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  1. Oh hello, Suzi thank you so, so much. I have an appointment with the CCCS on the 9 August. I'm just so affraid that they will be unable to help me. I'm just a silly fool, and am so worried, I love my family so much, yet i've caused them so much pain. I really wished there was something more that I could do. Take care x
  2. Suzi - Oh my goodness, I've had an awful day. I've actually called all the creditors as was advised by the CCCS and informed them that I will be making a token payment for this month whilst my case was being dealt with. Unsuprisingly, they didn't accept these offers, furtheremore, they were adament that they would not work with me if I am refused assistance by the CCCS. I'm now so worried that the CCCS will not help me.
  3. I’ve just been informed tonight by a friend who was medical signed off from work for 13 months had her monthly Lloyds TSB Credit Card minimum payment paid on her behalf by the PPI. After the 12 months were up, they then cleared the whole £9,200 balance which existed on the Credit Card account when she first took ill. Is this correct or has she been exaggerating this fact. I’m so confused. Thank you
  4. Suzi - Thank you. But, do you really think that a minimum of £141 a month would be a big enough ammount to pay these creditors - the monthly payments for the Personal Loan alone is £280 and the HSBC Credit Card is £200. Even if PayPlan or CCCS were to accept me, which I'm not sure if they will, I find it hard to believe that the Creditors would accept such a huge reduction . Even if Icould just get the balance cleared on some of the lower cards such as the £ and £ this would make such a difference. Suzi - Thank you for taking the time to reasure a silly fool! What type of b
  5. Hello PriorityOne, Why does it matter how old the credit account cards are. Will this make a difference when trying to arrange a payment plan. I find all these rules very confusing. Thank you so much
  6. Honey, I’m so sorry, I’m just so worried that I can’t actually see a way out of this mess. I thought you were implying that as a result of not being in arrears that the CCCS would not help me, which came as a shock. No, we don’t have any payment protection insurance on these cards or personal loan. I do hope that this situation is for a short period only, a maximum of 6 months, as I am actively seeking employment but to no avail. In your opinion what is the likely hood of the CCCS accepting to take my case with a surplus amount of only £141 and so many creditors and high mont
  7. Sorry, what do you mean if there are no arrears it would be pointless? I am about to go into areas this month, which I was trying to avoid - does this mean they wont be able help me with all these credit cards or personal loan including the over drafts. Oh my goodness, I dont know what to do, I'm so scared - Will these companies be able to reposes our home or items within it. I would hope not to declare ourselves bankrupt, what other options do i have with these.
  8. Thank you so much for your reassuring words, such words really do give me so much more determination to come through this. At this movement I’m not in any arrears with payments, as all monthly payments have been made with other credit cards. The problem is now that the monthly payments are too high and I will begin to go into arrears. Total amounts owing and monthly payments. Overdraft Fees: Monthly Payments £150 – Approx Total Continues Personal Loan: Monthly Payments £300 – Approx Total £20,000 HSBC Credit Card: Monthly Payments £200 – Approx Total £10,000 MBNA Credi
  9. May I first begin with my sincere apologies for what will much repetition and what some may term an over reaction, unfortunately I am so desperate. My family and I are exceptionally worried; I am now actually at the point of realising that there is no way forward. I am aware that our home is at risk and with two very small babies I am at a loss what to do. My Husband and I have led what you would term a normal lifestyle, each owning a credit card, and additionally I had a £25,000 Personal Loan all without payment protection insurance. We never actually dreamt that one day we would ne
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