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  1. we have been in written contact with both, but still they blame each other for being in breach of contract, but as yet, neither appears to be in breach of contract with us. Neither wants to back down, as if the caterer does, he has to refund our money, and if the house "forces" us to go with another caterer, they would have to reimburse us somehow as the problem doesnt lie with us.
  2. Hi there, As I couldnt find a specific forum with this kind of topic,hopefully this will be in the right general area! My girlfriend and I are due to be married in a little over 12 weeks, and have had everything booked and deposits paid for some time. We are using an exclusive country house venue where you hire the house for the weekend, and supply everything yourself. When it comes to the catering, the house asks that you use one of their recommended caterers, as if you do not, you incur additional charges for the use of their catering kitchen. We did this, and have signed contracts with both the house and one of the caterers on the list they supplied. About a week ago, my girlfriend received a call from the owner of the house stating that they would no longer allow the caterer we chose in their premises due to unpaid invoices, so we would have to find another one, and gave us 2 other suggestions!!!! A bit shocked to say the least, we contacted our first choice to find out what was going on, and he says he has no idea what is going on and still wants to do our wedding! To cut a long story short, my wife to be and I are now piggy in the middle of a dispute between our venue and our caterer, where nobody is claiming responsibility, each one is telling tales on the other, neither one is backing down, and they both accuse each other of ingnoring numerous attempts of communication!!! We feel that we should be no part of this at all. As we have signed contracts with both offering a service, one way or another it should be supplied, and it should not be down to us to mediate their argument so close to our wedding. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, Si
  3. the saga continues!.............................. have just received 2 letters one day after the other. First one arrived yesterday and is from a GPB solicitors.the letter thanks me for my letter sent on the 22nd of last month(a whole 17 days ago in which time i've had 2 more thames credit letters!!!),and informs me that "the papers relating to this matter have been returned to our Clients debt recovery agents, BCW plc, and we are reffering your letter to them for investigation.". The second arrived today from BCW plc and says "unfortunately I cannot locate an account on our system with the information provided......................as I am unable to locate an account at this time, further correspondence may have been issued. Please disregard this until I am in a position to action your request.". Funny that..............cant find an account...............maybe thats cos there never was 1!!!!!
  4. the story continues............... Received a new letter from thames today.Says all the same stuff as the last 1 (endeavouring to resolve the issue I have raised but require further information to do so........................without my assistance they will not be able to resolve the matter as efficiently as either of us would wish.............therefore please contact our SPECIALIST(!) team on the freephone number etc etc). The last letter I sent them stated that I would only contact them via mail for evidential reasons, and also included the OFT statements provided by the captain above about me not having to provide them with any information!!!!!Did they not read my letter?!?!?!? Any input on where to go from here guys? Cheers
  5. thanks again.gonna respond as dont trust people like this until i get it in black and white that they're wrong and not pursuing it anymore!
  6. thanks captain! any further advice on what to do next then?
  7. just had my response to the "prove it" letter i sent off last week. got a letter today saying "please phone us to ascertain certain important facts which may help us comply with your request and/or resolve your enquiry". was basicaly planning to write back saying ,"have been advised to keep all correspondence written and recorded.will be happy to provide any information deemed necessary if you can supply me with a record of the CCA." any thoughts before I do this?
  8. going with the prove it first.i've not used credit in a long time as i got stung when i was a younger but that was all paid off 8 years ago.did have 1 store card a long time ago but was paid off and cut up.paranoid now that i missed something!thats why i want it proved first
  9. cool guys thanx for the advice.letter getting sent recorded delivery tomorrow.
  10. Hi all Just joined CAG after recieving a letter from Thames Credit looking for money off me.was just about to call them to find out what was going on when i discovered all the threads on this site!Safe to say i wont be calling. The letter i recieved basically says I owe £570 on a GE capital account I have absolutely no recollection of. I've moved house a few times over the last 7 years so would have expected the letter i've seen other people get on the forum, saying i've been contacted at other addresses etc, not what appears to be the bog standard letter everyone seems to get. Could someone give me the steps to dispute this? Do i ask of proof of the debt first? If so what do i do after? Have read all the other threads but was getting a bit confused!! Any help greatly appreciated S
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