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  1. PS Paypal don't refund you. They just take the money from the seller's account. Seller won't be impressed that he/she is expected to supply free item and pay for posting too. They may help you with details of their post office, but the fault is at your end with final delivery.
  2. I chased up Royal Mail and after two weeks investigating they told me my package got delivered to another address and signed for. No red delivery card was issued to my address on that day and when I went to the other address given to me they claimed that no one there had signed for my item on that day. The thing is that I had asked for a refund from the ebay seller but both cases were closed against me because allegedly proof of postage to my address had been given in the tracking info. But that was not my signature. No one at my address signed for it. Now my ebay appeal has been closed. Two weeks investigating? Why? No red delivery card... Why not? But that was not my signature. How did you see the signature? Did postman print it out, show it on the machine I don't know how expensive your item was, but RM should be refunding. Sounds fishy.
  3. If the seller sent by royal Mail and it was tracked they can't do much - what specific service? Check on your details from seller. It does take time to for a seller to chase up a parcel and really once it is posted it is the responsibility of Royal Mail. You say Delivery Person, not a postman? Well, they should be sure whether they've delivered it or not. There is an electronic signature to take. Sounds fishy to me. RM will never admit to thieving employees but my mum & neighbours never got their parcels and the culprit was the post girl. Don't bother with the seller. The 'person' at Royal Mail is the one who has done wrong. If you have a local delivery office you need to contact or visit them. If it was signed off as delivered it is a 100% delivered. The seller can do nothing and neither can eBay. Tweet to RM. Just imagine it was a fiend who sent it, not eBay. What would you do? Chase up RM.
  4. Ebay actually don't refund. What they do is just take the money from the seller's account and say they have refunded you. It sounds like the seller did everything required and should not therefore be penalised. Royal Mail are the people you should be tackling, speak to your postman, or that neighbour of yours. In the latter case, has the person done it more than once? My new neighbours, even if I don't know them have all signed for a number of parcels and given them to me. It works both ways. The seller should not be reimbursing you for the cost - eBay is not being honest in that way. I am sorry for the loss you have had however, if you can't get parcel back from neighbour ask postman never to deliver there. But, the postal service is at fault. Visit Royal Mail on twitter and express your annoyance in public.
  5. Hi, I was a Cable and Wireless customer and this was taken over by Virgin Media. Several months ago I tried contacting VM as my bill had gone up and I didn't think I was getting value for money. I had great difficulty getting through, then getting the correct information. This time I managed it - seemed a different system and told them that I had been charged for a phone line which I believed I had not signed up for and which I am already paying for. I got them to cancel this. On querying why I had been charged the girl stated that originally you had to have a phone line to have the TV service but this had now changed and the phone was itemised. Has anyone had a similar experience? Has anyone ever claimed back for the service they did not use/receive? Any thoughts welcome.
  6. I have had two items lost recently. I was under the impression that they would be covered up to £41. The first I claimed for was to London. It never arrived. It was not a new item being from my mother's estate but they still wanted a till receipt. As I sold it on ebay the paperwork I sent from that was not recognised as being in any way valid. I was also classed as a business seller which I wrote and said I objected to. I was given postage compensation but am I right in thinking that any used item will not be compensated? My second item was a tube of Boots Face Cream to Australia. The proof of value was from Boots website, again the till receipt only was required. It seems to me that it is misleading to state that insurance is £41.00 when it is made almost impossible to claim. My local post office has said they even had special delivery lost. Nobody mentions 'stolen'. Where does all the 'stuff' end up??
  7. In January our stepmother died leaving all her money and moveable goods to her nephew. Our father predeceased her and had left the property to myself and my two sisters, with the proviso that our stepmum could live in the property until her death. I was away when my father died 15 years ago but his will only went to probate 8 years ago when it suddenly 'turned up' when our stepmum wanted to make her will. The nephew had come from Poland in 1981, 7 years after our dad married his wife - there was no animosity between us, we chose her! On dad's death the nephew gradually became a more frequent visitor. This was because he lived close by and claimed incapacity/disability benefit thus having the free time. Later he was given money 'claimed' for by mum to assist in weekly care. He did some shopping for her, household repairs and renovations and gardening for her, in addition to collecting her pension but was frequently away working as a restaurant fitter or holidaying in Greece with his girlfriend. Because our mum died with c. diff. complications there was a delay in the funeral and there was also to be an inquest. We decided to all have a meeting at our mums house to discuss the will and the way forward. The nephew had been give £5000 cash he said, for the funeral expenses (she kept this hidden in a back room), though he did not contribute to the stone or grave. He brought out a will which we read, leaving all her property/moneys to himself and said no probate was needed as all was less than £5,000 and that he had been told this by the solicitor ( the same one as our dad's). Later thing turned nasty when we asked for a few items which were ours as children to be given back - he had gone ahead before the burial and sold/taken what he couldfrom the house despite what we thought was an agreement to wait until after the burial. He deemed some of our items 'antiques', our mum and dad were ordinary workers, nothing of antiquity there. He then went on to accuse myself of stealing the English and Polish money plus the 'gold', hidden in the house. We did not have a key until a week after our meeting and by then he had been selling what he could (still before the funeral). We later found out that he removed the jewellery she was wearing in the coffin, including her wedding ring (which he had tried to remove before she died). It was then that the girlfriend resurfaced - they had pretended that their relationship was off - she acted as interpreter for him, placator etc. Later on, when I was clearing out what was left I came across a statement of savings from 1998, in 2 accounts, totalling about £10,000. I contacted the building society who told me that the account was closed and that the nephew had withdrawn all money. He also took out her pension the day after she died and the week following, but i believe they are asking for it back. Should the will have gone to probate? Given that he was claiming benefit was there anything he should have declared? something niggles... We had the inquest last week where, with his girlfriend he represented himself as 'the family'. We asked for details of the inquest so we could attend and requested that we be noted as the daughters of her husband. Even though the inquest related to the death in hospital the nephew then brought up his belief that the community care was inadequate - this was not relatable to the inquest and was dismissed. I feel he was angling after compensation. Any comments?
