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  1. Oh Joy lol At least the new phone is blocking all the unwanted calls and its easy to add the odd one that does get through.
  2. I sent a letter, factual and concise, and within days the calls ceased. No one since then. No apology but wasn't really expecting one anyway tbh. I have got the new landline phone active and its doing a good job of blocking everyone else. Check it every day, add a few numbers to the blocked list now and again. Amazing piece of kit! I'm going to let this drop now. The calls stopped, the phone works and life is peaceful once again Thanks for the advice and helps people
  3. Thank you so much. Amazing amount of help and information I drafted a letter but after reading the above it needs a little more work and needs to sound more formal. It's not a rant by any stretch of the imagination though but needs work. I have my kids with me all weekend so I doubt I'll get a chance now to do it properly before Monday (rather put my efforts into them) but as soon as it's done I will copy and paste it on here and ask if you chaps can help put right anything that may be wrong before I send it. I really do appreciate the help you've given me. I think
  4. Ok. Thank you to you and everyone else who has helped steer me through this. I feel a lot less stressed today knowing I'm dealing with it now instead of it just driving me insane.
  5. I have a crime incident number. Got that when I contacted the police in the first place. I am drafting a letter first. I have no intention of making any threats. I shall inform them I have complained to the TPS, Oftel and ICO and the police have been involved. I will however tell them that if the calls do not cease my next port of call will be the Financial Ombudsman and the FCA. I'll let them know the police officer took 2 of the calls and rang them back and was hung up on. I'm going to email it and send a copy registered in the post.
  6. Update so far... The police turned up at about 10 this morning. I was explaining what is happening and they rang He asked for the phone and answered the call only to get the usual silent line. He carried on talking to me and 6 minutes later they called again He again answered the call and got the usual silence. He called them back from his phone and amazingly they answered! He said I'm officer ****** from Essex Police and they immediately hung up on him. We have though, from them answering the call, ascertained the company is The One Stop Loan
  7. Thank you. Very interesting reading. Its all very well people saying "let it go" and "get a call barring phone" but they'll continue to do it to someone else. Someone has to stand up and be counted sometimes and this has annoyed me so much that this time its me. I appreciate I'm a small cog in a large wheel but if enough people stand up to them at some point it has to make a difference. I will continue making my call logs and will await the police. Subject to what they say will determine my next course of action but either way this is far from over!
  8. IMO the fact they are asking for George King is proof enough that I didn't allow my number to be given out or used. I am super careful about my number due to this happening to me a few years ago. Then I just changed my number but now it would be difficult because of my health and the people who have it or need it. Consultants, Occupational therapist, Hospital departments, Psych, friends and family etc. It would be just so much aggro. I do have faith in the meantime the BT8500 will make a massive difference when it turns up but I do intend to see this through to its conclus
  9. For the last 4 weeks I've been plagued by nuisance callers. They call asking for George King, who I have no idea who he is, or its silent. The silent ones are the worst. I get between 8 and 15 calls a day from 08719430417 who I believe are either One Stop Loan Shop or Little Loans between 9 am and 9 pm. In all the calls I've had there has only been someone on the other end once which was this morning and as soon as I started to explain I didn't want their calls he hung up. But that didn't stop the calls. I've had 8 more today already. I am registered with th
  10. The exercise was to get some debts dealt with and paid. None of the debts were in dispute, I/we signed credit agreements and was not/am not trying to wriggle out of my responsibility to pay back money I have borrowed in any way shape or form and legally owe. None of the DCA's acted unlawfully and were actually more helpful than the companies I owed money to in the first place. The reason I put this topic up was to show people that no matter how dire your situation (we went from earning £2400 a month to being on income support/incap benefit) if you talk to people and are not entirely unreas
  11. I should also add that offers for reduced lump sums have already come in for 2 of them. If I had a few hundred quid spare I could actually save myself a lot of money lol.
  12. There was no need to be honest with you. We were paying all the debts up until August last year when my wife was made redundant. They were for catalogues, Cards etc and none were in dispute at that point, all were legitamate and none were in arrears. When my wife was made redundant we tried dealing with the companies directly but none of them would help or accept reduced payments. At that point I dug in my heels and decided it would be easier to deal with DCA's so ignored the original companies and waited for DCA letters to roll in. I've dealt with DCA's in the past and find them ea
  13. Hi all, I just wanted to tell people I have recently dealt with the 3 companies named above for 5 differant debts for anything between £350 and about £1800. Its taken me 8 months of negotiating and letters back and forth but each of these debts has now been dealt with and I am paying them off at £5 each per month until further notice. Our financial situation is income support/incap benefit due to me having to have spinal surgery and my wife having MS. At all times I kept them informed of what I was doing next, my finances, my health, etc, I only wrote to them and most of all didn't let the
  14. Hi everyone. