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  1. Oh dear, so sorry to hear this had many an online conversation with Babybear or Lynda. I do know that she had many health issues and was quite ill the last time i spoke to her. My thoughts and prayers to all her friends and family. RIP Lynda Monx x
  2. Hi Mr P Thats great, a real load off knowing how to proceed. I am in a really lucky position (in relation to the funding for Mum's care) in that as she was sectioned under the mental health act, she is in "continuing care" therefore she is funded by the LA and the NHS so her capital and assets are not going to be used to pay for her care. We do pay the difference of the cost of her care and what the NHS and LA will pay but that was a choice Dad made when choosing the place. He felt that eventhough the home was charging more than the going rate he was happy to pay it as the home gave Mum the care she needed and deserved so we are happy to continue with hiswishes .....despite the fact that personally I feel the home are captialising on the fact that for most people in our our area they are the only establishment that are within a reasonable travelling distance that provide the level of care that Mum would need...but that is another story. So I just need to arrange a few estate agents to give quotes and an evaluation of the property and send these to the court? I know that when I get the full deputyship I then could sell the house. This is something both my brother and I want to do as we feel the house is just deteriating with no one living in it and neither of us want the bother of renting it out so selling it and putting the proceeds in a high interest account would be better for Mum should she need it. Thank you for your reply Monx x
  3. Hi all its been a while since ive posted on here its been a difficult time. I am sure this is not the best place to post this request for advice but i couldnt really find any forum on the site that was even close to the topic i need help with. My wonderful father passed away in September last year, my mother unfortunately suffers from early onset Alzheimers and is in a home. My father was her Appointee regarding her benefits and finances and this has now passed to me since his death. I have an interim certificate of deputyship in order to document her finances in order that the court of protection can then assess her worth and then award my complete deputyship and charge me a bond in order to do so. Using the interim certificate I have managed to sort out all dad's pensions etc the only thing left to be assessed is the marital home. I have never bought/sold a house and I am not sure how to go about it. Is it as easy as contacting and getting a few quotes from some estate agents in your opinion or does it have to be more complicated as i dont own the house? Hopefully one or two of you will know or this thread can be moved somewhere more appropriate. Would appreciate any advice Thanks Monx x
  4. My father passed away on Tuesday last week and we are totally devastated as you can imagine. Mum is in care as she has althzhiemers. Dad left a will which said that he wished his half of the house to be divided between my brother and I and obviously the half my mother owned would go towards her care under the asset rules. (i believe anything over £14,000 is used to pay for her care) We have since learned that mum and dad owned the house under a joint tennancy which means that dads share of the house doesnt become part of dads estate and passes to my mums sole ownership. The house needs to be sold in order to fund mums care and as her daughter it falls to me to do that however in order to do it i have to apply for a "public guardianship" which means that I have to pay a bond to protect mums finances and this is something like £500 (annually i believe) so in effect the government are wanting me to pay for the right and privialige to sell my parents home and then give them the money! To be honest there was barely enough to pay for the funeral so my brother and i have had to use our savings to do that and at this moment I dont even have £500. So my questions are: 1. what would happen if i just refused to deal with the sale of the house, would someone be appointed by the government to deal with it? 2. If mum was in care due to being sectioned and currently funded under section 117 of the mental health act, does that mean that she will be continued to be funded by the government? I know that this is a sticky one but dont know where to turn, unable to get appt with cab for weeks and really at the end of my tether. Dealing with the grief and organising funeral is bad enough but having all this over my head at the moment is making me ill. i just hope someone on here can help. Thanks Monx
  5. Oh dear....wish I had read these before I ordered it....seems they have a reputation. Oh well let my bad fortune be a warning to anyone else. Monx x
  6. Yes its called one click vintage company and there seems to be a few different sites under the same company name, they do a pharmacy, pet store etc
  7. I ordered some wine and a bottle of rum as christmas presents from this company online about three weeks ago. Nothing came within the five days so we emailed them, they said that it was out of stock (despite showing stock when we ordered) but said they would refund our postage for compensation for the wait. They assured us that they would have new stock by this week and I would recieve email confirmation of the delivery date by Monday this week. Weve heard nothing and now we have stopped recieving reciept notices for our emails and the phone lines are constantly engaged or have messages playing saying they will get to us as soon as possible. It seems that I have lost the £30 I spent and I am really angry. My partner is unemployed and we are having a very frugal christmas out of necessity and I cannot afford to just lose £30. We now have to hope we can get the presents from elsewhere in time and pay again! Anyone else had any problems with this company? Monx
