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  1. Hi EP & welcome to CAG.It is a little bewildering at first - and you will notice there are actually two forums!If you click on the "debt action group" then choose a suitable sub-section to start your thread (e.g if the debts are with Barclays,Lloyds TSB, etc) then you will get advice from someone who has experienced similar problems.HTH
  2. I would write back to them & keep the pressure on otherwise they will presume you have accepted their viewpoint.You tend to find the Halifax answer a different question - yes, they have probably conformed with their requirements but (usually) no, they haven't sent a true copy of the CCA as required.
  3. What he should have done was ask you if you'd mind coming back into the store to sort out a possible problem.If you refused then he would have the choice of watching you drive away & noting your details to phone the police or making a citizens arrest & risking the roth from wrongful arrest.No his force wasn't reasonable as you weren't attacking him & you probably didn't even know who he was & what the problem was.If you weren't about to drive away then he could have waited until the police arrived.As regards the security office camera not working then he has to prove your guilt - you dont have to prove your innocence & as stated an illegal search would probably lead to inadmissable evidence anyway.
  4. Think you need to see a good solicitor asap in the mng if you haven't done so already.I would be looking at pressing charges for assault; unlawful detention or arrest by the shop staff (they would have had to make a citizens arrest to detain you) & an official complaint against the police although it sounds as though they were lead into it by the shop staff lying (which is an offence in itself).If they said they found the items on you then they are admitting an unlawful search anyway as only a police officer is allowed to search you.Bet they find "technical problems" with the camera in the security office.
  5. Hi Tracey & welcome to CAGYou have been busy lol but don't go giving Marbles any ideas as I haven't paid them anything this year.Was struggling & getting grief before I discovered CAG & CCA'd them.Been pretty quiet since.I dont know anything about PPI i'm afraid but I'm sure someone will be along shortly to advise.Have you sent your CCA request as Marbles (HFC) are notorious for dodgy paperwork?Keep us informed & if you start your own thread people will be able to follow your progress & offer advice.
  6. Hi hemic & welcome to CAG.Are there any signs in the car park & what were you cited for on the ticket?If "he" hadn't put his clock back then the ticket would be an hour later than it should be not an hour earlier but if the time is too early then it is obviously wrong (if that makes sense on a Saturday evg!).
  7. No.It's 12+2 working days.Dont "assume" anything with them.Check it has been received (presume you sent it RD?).See what they produce in the line of an enforceable CCA before deciding whether to stop paying or not.
  8. ... that's the 18 year old (with less spots) on the next desk lol.Sounds like you are getting under their skin to me.Keep writing.
  9. No. Their failing to supply a true CCA within 12+2 days timescale puts it into dispute.
  10. Did you ever receive any bills when living there & were they billing anyone during the three years it was rented out?
  11. Maybe best to keep your head down for a couple of months & deny all knowledge.I would have thought they will still have to prove it was you paying the account.
  12. It will be their admin somewhere along the line.My mother was paying by DD with them & was in credit & they had their in house DCA threatening to take her to court for not paying an old meter number that they had down at the address from years ago.Of course they couldn't discuss it with me they needed to speak to the account holder (85 years old).You'll get sorted eventually but do it in writing via complaints.
  13. Hi OL.Am I missing something? Is someone asking for money?If not & it says "settled" would you rather not just let sleeping dogs lie?My credit report should have about 5/6 DN's on it.It had one from someone I haven't dealt with & now that one has disappeared.Very curious but then curiosity killed the cat so I keep well clear.
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