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  1. I mean specifically my compliance was about income and expenses for both the company and myself. I just feel a bit weird being asked did you work with x or y person (not for as in a client but just -with) and on what projects - because it doesnt relate to my reported incomes or the period of investigation? It kind of makes me think they've read about said projects online and who I worked with (but perhaps not knowing when they occured) on the suspicion that I might have done extra work (thus earnings) I hadn't declared to them? Though there also eager for me to specify adn breakdown with
  2. Hi there! As you might recall I had posted before, citing that I was registered as a self employed individual while also registered as a director for a company. For the year I recieved a compliance check (for both the limited company and my self assessment) about 80% of my income derived from me invoicing my limited company, and 20% from me invoicing (as an individual) other clients. The commission work I did was artistic short term project orientated. So I had the visit, and they went through my income and expenses, and seemed satisfied that the numbers added up. They had note
  3. (I feel terrible asking these questions - but im just trying to understand - thanks so much for the advice!!!) So a self employed person, (ie a private contracter) whom fulfills the criteria of (outside IR35) when invoicing their own company for a commission they did, (for time and expenses) has those monies determined automatically as 'wages' by hmrc subject to a different tax regimen than normal self employed. That it should have been filled in as 'wages' from the SA... is that because hmrc would decide it wasnt really a self employed commission? As if one is an employee of a comp
  4. I just wanted to add, as it can get confusing as regards to IR35? Because there are self employed private contracters who have limited companies too and are not assessed as if there self employed turnover was just a salary from the limited company? Or would they submit there income from a limited company as wages from their SA but would be taxed differently (if deemed outside IR35) Thanks again - its just a lot to get your head around!
  5. Yep I tried the ESI (though it kinda struggled with my industry 'entertainment'? See to me I am genuinely self employed, I mean i'm actively looking for work and commissions outwith what i did with the company, its just that the nature of my work made clients uncomfortable depositing payment to a personal account. (Basically I would get very few gigs a year but would normally be worth a few k a pop) Where as the few I would do as self employed would be for a few hundred. Its also an industry (arts) that is very hard to get employment from (so self employed im certainly working hard to market
  6. Well Gbarbm thanks for the fast responses much appreciated. I mean in as much as an error (with reasonable care) I mean according to the questions posed here (http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/moneytaxandbenefits/taxes/workingandpayingtax/dg_4015975) I would have been self-employed, though of course being a director automatically makes me liable for tax purposes. My accountants had said my personal income was so low that it would have ended up under my personal allowance. But then how can one even do the work (for jobs beyond the scope of NMW as a new start up company) unless there free to work
  7. I would also like to add - that the commissions i did for the amount that i worked for would never have been possible in a million years under NMW? With the time and expenses i incurred as a self employed dude? So im wondering if they might factor that... Im also wondering what consequences it would have for the WTC i recieved during that period if they could arbitrarily decide i have to be reprocessed as a paye employee for that period? Im hoping in my compliance that i can perhaps 'comply' going forward, either by no longer being a director of the company and or going through its
  8. Hi Gbarbm thanks for commenting. Oh so is that automatic then? That because im a director, my registered self employed status is dismissed in this case and that even though i incurred the personal expenses for doing invoiced commission work (often to produce things) that they would just decide those monies were wages? Hmm if so I wonder what the consequences would be for the money I've been paid and the expenses Ive incurred and how debatable or discretionary this is with compliance officers? I've certainly never had the security of employment from that company, hours, or ot
  9. Hey guys, I'd appreciate some advice here, basically ive had two compliance inspections, one covering a year of my SA (as a self employed person) and the other a limited company that im a director of (for approximately the same period.) As a self employed person my income was only about 9k (with expenses of about 4k). All my figures in thsi respect are legitimate and if anything are probably understated. Same goes for the company, it made about 22k in a year, and for various commissions i did through the company I invoiced it (for approximately 8k.) Other monies that were pai
  10. Okay guys, let me tell you the story again and whats now happened since - cos i really need some advice! So I bought a monitor from the retailer Vadim Computers, it was delivered and I had it for a couple of days before noticing it was a little cracked and damaged on the screen. They told me to sent it straight to their suppliers Computer2000 who would send the damaged one back to the manufacturer and order a replacement. So I send my monitor to Computer2000... they send it to Samsung, put in an order for its replacement. A few weeks pass and what should happen but Vadi
  11. Thanks BankFodder - yep I'll proceed as you've advised! Now to show my stupidity but the CPUT 2008 regs what does that stand for? Also (and i promise ill stop pestering you!) Is it worth attempting to pursue a visa debit chargeback - would that be illegal to do if i initiate this process - as my time to attempt that would run out by mid August, (if Visa's terms and conditions cover from 120 days of purchase.) I do know that there are zero guarantees with visa debit, but can i pursue this simultanously and then drop it (or the monitor) if one or the other schemes for justice f
  12. 'as described and free from minor defects, and fit for purpose' I don't know though would that hold any weight? It was almost like they were suggesting that Samsung would then chase up the middleman - but would that result in likely success? Does it really apply to my situation even - I did describe what happened, but it is a complex story - trader - supplier - manufacture?! I don't know, do you think Samsung would just look at my letter and go - what the hell - and bin it or?
  13. Hi there - just an update. After speaking to Consumer Direct they suggested, That I should send letters to the Administrators for Vadim, and Samsung referring to the Sales of Good Act 1979/ammended 2002. Contrary to contacting the middleman in this case, they said that Samsung would follow it up with the supplier Computer2000... for a replacement monitor. Hmm? Can I ask - what are your thoughts on that Bankfodder - it sounds a bit more generic than your suggestion?!
  14. Hi thanks for the fast response BankFodder, what do you think about seeking a debit visa chargeback for this matter? Think its worth a shot? I was speaking to someone from the Bank of Scotland (my bank) and they said they do process and review their Visa Card Debit chargebacks though branch staff and many call center staff aren't aware it is possible.
  15. The Tale of Woe - I purchased a £900 monitor from Vadim Computers (V-Solutions). Now Vadim experienced delays getting the monitor from their supplier Computer2000, who themselves were ordering it direct from the manufacturer Samsung. Delayed, I finally recieved the monitor just under a month ago. It was found to be damaged, and so I contacted Vadim, asking for it to be collected and replaced. It was collected by Vadim (23rd June) who then sent it on to their supplier Computer2000. This is where it gets interesting! Vadim goes bankrupt! I contact Vadim for any
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