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  1. Thanks all for your replies. I'm within the 2-yr limitation. Cancelling the SORN would mean purchasing road tax and repairing the car, but the car is uneconomical to repair. I have maximum NCD / NCB. Renewal rates have been relatively low, can't recall right now, about £300. I had assumed I could get a special insurance deal for extra low annual mileage, never ever considered that to retain the policy's no-claims discount/bonus the car would have to be driven. Besides, claims do not always arise through incidents while driving.
  2. Hi. Can someone help with advice? I haven't insured my car for about a year and I know that the longer I am without car insurance I could lose my no claims bonus. I'm seeking suggestions as to how I can go about getting the best rate and names of companies that deal with clients in this type of situation. Should I go for pay as you go insurance (by the miles covered) or should I be upfront that I'm only insuring to keep my NCB current? The car is SORN, off the road, very low value with no MOT and I don't know when I will be returning to motoring. Many thanks. Dan
  3. The customer services personnel I'm dealing with are clueless re. consumer rights so no, I don't think I've lost credibility. I'm sorry if my account of the issue of no help to you but those are the significant events. Please let me know what details you want.
  4. From a main-stream supermarket I was misled into buying a product that was not as described. Sounds pretty straight-forward refund case doesn't it? But what happens if the supermarket disagrees that it was mis described, refuses to refund ignores all my quoting of the Consumer Protection (Amendment) Regulations 2014 and the Sale of Goods Act 1979? Trading Standards took up the case but neither it nor the Citizens Advice consumer service have the power to enforce a refund. It's not a lot of money, but all the same, I'd rather have it in my
  5. Hello. Sorry about the long message: Following an Employment Tribunal I have had a very bad experience with a bank mishandling several third party debt orders (Garnishees). They repeated the same serious mistakes (failing to find an account, cheque for the wrong amount, late payments) and also ignored emails, lost or ignored letters, etc. They virtually held me to ransom - to agree to the paltry compensation before they pay me what I was owed due to their own errors. After taking a great deal of time and effort to prepare my case for the FOS (as directed by the Bank), the FOS say they cannot d
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