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  1. The ccj was obtained by the bank who own Mark One, I forget their name, dryden fairfax are their legal people who collect the payments. The agreements were looked at in 2009 by a barrister who specialised in defending clients using unenforceabilty as their defence, he wasn't an old duffer who did it now and again. Original debt is what the ccj amount is for
  2. How is that best advice? The debts aren't just going to disappear, they aren't unenforceable and I don't want to be repaying them for the next 40 years CCJ and Charging order, from reading up on them that is a favourite tack of their's. Get a ccj for a stupid monthly repayment, you appeal, the judge lowers it to what you were paying before, they don't attend to contest but then go for a charging order which is automatically granted. So that one will be a priority.
  3. No we have made offers and make the repayments ourselves
  4. Hi, a few years back my wife and I got in the mire due to several things. With my debt, I cca'd each credit card company and I put each account into dispute as the agreements either never arrived or the ones that did were unenforceable. I had a few threats down the line but never replied or acknowledged them and my debts are now statute barred as its 7/8 years since I last made a payment/acknowledged. My wife, however had to default on her cards at a later date and after the unenforceabilty claims market collapsed, although I understand they may still be unenforceabl
  5. I have banked with First Direct for 15 years with an impeccable record until October when I missed a credit card payment in error. First Direct then took it on themselves to freeze my accounts and stop all my DDRs 3 days before Christmas. Fortunately I have an old Barclays current account I resurrected for my banking but since December I have not resolved anything further with First Direct. I have a First Direct visa account which I opened in 2003 and replaced a previous First Direct Gold card account opened in 2000. The old Gold card account was closed as I ha
  6. There is a thread for HSBC/First Direct as they are doing this on a number of people to thin out their "troublesome" accounts. All my banking with First Direct was stopped 3 days before christmas on a day I had paid in a payment which greatly reduced my always managed properly overdraft facility and dropped me in the **** for christmas. Their excuse was that I had missed a payment in October on my credit card, which was still within its limit, and to which they said they had written to me to warn this would happen which they hadn't. They even claimed to have rung me on the day they stopp
  7. Its all gone a bit quiet on this thread. Baggio mentioned earlier that in the first 2 weeks of January the results of this judgement would become clearer and in the consumers favour, form where I am sitting it isn't. Does anyone have anything they can post about the current situation re unenforceability and if they have had any success post December's judgement?
  8. I would have thought that a witness statment claiming the PTs were on the back is useless especially when the witness doesn't even work for Barclays. Unless someone can specifically remember dealing with your original application (highly unlikely) simply saying "the prescribed terms were on the back" wouldn't stand up in court? Its the same as having a witness statement when no agreement is produced but a bank employee says " there was definitely one completed", unless it can be proved surely such a statement is worthless?
  9. What galls me is Ratio also claim to be the most ethical CMC, but so do Knightsbridge who claim to be the first and only CMC to offer no fees despite the CMC I am a part owner of having done this for 17 months! I challenged them yesterday to prove what they were peddling!! No upfront or backend fees are the way to go with the cases being vetted first and a solicitor paying an acceptable amount for the case when taken on. Ratio and their ilk will be short lived hopefully
  10. Never accept a first offer and they have done this as you have a barrister involved and a litigated claim against them will be far more costly than what they are currently offering you.
  11. I have an MBNA card for which they have, eventually, supplied the CCA and this is in order according to my solicitor who is dealing with my other cards (which are all unenforceable) re unenforceability claims. They didn't reply in the statutory timescales, however, so I withheld payments. This has been going on for 5 months nearly and I have written to them acknowledging I have a debt but I will not restart repayments until they confirm all charges and fees for the period they were in default are refunded. The compliance department who sent me the CCA claimed t
  12. No problems, as stated above the article doesn't state what case it was but it is fair to assume it is the McGuffick case. If you want to catch up on this just read the last 20 odd pages!
  13. Why, is this Mail report not more of the same as we had last week? Is this report based on the RBOS test case which has beend oen to death on here or is this something else?
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