  8. Such a shame, I loved this guy in the Green Mile as John Coffee. RIP Michael.
  9. Hi Guys I thought it was time to update this thread. I hope that the personal things I share will help others dealing with similar weight and health related problems. My first post on this subject was prompted by having just weighed myself and I was devastated to find that I weighed almost 30 stones. After the GP referred me for the operation I took it upon myself to get myself as fit for the operation as I could possibly get and after a great deal of reassurance and hand holding, I joined the local gym. Initially I could only do the weights as I was too heavy to use the machinery and due to my joint problems this even limited what I could use even more. I started to lose a little bit of weight, around a lb a week which was astoundingly slow weight loss as I really was trying hard and eating like a bird. Things got a bit easier and I managed to do more things physically despite the doubling of my pain medication (tramadol was my best friend) but I started to see a real difference. By February 2012 I had lost over two stones. The surgeon and PCT agreed to my operation and booked it for May 2012 but I had to lose another stone before I started my liver shrinking diet (this shrinks the liver so that the surgeon can get all your bits and pieces). I lost the stone easily and a bit more. By the time I was ready for my operation I weighed 25 stone 6lbs! I had lost over 4 stone before my operation. I know some of you would be thinking at this point, would I really need the operation if I could do this on my own. I did give it a lot of thought and discussed it with my family and the GP. My conclusion was that, yes initially I could carry on and lose a bit more and then one day in the future something would happen and I would start to eat emotionally once more and set the whole yo-yo gain and bit more cycle up again. I went ahead with the operation and all went smoothly, I was very lucky to have a brilliant surgeon and anesthatist who saved my life! It hasnt been easy, re-educating yourself to eat smaller portions, concentrating on protein first, veg and salad next and if you still have room (rarely do) you can then have carbs. I have no sugar in my diet as it makes me very ill as does anything with a high fat content. Emotionally its a very difficult adjustment as you are shrinking. I have a mild form of body dismorphia others see a difference in me but my brain only sees the enormous person I was previously and I still find myself making more room for my body than I have to. I didnt even recognise my reflection in a shop window the other day because it just didnt look like me! I have lost a further three and half stones since my operation in May and I am now 22 stone. I still have a long way to go as I want to get to 12 stone as this will give me a healthy BMI and I will look like someone who hasnt got a weight problem for the first time in my life. I now walk a mile and a half to work every day and go to the gym twice a week and do the equivalent of five miles on various machines. I am also going aqua sizing once a week. Although I still have the joint problems, the weight I have lost already seems to have lessened the impact on my joints and I no longer need a walking stick or pain medication. My Severe obstrobctive sleep apnoea is almost a thing of the past and I can actually cross my legs! It certainly isnt the easy/lazy way to lose weight that some might imagine, the adjustments you have to make both physically and mentally are life altering and do not come easily at all. I have had to fight obesity all my adult life and now I am on a level playing field and for once the odds are in my favour.
  10. Cheers for that Conniff I suppose it would be better to try to appeal but I am not feeling too good at the moment and all the fight has gone out of me! I will email and say that we dont feel it is warranted due to the markings on the road being covered with sleet and that the lane wasnt actually being used by buses a that time. Thanks Monx
  11. Hi guys, hope you can help. My partner has received a fine for driving in a bus lane on 4.4.12, it happened at 5.48am! Are bus lanes in use at that time or are they always in use. Also we aver that the weather was so bad and that the rain and sleet made it difficult to judge whether he was in a bus lane at the time, there was a heavy covering of sleet on the road so the markings were not discernable. Do you think it is worth appealing against the charge or just paying it to get rid of it? Thanks guys Monx
  12. Doilem Oxygen thief Waste of skin Mensa member (oh the irony) knuckle dragger Mince (as thick as)
  13. I guess it would be really difficult to narrow it down to just one but if I had to....... rudeness....it takes nothing to be civil.