  8. Two years ago, I was pursued by first the parking companiy, then the debt collectors. I ignored them whilst making my MP and Local Trading Standards aware of their practice. The clue to the bad practice was the 'ticket' which was issued which did not conform to British Parking Association guidelines. I resisted correspondance and was not intimidated by a phone call. Despite the debt collection agency being just down the road, I have heard nothing for almost 2 years. Stick it out.
  9. Did that previously, not much they do about it and they say: 'Companies House is a registry of company information. We carry out basic checks to make sure that documents have been fully completed and signed, but we do not have the statutory power or capability to verify the accuracy of the information that companies send to us. We accept all information that companies deliver to us in good faith and place it on the public record. The fact that the information has been placed on the public record should not be taken to indicate that Companies House has verified or validated it in any way.' Also informed Trading Standards. It's probably quite difficult to clamp down on these companies, a campaigning press helps.
  10. I'm back again, even though my problem was resolved by sticking it out and not paying. Despite that I am still keeping an eye on this company as it transforms itself in a subtle manner by getting a new look website - but the rogues are still the same. On the smarter, more low key, website there are contact numbers, PO Box, no address. The address of the company is still the same though, registered in a building which does not exist, because I went there. Name & Registered Office: CARPARK MANAGEMENT UK LIMITED UNIT 5 LUTNER WORKS - no such unit LUTNER STREET BURNLEY LANCASHIRE BB11 3AN Company No. 06393923 If you have a problem with them check on BPA's code, report them to the BPA and don't pay. Don't ring up either.
  11. Hi, I am back after a long time away - not in nick, I hasten to add. I was ticketted back in 2008 and refused to pay. I had Rossendales on my back but ignored their threats too. I took the whole matter to my MP with a dossier including photos of the estate where some of the thugs lived and pix of bogus addresses too. I have also brought this matter to the attention of companies house - some time ago. They seem very slow to act and appear to be strung along by the company, so good luck. Trading Standards were also looking into the matter as my MP did some prodding in that quarter. I advise anyone dealing with something like this to collect/keep just some evidence and visit the MPs surgery. Someone told me it would be a waste of time but it wasn't. Touch wood I hope I have seen the back of it - the signage in the carpark I was 'done' in is still as dodgy as ever. Apathy is complicity! Happy New Year!
  12. I'm no expert - sounds very wrong to me. While you are waiting from input here try Bailiffs have to have court orders to take property. There are Bailiffs and Bailiffs. These companies/people can be very unscrupulous but that is there undoing. Good luck
  13. Way to go freedom trail! :)Much can be achieved by the many taking small actions. Like, denon, not giving in. I am still waiting for my day in court over a disputed PCN from a PPC...my 'lawyer said these companies were letter factories. So far I've had 9, so she was right on that.
  14. I would also say never ring a DCA to discuss the matter. Once they have the number they can pressure you on that, but if they do they will be sailing close to the wind and the Administrtaion of Justice Act 1970 regarding harrassment.
  15. Hi, Doing a lot of scrolling here! The Tax Disc expriy dates on notices referring PCN 303 and PCN 374 are different, not only the make of the car. Same person maybe different incidents but on same day. The reasons for the charge are both different on each of the two notices. One is expiry of ticket & one is invalid ticket. Am I right in thinking your P&D ticket was paid up to 20.17pm and you paid £2.70? The 'time' boxes on both notices referring to the PCNs have not been completed - did you blank them out or did they not fill them in??
  16. Tell him to volunteer for a course which is about speed awareness. They don't tell you about it but you can avoid points that way.
  17. Just had a thought.. my local Post Office is selling 'joke' PCNs (6 in a pack). As you park up you could put one on the windscreen - that would confuse em. Fine yourself too - quids in?. They're all a joke, anyway.
  18. Thank you for your thoughts! I was doing a bit of devil's advocating really and was curious too. So, Unlawful pertains to Civil Law and Illegal to Criminal Law?
  19. Course, I'm talking generally not specifically about K&C. Just using the imagination - film, documentary, anyone?
  20. Kyle & Co not registered at Companies House. The address you send money to could be a back room with guys swiggin lager, watching TV and waiting for the money to roll in. Follow the advice even if they send another letter/letters from their 'factory'. As far as I can gather they are not 'employed' by the landowners but offer their services and make money from the 'fines'. Bit like parking your car up in a dodgy place and paying a couple of dodgy guys to keep an eye on it at their request?
  21. Good digging! Way to go I think is to really research these companies and amass evidence. There will be someone out there who can use it in an action/actions? After reading loads of threads here and from my own experience, how are they managing to get away with it? Is it apathy on the part of the Police, Gov't, regulatory authorities etc,. Just not enough of us complaining, refusing to submit? Fear?
  22. If the operatives of PPCs are involved in the act of issuing an illegal PCN could you, as a citizen arrest them? If they are issuing 'illegal' notices why don't the police arrest them?
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