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  1. you cannot apply for a wind-up for less than 750 pounds, pls correct me if I'm wrong
  2. Thanks. They actually paid the day after I posted on this forum. If they hadn't done so what options would have been available? Bailiff option was unavailable (amount too small), 3rd party debtors tricky (don't know details of the company's bank account). You said they would pay to get rid of the CCJ. why they would be bothered about about unenforced ccj?
  3. Hi, the whole outstanding 25 pounds were court fees as the defendant paid the rest in the meantime.
  4. Hi, my online shopping went wrong, I paid money but never saw the purchased item. Cutting the story short, I used the Money Claim Online court to recover the money. The seller (a limited company in England) didn't respond to the claim and the court issued a judgement as I requested. The judgement is for 25 pounds. I cannot request a warrant online and send bailiffs as the minimum amount for a warrant is 50 pounds. Is the money unrecoverable if it's below 50? I'm assuming the seller is able but not willing to pay. I don't know where they have a bank account so a third party debt ord
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