  14. ......and my other grandfather....lol I agree, the office was one of those programmes I watched through my fingers. Some parts were so cringeworthy that they were almost painful. I work in an office environment and have done for most of my working life. I would conceed that the observation of the environment is bang on but for me it was like watching a programme about work when i was off work and trying to forget about work so it was kind of a strange pleasure. However, Ricky Gervais as a person(ality) is crass, rude and very unfunny. I just dont get it. How the hell did he get this famous with such a little tallent? He obviously knows someone who knows someone because I dont think the public feel the same way about him as the people who buy his crass programmes. My...didnt realise I felt that strongly on the subject :0
  15. BB I know that you have had some serious health issues over the last year or so, It must be alarming to be putting on weight and losing it so dramatically like that. Yes an eating disorder is not something else you want to add to your lot! As Fred suggests have a word with your GP and see what they recommend. I know my GP can prescribe sessions at our local gym and I have promised that i will be partaking after my surgery - until then I am doing some aquasizing which is low impact on my joints and is supporting my spine. I really enjoy it! All the best Monx x
  16. I thought I would update this thread so that everyone who was kind enough to post a reply would know how things are going. I have been through a series of tests to make sure that I would benefit from the operation should I get funding, be fit enough for the op and decide that I want to go through with it. During these tests it came to light that I suffer from severe obstructive sleep opnoea which means that within one hour of sleep my body takes me out of deep sleep to restart my breathing 51 times! This is quite serious because it puts an enormous strain on your heart and lungs. I had to attend a sleep clinic and was prescribed a CPAP machine which pumps air down your nose through a mask to ensure that your airways are kept open during sleep. It took a while to get used to but I know use it every night and has cut my instances of sleep apnoea from 51 an hour to 3! Last week I went to the hospital for a pre operative assessment appointment where I was prodded, poked, tested and swabbed! Pending the results of my blood tests etc being Ok the anesthatist is happy to proceed with the operation. I am now funded and on the waiting list. It is supposed to happen in February next year but there is scope for it to be moved forward to mid to late January! So its all systems go. I have managed to lose a stone and a half eating protein, veg and then carbs if still hungry as this is the way i will eat after the operation. I know some of you might ask if I am losing weight now why bother with the op.....well in the past I never had problems with losing the weight, it was keeping it off and not adding to the regain that was the difficult part for me. The weight loss at this point is to aid recovery after the operation and to lessen the chances of having to have the operation as an open procedure rather than through key hole surgery. As I have mentioned, I do not do this lightly. I realise that the mortality rate is quite high but the risks involved are nothing compared to the thought of living my life as restricted as it is now with little or nothing to look forward to but becoming more and more disabled. I am determined not to dig my own grave with my knife and fork! Monx x
  17. Thanks for that Erika, its pretty much as I thought but i guess trying agin wouldnt hurt....its just so blooming annoying that they knew they were paying me the wrong money and wouldnt let me give it back but then stung me for it at the end of the claim! Monx
  18. Brief outline of case: sept 2009 made new claim to child and working tax credits as partner moved in with me. Nov 2009 rang tc to find out when would be paid, it then comes to light that I have inadvertantly ticked income based jsa instead of contribution based for partners earnings however as I was working full time this was an obvious error and should have been picked up. During that conversation I was told the correct information had been input and the claim would be recalculated. End Nov 2009 rang again to find out if, when and how much tax credit to expect and was told that it had been recalculated and I was due £900, this seemed excessive so I explained that I wanted them to make sure i was entitled to it before it was paid to me. Day after rang tc and spoke to someone who said that the claim was incorrect that there was an overpayment but it was ok cos they were going to pay me the £900 and recover the overpaid tc from the ctc that I was due and would still receive £37 per week ctc? I was not happy and said that I didnt want the £900 if I wasnt entitled to it and could they recall it. She reassured me that I could still spend the money, they couldnt recall it because it had already gone into the system and would appear in my account the next day. She said dont worry, the money was mine and that I would still get ctc but at a reduced rate. I wasnt convinced but after her assurances we paid of bills etc with the money and forgot all about it. April 2010 get a demand for £1300 overpayment! June 2010 sent letter stating that I questioned the overpayment at the time and gave the correct information and that we shouldnt have to pay it back because it an official error and not our responsibility! Two weeks ago(!) received a letter apologising for delay but they have looked at the decision and have decided that we should still have to pay it back despite admitting that the £900 was incorrect and that they should have recovered it! My question is, at this point I have asked for a reconsideration and it has been turned down, can I appeal against the decision and have it looked at by an independant comissioner? Thanks Monx
  19. I agree Caro, in the past the banks were just as culpable for "irresponsible lending" as other financial services. I can understand the reluctance to lend without an indication if you are a safe risk or not in the present climate, however to assume all who have had no credit in the last 6 years (10 for me) are a bad risk is unfair. I can hear my mum saying "life isnt fair" lol. Whilst I understand why...it doesnt actually help me in my present situation. I dont want to go into debt however we are in a postition where, in order to keep his livelyhood, my otherhalf needs a reliable car and the car we have is ancient and becoming more and more unreliant. We have a little put by for a downpayment but the majority was always going to have to be through some form of finance or another. We are going down the road of putting the savings in an ISA and applying for a credit card. Hopefully this way we will have the downpayment and if all goes well my credit rating will be better enough for a small personal loan in time before our old "pug" gives up the ghost...one can only hope! Oh and as I have already mentioned I have a top of the line new blackberry torch on contract. Cant understand why this is not an indication of my credit worthyness! Thanks for all your suggestions and advice guys. Monx x
  20. Thanks for that locutus, however would applying for a credit card so soon after being denied a bank loan be just as bad, or do you mean wait a while and then apply for a credit card? The reason I ask is we have a car, its held together by sellotape and will definately not pass another MOT (if it lasts that long), my partner has just recently started work and been made core staff after being employed by the same employer via an agency (hence why he was turned down by finance at the garage we were buying the car from) but he works 45 miles away. My worry is if (when) our car dies, he will lose his job and then we will be up shix creek! The car is a necessity and we dont know when the hammer will fall. I agree that the credit card is a really good idea, I just dont know how soon to apply and .... which one...its such a jungle out there!!!
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