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  1. Hello Everyone. Since my last post I have heard nothing from Cabot and was under the illusion they would not contact me without sending a CCA first.... They just called trying to get payment after over 2 months... Can someone advise me on what to do next please?
  2. Hi Everyone. The 12 days from Aktiv Kapital receiving my CCA request ended Thursday 7th August. I have still not heard anything from them. What would be the next step for me to take?
  3. Hello everyone! Ok, I recieved a letter over the weekend from Cabot, dated August 5. Here is the update. 23/07/08 -CCA request sent to Cabot - 24/07/08 - CCA received and signed for by cabot...12 days started, giving them until Tuesday 5th August. 25/07/08 -Letter of acknowledgement received dated 24/07/08 from cabot and was told they did not accept the statutory fee I sent and that my cheque was returned and I would recieve my CCA within 12 days (Does them sending the £1 cheque back have any relivence!?) 08/08/08 - letter received dated 05/08/08 from Cabot. "The original lender is experiencing delays retrieving this information" My account is now on hold until further communication is received from the original lender. What should I do next? I have read conflicting information an opinions as the whether DCA's are breaking the law after 30 days, and I am also a little unsure what to send, and when to send it! I am keen to get the default removed from my credit file and realise it can take time, but just want to make sure at the same time I am doing all I can to get it done! thanks again for your continued help and support!
  4. I like that idea - Id be willing to bet they havent gained permission from Halifax!
  5. you might want to remove those photos. Ill PM you now
  6. Hi Everyone, I recieved a familar letter from Cabot this morning, just like the one mentioned above explaining they do not have to provide the CCA but will contact Halifax to try to get it... What should I do next?!
  7. Hi Ben, Thanks for your information I have the CCA request printed and ready to send by recorded delivery today, making sure it complies with all the relevant factors stated on CAG. What I am concerned about though is what I may have already agreed to and acknowledged in the past. Before finding this site, like many other people I was being hounded with letters and calls and I had in fact agreed to a payment plan. This was back in May just before I was made aware of the possible avenues I could explore. Thanks again!
  8. Hello, I have recently discovered your website and realise that I am certainly not the only one receiving letters and phone calls being told I owe money! I have done my research and am up to speed with CCA requests and SAR’s. After just speaking to Aktiv Kapital I am now a little concerned I may have already done myself no favours back in May when I spoke to them and pretty much acknowledged my debt with them. They have the date I last spoke to them (May 6th) and the details of the conversation saying that I had been abroad for 4 months, was currently out of work but wanted to pay the debt as quickly as possible. All of this is true, so by admitting the debt to them, is it too late to apply for the CCA?? I am also having fun with Cabot, but luckily have not spoken to them apart from to say I do not acknowledge the debt. Any advice would be appreciated!
  9. Hello Boss-Man, and everyone else in this forum! I am about to embark on my epic adventure/battle with the company so fondly refered to as "Cabot"! I Recieved my letter, just like yours Boss-Man and am posting my CCA request in the morning. I am being told I owe £1544.06. Is it ok to attach my progress to this thread due to the fact we are both at similar stages (allbeit I'm a little bit behind!) and both with fake halifax letters in hand!?! I have so far found the help and information on this forum invaluable and want to say thanks!!
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