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  1. Thanks for that. I can't post the photos right now, but will post them later. The street in question is pedestrianised, but cars can go down them. There are no yellow lines at all. So I'm not sure how the control zone hours square with the sign we think says parking is not allowed at all... The sign has two parts - first with a small circle with a line across it, saying 'pedestrian zone, at anytime'. Second 'no loading - 8 - 6:30 Mon to Sat'. I'm just wondering why bother to have it as a controlled zone with specific hours and then a sign which implies that you can never park there a
  2. Hi All, I've read quite a few of the posts here already and there is some good info in there. But just wanted to give my specific facts to see if there is anything I'm missing before I challenge. We parked on a 'market street' on a Sunday, for about 20 mins. We've done this many times before and many other people do this too. We were therefore shocked when we saw the ticket on the windscreen. We had a look around to see what the signs would say - they were very confusing but we think they mean that parking is restricted all the time - with loading restricted to specific times.
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