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  1. OK Folks I would appreciate any advice that can be given on this one. Way back in the good old days of people getting their charges back I put a claim in for mine against the Abbey, the total was then around 6.5K inc interest. At the same time (within around 10 days) of this the Abbey withdrew my overdraft saying it wasn't being managed correctly. I work on Oil Rigs and at the time it was very difficult to speak to anybody at a bank or even to monitor my balance as phone calls were limited to 10 mins with an auto cut off and internet wasnt always available onboard. Thus I incurred a fair few
  2. Just read more info n the homepage and rather disheartened to find out we are officially screwed in terms of getting our charges back! My charges with interest are now almost 8K putting me over the small claims level and basically rendering the whole thing moot! I couldn't afford financially to even risk taking this to court... I cant prove anything under regulation 5 that I can think of with the possible exception of the fact that I repeatedly told the Abbey that I worked away for 2-4 weeks at a time on oil rigs and thus wasn't able to get to a branch while away (although one person did
  3. Im in the VERY same boat! Within a week of filing a court claim my overdraft had been cancelled and even though I put the account into dispute, officially! They still registered the account as defaulted with the credit reference agencies! I have made a complaint to the financial ombudsman regarding this but Abbey have ignored all contact from them for the last 2 years and continue to harass me through debt collection agencies. The ombudsman rang last week to say that he still hasn't heard from Abbey and its now being passed to an Ombudsman for a decision! I did wonder what he was and had bee
  4. Hey folks, Needing some help please, was using penalty charges but cant find anything and nobody seems to be bothered about replying to questions from me! So I thought I would try you guys here! here's a link to my questions at PC: BlindJP vs Abbey But basically heres what the question is.... Some years ago like many many others I tried to reclaim my bank charges. I sent off all the paperwork and like again many many others the case was stayed pending the outcome of the Test Case. Well we know what a debacle that was! So Ive been looking for what to do next and th
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