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  1. I'm quite sure they are not, but if the bailiff adds charges, woldn't they be between me and the bailiff, and the council surely have no right to 'pay' them on my behalf.....?
  2. The last time I wrote to them and asked for their explanation of their charges / balance innacuracies, I told them to reply before Wednesday 13th. If I haven't heard from them by then, I'll do the complaint on Thursday..........
  3. Yes... the council got the liability order because I was two weeks late with the first payment..... and the 'debt' IS this years account..... the bailiffs are seeking council tax money for this year 2008/09...
  4. That is exactly correct...... I have paid the council something every month and they still sent the bailiffs round..... What annoys me is that they send the bailiffs round, but they don't seem to talk to them and keep them updated when I make payments.......
  5. Yes this letter is from bailiff, I still pay the council and after I pay them every time I send them an email saying they need to inform bailiff company, but I don't think they do..... My balance now according to the council is about £700, bailiff still thinks it is £1156.
  6. He's still coming round knocking on my door and sending me letters with stupid outstanding balances on. Maybe I'm being a bit harsh on the poor bailiff, but I just don't like it when they go around adding any charges they like, thinking they are like god or something..
  7. I still pay the council over £100 per month towards my council tax... I have signed nothing with the bailiff - and there's no chance he's getting in my house.
  8. Hi everyone, My wife left working for a company on 10th July and her last pay should have been on 31st July. The company wanted to be awkward I think, and now her last pay won't clear in our bank until this Thursday - 14th Aug. In the meantime we have received a bank charge for unpaid DD, late payment charge for not paying internet bill on time, and my wife has had her contract mobile suspended because we haven't yet been able to pay the bill. I want to write to the company saying we hold them responsible for the 2 charges, and we feel they should pay a portion of the monthly phone
  9. My (council tax) account balance just seems to keep going up. I got a letter from them in May saying I owed £1056. Since then I've paid nearly £300 off that amount, and I've just got another letter from them saying I owe £1156.... ??? WTF??? I've written to them and the council to try and get an answer a to what they think they are doing, but no-one will even respond.
  10. This is from the sticky at the top about complaining about a certified bailiff. I've looked but can't find - does anyone know if it's possible to download this form 4, over the internet If you have a complaint about a Certificated Bailiff, there is a very simple procedure that you can use, which is dealt with very quickly, but more importantly is free.In the bailiff profession, this is commonlly refered to as a FORM 4 COMPLAINT. Statutory Regulations introduced under the Distress for Rent Act 1988, provide for complaints about the conduct of Certificated Bailiff’s to be made to the
  11. Hi all, My wife stopped working for a company on 10th July. They were going to pay her 1 week in lieu of notice and 6 days holiday - which makes it nearly 1months pay. They were supposed to pay this on 31/07/2008. We still have not received this payment from them. This has resulted in 1 failed direct debit which I know I can claim the charge from the company but I want to know if I can claim for any of the other things listed below.... 1/ As we haven't been able to pay our mobile bill, our service has been suspended, can we claim the cost of 1 months use due to us not being able
  12. It has been brought to the employers attention many times but they keep saying they will look into it and we hear nothing more...
  13. Hi, At my workplace we have a bit in the contract that states the employer can make it's employees work on a certain number of Saturdays per year. Provided they notify the workforce by Thursday lunchtime, the workforce have to do overtime on Saturday. We also do shift patterns of 6am - 2pm, and 2pm - 10pm. Due to the working time regulations, employees should take a break of 11hr between shifts yet employers encourage / allow employees who finish at 10pm Friday night to start at 6am Saturday (break of only 8hrs). These employees who could potentially be still very tired are t
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