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  1. One letter to HSBC myself, for a loan with missold PPI, and after 2 letters saying we need 4 weeks to investigate (so 8 weeks in total) they said, while not admitting liability (of course) that they're going to refund it all, so it's all been refunded plus the 8% interest. As the PPI was all calculated at the start of the loan along with the loan interest all the numbers seem to stack up. So good news and once again, thanks for all the help!
  2. Sorry for the late reply, but to follow up on this it happened the same for me as for mangle101. I sent a letter of complaint about it, they wrote back saying it'll take 4 weeks, then again it'll take another 4 weeks and then it was all refunded, the rest of the loan was payed off from the PPI and the rest was refunded, so I'm very happy. I'm not sure why they're being obstrucive on some claims and not any others?
  3. Hi mangle101, thanks for the info! That's exactly what has happened so far, stated it'll take 4 weeks, then there's a delay so will require a further 4 weeks so now just into the final week! Wish me luck!
  4. LOL! I'm sure they're really not too keen at all But good to know it's 8 weeks, I'll give it a few more days and then send off something to that effect. Basically I'm asking for them to respond with either a settlement figure (the entire PPI amount + 8% interest) or that they permit me to contact the ombudsman on this matter, right? Thanks again, and I'll keep post up with any progress!
  5. Hi all, Having used these forums in the past and had some excellent advise, I'm back for more I've sent off a claim for mis-sold PPI on a fixed loan from HSBC, I feel I have a strong case, I've not claimed on it and it's a very expensive option and really was pushed onto me. The guy who sold the loan to me was leaving the bank and so looking back, wanted as much commission to see him on his way! Anyway, I sent a letter outlining this on the 8th July. I've had 2 letters back from HSBC, saying they're investigating the matter. How long should this usually take? And at what point can I ask them to resolve this? It does feel like they're just stalling until I go away I've had a search but can't find anything exact! Any advise is always appreciated, Regards, Mark
  6. More kudos to you guys I think But it would be so nice jsut to rip into them, or be sarcastic etc... But yeah, it could lead to problems I did also get a letter back from the SRA and they say 6 - 8 weeks for someone to start to take a look at it all, but I guess that's just the nature of it. Once I hear some more from them I'll forward over the other details I have so hopfully will give them something to work with. I'm sure it's very bad form to send, what really arevery threatening letters, from a solicitor when there's no real case to back it up with. But we shall see.
  7. Good news everyone, sounds liek they've listen to reason, I did sent a letter to the SRA, and ignored the Graham White letter, but I did feel I had to fire off one last letter to Roxburghe, which was just a hash together from the template and read a little something like: And I received the following! So it's all worth it, many thanks again everyone here, especially lamma and A127 who have stuck with me and kept up my confidence through out! Nice one, this site is great
  8. Cheers again guys, it's nice to have a bit of support to steel yourself against it all... Crazy that they can do this but I guess that's the nature of the beast nowadays. Thanks again for the advise, it's tricky to just keep ignoring against all the threats, it really seems there should be something you can do about teh aggressiveness towards an innocent person, especially when they have no proof at all. Still I shall ignore away, really go for it and just go and do something else much more plesant
  9. Hi again everyone, they're pretty keen with the Solicitors letters! 3 of them have just came through... Strange the 4th is missing??? Anyway, here it is for your viewing, let me know what you think? It's all Michael Sobell, who is registered by the looks of things... So what's gonna happen? Should I send a letter to this Graham White Solicitors? Once again, any comments apprecaited!
  10. Hey all, I've just spoken to the SRA, and had a look on their site and there is a Graham White, in West Byfleet, Surrey. The Law Society - Find a solicitor Seems to be ran by one Michael David Sobell. Now I assume this is a registered Solicitor in this case? I'll still send the letter to the SRA, with all the attached documents, however it does seem that they've registered a Solicitor at the location, with that name. Clearly there's still no case, but reading this thread: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/parking-traffic-offences/153580-ncp-railway-car-park.html?highlight=graham+white There is a Michael Sobell, registered with the Law Society...
  11. Superb, thanks once again for the info. But I have posted up the 2 sets of letters, all identical except for the reference, so it seems they're moving onto G. White pretty quickly. I'll write to the SRA but do you also think I should write back to them with the final paragraph in the template letters? Or at least a cease and desist letter?
  12. Cool, I don't know if you can see the scan above, but the relevant paragraph reads: Is this enough for the SRA to act upon? Also, they started at the beginning of the letter: Now this annoys me, as I have sent an denial letter to NCP which appears to have been totally ignored and the matter left with Roxburghe... Grrr. Should I send the template stating this matter is in dispute with NCP and you should put any further correpondance to them? Again, many thnaks fo rthe speedy reply! I hope this goes to help some of the others with NCP.
  13. Hi again all, looks like we're into round 3! Thanks again for the advise so far, and it looks like they're up to their same old tricks: So they've mentioned Graham White, the Solicitors, as predicted by yourselves... Now do I fire off a Letter to the SRA? Or do I just wait again for the actual letter from G. White? Also, at what point can I send a cease and desist letter? Again, thanks for the all the help so far!
  14. Thanks for everyone's comments, makes me feel much better about the whole situation. But just got in from work today to find I have the same copies of exactly the same letter, just with yesterdays date have come through. Should I ignore these as well? Or send another "deny" letter as per the templates? Or just go for a cease and decist letter? As always any thought on the matter are always welcome.
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