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  1. HI all, I checked the land registry for another of his properties and there is a "Bankruptcy notice" entered in the register. Seems I've lost my money after all Can anyone advice what is the next step now for me? Or should I just forget about my money?
  2. Thanks! Thats a really good idea. Can you please guide me how to go about it? I am trying to find out what all he owns. I downloaded the title from land registry of the property where he operates his business but it is owned by some company - which i have no info about (perhaps it is owned by him/relatives?) Is there a way to get more details?
  3. Thanks for the candid response! The landlord hasn't bothered to respond to court's summons before the order was made. So I am not sure if more summons from the court would budge him. If I issue a third-party order is the bank obliged to dig out all the accounts that the bank has for him? I ask because the account I used to pay rent in was closed and he changed it to a joint account later. (Smart move I guess since I cannot ask for an order against a joint account?) I was tempted to use the HCEO option since I know he is working out of commericial premises of which he is the managing director. Perhaps the HCEO can sieze computers, etc? Perhaps I am being too naive so please do guide me. Also is the sherriff's office same as HCEO?
  4. This was tenancy before sep06 so its not in a separate account. With EO I meant HCEO only - i.e. transferring up to High court from county court. Aren't Marston group HCEO?
  5. i was told that EO is more aggressive in going after the debtor. debtor is my ex-landlord who has not paid back deposit. He is a professional landlord and I think with the market downturn he is having financial troubles and probably a lot of people after him...
  6. Hi, I want to enforce a CCJ against someone using the transfer up service and then Marston group (which I am told are a leading enforcement agency). They say the transfer up service is free but they will charge if the recovery process is unsuccessful. 1) How/who/when decides the process is unsuccessful? And how can I be sure that they have used all means at their disposal to recover my money before coming back to charge me? How much can they charge me - the claimant? 2) In case they are unsuccessful, can I go back to the county court to use another method - attachment of earnings order, etc? Or do similar things exist in the high court? Thanks in advance!
  7. Hi, Is proceeding with two or more methods of enforcements simultaneously allowed? For example, can I issue a third-party debt order and issue writ of fi-fa at the same time? Also would be extremely grateful if someone could tell me what happens if the high-court enforcer is not able to recover the debt? What is the usual time-frame after which he gives up? Many thanks in advance!
  8. Thanks! Also are the bailiff's like Marston group worthwhile? They claim that they will do all the leg work - ie transferring case to high court, getting the writ of fi fa issued. I believe they will charge me a fee - will that also be recovered from the landlord?
  9. Hi - I have obtained a judgment against my landlord to pay back the deposit which he has not paid. The sticky note on "how to get paid" is really informative. It suggests that I go to high court for debt over 600 pounds. However on the court website it says I cannot go to high court if the debt falls under CCA 1974. Does the unpaid tenancy deposit fall under CCA1974?
  10. Hi guys - Thanks to all the help on this forum I have won the case against the landlord in a county court. He failed to show up for defence. I have an order from the court for him to pay by 5-feb. He has ofcourse not paid up till now. I did some research on google about him and it seems many people are chasing this guy for amounts bigger than mine. 1) Is there any use trying to enforce the judgment against him? 2) I came across Marston group - a group claiming to enforce the judgments on my behalf. How effective/genuine/costly are these agencies? Thanks for all the help!
  11. BTW is there a database of all the errant landlords who have caused grief to previous tenants? At least that way it could be a deterrant as well as provide useful red flags for future tenants. I realise there might be data protection issues but atleast where the landlords have lost a court case, perhaps those names can be made public?
  12. thanks. I had given him a date by which if he does not refund the net amount then I will continue with the court process. Now that you mention this, I am not sure how the court would look at it. All the notification that I have received from the court states is that the "defendant needs to show cause why his defence not be struck out and judgement entered for claim and costs". No idea whether evidence has been asked from him. I called the court office and they say that I should write a letter requesting absence and, although he was not sure, he said that the notification language seemed to suggest that it was only the defendant who was being summoned. Also any idea if I can add on other costs - like travel expenses, postage expenses to the claim? Thanks for all the help and I will definitely keep you all posted.
  13. Thanks Steve. Yes both these facts are on email record. I think I was trying to just save time and settle it soon. But I guess that was a mistake. Any idea about requirement of being present at hearing, if the notice is for the defendant to show cause? Thanks again!
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