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  1. Thanks for that, will give it a go. Nothing ventured etc.
  2. In June I bought on contract a new mobile phone as my previous one was getting slower. I had an LG device which the 02 shop suggested. I had problems with it immediately, but as I was away for the immediate period after purchase I could not get back within the cooling off period. Needless to say the shop would not consider changing the unit. I have since then been back to the shop 7 times with the same recurring fault, and still the shop wouldn't do a thing other than pass me off to the customer relations dept only reachable by phone. Lost the personal contact. I
  3. Sent text to hmc as per advice instruction. Thanks again and keep a keen lookout Pb
  4. Thanks for thread, got exactly this email yesterday. Did not act as my training told me it was strange for HMC to ask for all my bank detail including pass words. Nah, caused a big flasher to go off in my head. Your post here confirms my own suspicion.
  5. Bank agreed two quite large amounts of repayable PPI sent me settlement letters and told me they were keeping it and transferring cash to their collection dept to go against these old debt, That's a damn chocker, but even though statute. Barred they still maintain they hold an old debt and have a right to offset these sums. Any thoughts on there that I may have a chance of getting something
  6. Does any one have the ceo address and details, believe it is a Mr chan?
  7. That's what I needed, thank you will now be more aggressive in my next missive. Cheer's my dears
  8. Partnership issues raised because I have argued for years that it was not a partnership but Ltd comp. Bank have always maintained it was a partnership. Im sick because if I had known they considered the accounts partnerships then I would have claimed the charges back on the accounts. The bánk charges were very very high. But that's another story. Suffice to say I'll write to the bánk and refuse permission for anything due to me to be paid elsewhere. I'll see what they say. But still no one says what happens to these old accounts. They are supposed to be taken off credit reference files, bu
  9. This, that's another fear to bed, but legally when if ever will the debt be written off or is the bánk going to keep it in its computer store forever and therefor always be àble to clàim payments meànt for me??
  10. Thanks, you confirmed my thinking and I have disgarded the item concerned. Second question I may not hàve made clear. Have old bank debt, I always thought unclaimable because of limited status. This old debt won't go away, but now over the six years, again no payments from me, but now quite a sum of PPI has appeared and they want my permission to pay off this old account. It's over the 6 years. They are maintaining it was a partnership, I have a copy letter disproving this ,but imnot clear on what happens to an out of date debt, its not enforceable, but does it still exist??and how?? And w
  11. Have had a pile of old debts , being very old and very cynical, at pension age I made the çoncious decision to stop paying any and all of them. I challenged every debter to take me to court, they didn't , preferring to sell on debts to collectors None of these took me to court,so here I am over six years later which should mean no more chasing from collectors, however one chasing debt company has insisted I made a payment against one of the debts three years ago. I challenged that knowing I had not. They then advised that the payment had come from the debt owner
  12. I have a yearly travel cover, so does my partner. So I hope I'm covered. I did not insure my two children, asked their mother to get that done, and she hasn't, so could be half the holiday costs gone. pb
  13. Yes I'm sure they will. I'll see what transpires won't hold my breath. Pb
  14. Thanks for view, I personally feel I should have a chance because everything I did after the Sousse slaughter, was done under duress. They wouldn't allow the holiday to be rescheduled later, it all had to be done before the 14j day precancellation date or suffer loss. Not a good way to book a holiday. Thanks anyway. PB
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