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  1. Yes I sent the letter thank you but they just brushed it under the carpet, is there any template letters I could use for my purpose on this occasion please?
  2. HSBC have confirmed in writing over a year ago that they do not have a CCA for my credit card, I have sent them all the template letters as desribed however despite this they continue to chase me for the outstanding amount, they continue to add interest, they continue despite having sent the appropriate data protection template letter to add on a monthly basis information to the CRA's, the engaged a debt collection service, again appropriate template letter sent, they wrote back saying the account was on a temporary hold while they looked in to it, since then more demand, more interest, they
  3. Yes I think I will do that, should be amusing, the position I found myself in was that the correct way to deal with my complaint was to do so in writing, I would try to call albeit inopropriate but would always be promised a call back which never came of have to attempt to speak to someone who one minute could speak perfect English but next minute once I had said why I had called suddenly could not understand me hence by visit to my LOCAL BANK, who can understand me, cant put me on hold or ignore me but unfortunately or should I say conveniently do not have my data at hand or the power to help
  4. Opinons please, am I just being awkward or not? The reason I ask is that after seeing the HSBC television adverts where they claim to be the Worlds local bank that I am a bit miffed due to the fact that after having my letters ignored by them I decide to call in to my local branch where my account was opened & is in fact held to discuss the content of my letters in person in respect of said account only to be told by the person I had the appointment with that he could not help me as the local branches no longer had access to the details that they used & also did not have the powers tha
  5. Police said that since a certain date the law works in such a way that the bank takes control & involves them when they have investigated or somehing along those lines. MBNA say that I was on line during some of the occasions when card was used, they did not say on line at the casino's but on line, I contacted as many of the casino's as I could & asked them to provide proof that I had used their facilities but no takers there. MBNA were really mainly just interested in suggesting that my 16 year old son or my partner were the potential perpertators as in their experience this
  6. Still getting nowhere with these people!!
  7. A fuller version of what hapened is that I had just paid up my credit card account to make it 100% clear, never had any kind of betting pattern on my account when from mo where I receive a statement fro around £4500 that someone had run up on various online casino's, I complained & the account was frozen while investigations took place, I informed the police who gave me a crime ref number which I forwarded to MBNA, when the MBNA fraud team spoke to me they said that in their opinion I had run up the card debt, I wrote complaining they basically replied by saying tough & don’t consult u
  8. Time for something stronger! They replied by sending a letter that said basically that had nothing further to discuss accompanied by a photo copy of my £1 cheque with destroyed wrote across it, I have no idea what this is suposed to mean, then a bout a week latter thet have sent a default notice on the account, Im just lost now.
  9. Much appreciated, thanks.
  10. Despite confirming in writing that they do not have a CCA for my credit card, despite the fact I have followed the procedures including the issue of a section 10 using the template that gives them 21 days to reply giving reason why he object or basically forever hold the peace the HSBC continue to send me letters, threats of reporting me to CRA's etc as though its me that is ignoring them not vice versa as is the case, what should I do please?
  11. So am I right in thinking that as they ave not produced a CCA & they have admitted this in writing, also that they have admitted in writing that the debt is not enforcable that I am within my rights to issue a section 10 in respect of my data being passed on etc because if they have no signed agreement then there is no debt & if there is no debt how can I be reported to credit agencies etc, how can I have breached a contract that does not exist, how can they share my data without my permision?
  12. After following the various procedures as described on this great site & using the template letters available here Littlewoods have agreed that there is no CCA & as such they will not be pursuing any outstanding debt on my account, however they have said that despite the debt being unenforcable they still consider that the debt does exist so therefore will be informing the various credit agencies, they also said that they reserve the right to enforce the debt should they happen to find the CCA at a leter date, please advise? Is there a template letter I can use please?
  13. The latest on this situation is that now HSBC have taken over £100 from my current account held there and transfered it as a payment towards my card with them.
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