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  1. Hi, That was whole whole point.. I have my expiring 24 month contract and the newly purchased 12 month contract..3 aren't smart enough to link both accounts. I told a white lie to get out of the contract.. I don't work at my gym postcode, I work about 40 miles away, but I told them I do so I could cancel the contract due to coverage network policy. Its not like they are going to send out an engineer to investigate..They can't prove I don't work at the gym etc ******UPDATE***** 3 network team just called saying they have done some testing and can confirm I don't get the best coverage at my (so called) work place..they offered me a signal booster @ £50 which I declined and then offered me a cancellation Sorted..Can now take the better offer of free phone and better, cheaper package..I can live with the fact my phone doesn't work at the gym!! Happy days peeps
  2. Guys, Just wanted to make people aware of this... My current three contract is due to expire in the next 30days..Ive already bought a new phone on payg - samsung galaxy s3 and signed up for a 12 month sim only deal also with three. I signed up for the new sim (£12.90 pm, 600mins, 1Gb data, 2000 free to three calls , 5000 sms) contract in-store, I thought was a bargain at the time!!. Anyway about 4 days later I received a call from three customer service offering me a deal if I extend my current contract. I told her I wasn't interested but still offered me a deal..a free samsung galaxy ace with same deal as before but unlimited data for £11 per month..I said ill take the offer however I just need to cancel the 12month deal I just took out. She said she could do that no problems..but about 5mins later said she could because I signed upto the sim contract in store (a big no no). If I had done it via website or phone call I can cancel due to 14 day grace period and distance sellers regs.. but because I purchased in-store I couldn't cancel!! Anyway I soon learnt if i ring customer services back and complain I'm not getting a decent signal I can cancel So I told them I work at the postcode of my gym (I don't !!) - where noooobody on any network gets a signal..they ran a quick test to confirm. He said if they cant resolve the issue in the next 5 days I can cancel the contract at no charge to myself due to the coverage policy!! Anyway im on day 2 of waiting so will let you guys know how i get on Main point - Buy a contract over the phone or internet - As you then get 14days grace and alot more leeway hope this helps somebody
  3. Hi Alan, Include photocopys (not originals) of repair quote, receipts, delivery report etc. Sent letter via 1st class recorded, wait a week or so and then ring them to chase them up if youve not hear anything (when I did this I received phonecalls the next day on all 3 occasions ) Also include photocopy of receipt for engineers report, because they'll pay for that as well I thought i was getting vouchers but a cheque has turned up in the post today!! when i spoke to them they said if purchased instore you'll get vouchers and if purchased from internet you get a cheque! here is a copy of the letter I sent, obiously change the finer details: : Customer Services Currys Customer Contact Centre PO BOX 1687 Sheffield S2 5YA Dear Sir/Madam, Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as amended) I purchased a Samsung 42” Plasma television from your website on 10th Oct 2006 at a cost of £1098.00. The television has now ceased to work. I’ve contacted an independent TV repair specialist, who has quoted a cost of £650 for the repairs. Having owned the TV for only 21 months, I can not say I am impressed. Under the Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as amended) I have a contract with yourselves, and not the manufacturer Samsung The Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as amended) states in section 14 paragraph 2B: For the purposes of this Act, the quality of goods includes their state and condition and the following (among others) are in appropriate cases aspects of the quality of goods— (a) fitness for all the purposes for which goods of the kind in question are commonly supplied, (b) appearance and finish, © freedom from minor defects, (d) safety, and (e) durability. I am claiming with respect to (e) Durability. The item as sold to me has not proved durable. I have two other televisions in my house, one is almost 13 years old and the other is about 8 years old. Both of these TVs are fully functioning and in daily use, I would expect a TV of this value to last at least a similar amount of time. The action I would like you to take is simply to repair the TV to its former working self at no charge to myself. I am quite happy for your engineers to take the TV away to be repaired. In the event that the TV can not be repaired, I would expect a suitable replacement, taking into account the price and features of the TV. I await your reply within the next 10 working days Please find enclosed copies of the delivery report and original receipt Kind Regards Let me know how you get on Cheers Jonathan
  4. hey Alan ive just been through what you are about to! Course of Action 1. letter to currys statin sale of good act (give them 10-14 days), also send letter to sheffield, customer services are based there. Include photocopys of receipts and delivery. 2. they ask you to get independent engineers report, if it comes back at more then £500 they give vouchers if under they 'll will repair it. my report cost £50, give them 5 days. 3. wait for offer , think my plasma broke end of july and i got phone call today saying they'll give me vouchers so be patient. Good luck if ya need a template for a letter just ask. Thanks
  5. For anybody interested Currys are sending me £630 worth of vouchers and they have also said they'll refund the £50 for the engineers report, so all in all £680!! Not that anybody really helped me on here (not sure why) im only posting this because i got really ****ed off when ppl join then get the info they want and never update the thread to let everybody else know what happened. Its taken quiet a bit of time and a few phone calls but well worth it!
  6. Can somebody please help. Its comming to the end of the 10 working day reply time, and ive still heard nothing... Wondering what the next course of action is?? I sent the letter recoreded first class so i know they've received it as i have proof. Thankyou
  7. Update: didnt end up calling, ended up thinking whats the point, but ive sent a letter, for people wanting to know i sent my complaint letter to; Customer Service Department DSG Retail Ltd Currys Building 4 Maylands Avenue Hemel Hempstead Hertfordshire HP2 7TG awaiting reply......
  8. Thank for the reply, i finish my shifts tomorrow morning, so i will call currys and see what they say....watch this space! ill post result of phone call.
  9. Hey Everybody, As you can see from the title, i purchased Samsung 42" plasma from curry’s online in October 2006, at the time it cost £1100. Yesterday morning the plasma was working fine, and then when I went to watch TV in the afternoon, the sound came on but the screen was doing funny things sort of flicking with different colours on and off. I checked my component connection; all ok and then tried a different source, and also pressed the menu button, which wouldn’t display. I could smell burning/smoke coming out the back of the screen, and immediately turn the power off. I spoke to Samsung, who weren't bothered as it’s out of 12 month warranty, but they pointed me in the direction of a specialist, who quoted £150 + parts (which I was told could cost £300+) I’m sure my screen should have lasted longer than 20 months After reading a few websites, I can see I have consumer rights.....sale of goods act 1974. I have all the proof of purchase/receipts. The plasma was paid for on credit card in full Ok, so I was wondering what’s the best way to tackle the problem. I’m going to write a letter and use this as a template : : Dear [owner/manager’s name or Sir/Madam] Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as amended) On [date of purchase], I bought a [insert description of what you bought, e.g. [3 piece suite] from you for £xxx which is not as describe/ not of satisfactory quality/ or fit for purpose made known (delete as appropriate). The problems are: 1. The arm of the sofa is loose 2. Nails are sticking out at the side 3. One of the cushions has flattened Inserting either: I wish to claim a repair/ I wish to reject the goods and claim a replacement/partial refund/refund [delete as appropriate] Or I complained about this to you [insert date of your telephone call (s) (if applicable). I have heard nothing since …….. Please respond to my complaint within 14 days from receipt of this letter. Yours Sincerely/Yours Faithfully [Name] Is this template sufficient or should it be more detailed? Obviously I’m going to change it to match my criteria! Thanks for you help Jonathan
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