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  1. The company that sent it to me are currently taking hundreds of pounds upfront off people in the hope that they will have their debts wiped off. They sent it out to thousands of inroducers, I doubt they had the permission of the plaintiff or the defendant so I would be question their integrity not more as they were the one's who leaked it. Jesus wept do you think the Telegraph asked for permission before they published the names and addresses of all those involved in the Mp's expense claims scandal?
  2. I would be happy to repost with Tippex a plenty. But will defer to more senior members for the decision. Moderators?
  3. Hi guys, yes I must admit sorry about that. I didn't post it initially, and then someone asked me to, I posted it without reading it. Blame the person who sent it to me then. They had a distribution list of thousands that it went out to.
  4. Attachment from previous post, and no, my source is not Ultimate Law, but I will withold that information, as was sent it in confidence, however, as I know this information will helpful in the public domain, I will post it here.Edited
  5. Lets say I have an interest in the financial services industry. I have had my eye on the financial claims management industry since it started about 12 months ago. The quote above is from a company I deal with. I thought their take on it may be helpful to the discussion. I have removed names to protect the innocent (?!) as it were.
  6. I just received this in from a credit claims company I have an affiation with... CIRCULAR REGARDING POTENTIAL STAY ON CCA CLAIMS We are writing to provide information concerning a recent letter sent by Judge Halbert at Chester County court requesting representations regarding the proposal to determine some issues relating to Consumer Credit Act claims. We have read a number of e mail circulars regarding this issue, many of which are inaccurate and wide of the mark. We would like to dispel myths and provide an accurate account of the current position.
  7. Thanks for that. I they have been in touch with me primarily so that I can offer their services as part of mine. They will be using the missing credit agreement angle plus picking up deficient terms in CC agreements in order to get out of paying the debt on a technicality. From reading your link it appears that it is possible to have a debt judged to be unenforceable but it would have to be during the course of other proceedings, lets say the claiming back of unfair bank charges or miss-sold PPI ?
  8. If your balance is £30k and you have no penalties for early repayment, then the bank will just require the £30k, plus a closing admin charge of approx £250.
  9. I have been contacted by various companies who profess to be able to have credit card, loan and mortgage debt cancelled outright with charges and interest refunded due to defective consumer credit agreements. Is this correct?
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