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  1. The contract has terminated so that the new owners have a choice of whether to stay or leave BES

    However for us it means that we have charges placed on our account higher than our original tarriff as we cancelled our directdebit when the contract issue arose and we continued to pay BES the original

    tarriff charges

    BES have now put an account manager in  place to ensure that they are paid the full amount, we however feel that as we did not sign a new contract should not have to pay these increased charges

    Just to clarify at no point did we sign or want to sign a new contract as we had accepted an offer to sell our business, at the beginning of march 2020, just before the pandemic lockdown, which sadly fell through.we completed the sale of our business at the end of april 2021 to another purchaser.

    Bes have failed in there duty of care to ensure the contract that was put in place without my knowledge, and have racked up a massive debt i do not accept is mine, due to their negligence and inability to resolve my complaints against their very poor  customer service.


  2. Apologies for the confusion, this problem has been going on for the last 9 months, when my new supplier was unable to take my supply from bes, who had accepted a contract i knew nothing about until september 2020, i instructed bes not to renew the contract back in november 2019, and bes claim i renewed in 03\2020.

    I did not agree a new contract and I did not sign a new contract, the signature on the contract is not mine and th ip address is not mine.

  3. i gave notice to switch, November 2019, do not renew my contract i stated, they acknowledged this and confirmed contract ends on 28/9/2020, and free to change. My new supplier attempted switch, just before contract end, Request denied, for no evident reason.   


    I rang to find out why, apparently, Id agreed to a new contract, (that was never going to happen, as long as i live) no further details and was promised a recording of the conversation, put a complaint in, and asked to speak to a manager, managers in a meeting, i was told after waiting on hold for nearly an hour.

    waited 10 days for a reply, rang again and asked to speak to a manager,(yep, managers in a meeting) after 45 minutes on hold, I escalated my complaint.

    A further 10 days passed, still no contact from BES UTILITES regarding my complaint,(Managers in meeting) AGAIN. This must be the only company that have managers in meetings from start time to finish time, save some money get shut they are not productive, no use at all. this kept happening every time i rang.

    I have complained to CAB, they have taken it up with BES, I have been able to get a copy of the contract, after getting to speak to a manager, on December, 4 months after my first complaint and 4 months of waiting for PROMISED call returns, it would appear, someone has signed the contract, other than me, and I have proof and its the only thing they understand, as they are unable to act legally and responsible


    We have taken our case to the ombudsman who made a decision in favour of BES, we appealed but the ombudsman upheld his decision and we received £85 for poor customer service by BES


    we feel this is a breach of GDPR and would appreciate any help you can give as we have exhausted all other routes ie the police ,citizens advise ,information commissioners office

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