and start a new account from the date of the IVA going forward
  14. Whilst they have no legal rights at this stage, a pre-disconnection visit indicates an intention to gain a warrant of entry to disconnect the supply or fit a prepayment meter. It'd be foolish to ignore this kind of action as clearly something has gone wrong
  15. I hear what you're saying but for every person who wants to hear more from energy suppliers there will be other customers who don't want to hear anything. I think most, if not all suppliers would show which tariff you're on when you log in to your account online, the info is on bills and also an annual statement now - these do include details of products that may be cheaper. As frustrating as it may seem, we must accept as consumers it's our responsibility to shop around for the best deal.
  16. Hi Mark I can understand it would be frustrating, given what has happened. I think you need to move quickly with a complaint here and get them looking in to this ASAP. I'd also advise them of any vulnerabilities in your household, such as children or people with illnesses as they need to take this in to consideration. Before being able to force entry to your home they would need to go to court and obtain a Warrant of Entry to do so. They must inform you of the intention to do this and the date which the hearing would be on. It sounds to me as if they set up a paperless billing system for you when you complained before. You say you've not had an email - have you checked your junk folder? Nevertheless, I would expect that some form of collections contact would be made before an agent visiting - page 14 of their standards of service document (https://www.npower.com/idc/groups/wcms_content/@wcms/@busi/documents/digitalassets/wcms_000971.pdf) says: If you do not respond to your first bill, we will send a reminder about 15 days later. You should contact us as soon as possible to agree a way to pay your bill. If you do not contact us we will send you a final notice 25 days after the original bill. If you do not contact us you may have t so I think you need to reference this in your complaint - that they haven't stuck to their own policy, therefore the charges are unfair
  17. I think your first step here is to send a letter via recorded delivery and e-mail to the CEO, headed as an official complaint, stating what you've told us. NPower have had a disastrous time billing customers since moving over to a new billing system. State in your complaint that you have not received their bills, nor any reminders, therefore the action to send a collections agent to your property is heavy handed and completely due to the mismanagement of the account on their part, therefore the fees associated with this are unfair and unnecessary, a matter that you will consider taking to the Ombudsman. Ask them why they have not billed you, and when they have produced bills why they have not been at regular intervals. On a side note, when did they last bill you? If it is more than 12 months ago then they cannot charge you for more than 12 months consumption. Also check the meter reads are correct
  18. Hi, Suppliers don't have to place you on the cheapest tariff, if for example, that is a contract product with different terms and conditions, hence why a lot of customers end up on the standard tariff. Agree with CitizenB, only SP records will show how it came to be that you had an online account, but if this was agreed to then there is no need to send a paper bill
  19. I think the issue may be that they fitted the meter for debt. Find a new supplier and then ask them to remove the meter (nb they all have their own criteria) Some suppliers now have Smart Pay as you go - which whilst still prepayment you can benefit from other tariffs I believe
  20. have they given no indication as to why your account was closed? seems very bizarre; i'd hazard a guess again that another supplier has taken your supply
  21. yes, you absolutely can. Contact your supplier with current meter reads to get a true picture of where you are now and ask for the credit to be refunded.
  22. If I'm understanding correctly then several years ago you asked for your meter to be changed to a single rate meter to enable you to change to a single rate tariff. Co=op or their agents have failed to do this. Have they explained why to you? I think your best course of action here would be to write a letter to them, headed as a complaint and ask them to ensure the metering is changed as requested and the account re-worked to take in to account the cheaper rates you could have received had they carried out the work in the first instance. They could do this easily by calculating your usage by adding together the two reads - some suppliers do this to avoid the cost of changing the meter. Mention in your letter that you will be escalating this to the ombudsman should this not be resolved quickly.
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