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  1. I have booked a Hotel/Flights Package with the above paying a 10% deposit with the balance due a month before travel next August. On looking at Cancellation Charges they virtually say 100% 84 days out plus. According to the Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements regulations 2018 - termination fees have to be "Reasonable and Justifiable" I find it hard to comprehend how last minutes charges could fall into the above description. For example the hotel is available on Booking.com for our dates with no pre-payment and free cancellation up to t
  2. Well does anyone on here know anything about sequestration ? Has no one got any anecdotal evidence how the new system is operating ? I'm simply asking if someone has been uprated from a nil contribution IPA (which is 4 years at the outset) after discharge and a change of circumstances that triggers a contribution becoming payable in the remaining three years or part thereof.
  3. That's good to know, now what about an answer to my post ?
  4. So 100 people have looked has anyone got an answer ? The Sequestration Sticky is out of date and does not take account of the April 2015 changes !!!
  5. Currently resident in Scotland but seriously thinking of moving to England or Wales six months prior to going belly up. My intention is to be unemployed from start of deed until discharge a year later. However as I understand it in Scotland even if you have a "nil contribution" IPA set at point of sequestration it remains live for a further three years after discharge - ie if after discharge you start earning above the threshold payments will have to be made for a further three years until the four year duration of the IPA has expired. Conversely in England and Wales if no IPA i
  6. If you study the method I use no one is affected or any the wiser and it seems a sensible compromise !!
  7. Does that extend to breaking the speed limit which just about everyone does on a daily basis ?
  8. Perhaps if they provided a choice (which by law they are entitled to do) I would not have to take such drastic measures - as it causes no harm to anyone else and has never been detected it is not bringing any comfort to Travelodge. Are you suggesting smokers are not decent people ?
  9. I have smoked in Travelodges up and down the Country and as far away as New Zealand - the reason people get rumbled is normally stupidity. All you have to do to avoid detection is close the bathroom door , turn the shower on full blast and smoke to your hearts content. Afterwards a quick spray of air freshener works wonders. "Smoke Cloak" is the name I give to the system. In addition to Travelodges I have worked the same [problem] in Premier Inn, Holiday Inn and numerous other Hotels. Never been rumbled !!
  10. This is most unusual normally with Payplan you have a client number and can access your account through Payplan Plus online. I thought CAB would introduce you to Payplan not take over the management of your DMP in person as it were.
  11. I have had debts sold by the original creditor to a DCA when they have been receiving REGULAR PAYMENTS via my DMP which they have agreed to.
  12. Are you now stuck with the original Creditor for the duration of the debt -ie they can't sell it with a CO as described above. Is this an advantage as DCA'S often offer a far lower settlement figure than the original creditor.
  13. I am in the process of defecting from EON to N Power after using a comparison tool to utilise my cheapest option. I am changing from a quarterly payment on receipt of bill to a fixed tariff Price Protector. I have had a letter from N Power confirming this and the rates for the new supply. Does this mean I am safe if N Power increase their rates between now and when my supply is switched over. Also why does it take so long to switch ??? There is no change of hardware just a different biller - as it is all computerised why does it take over a month to change ?? Ma
  14. Does this apply to a remortgage as well ? Are Solicitors likely to be aware of the law with regard to this ? If you are changing from joint ownership to single ownership (ie after a divorce) will the amount advanced just have to be enough to cover the outstanding mortgage and not the charging order. In my case the CO is in my name the mortgage joint but wish to give the house to ex wife. If this is possible what happens to the CO ? Are potential lenders likely to be a problem in these circumstances ? Ta
  15. True, But you have The Decree and the Inhibition which are the equivalent of a CCJ and Charging Order (roughly) Why don't they use them in my case - out of 25 creditors you would think one would have the guile - surely I'm not the only person living in Scotland with a share of a property in England who rents up here.
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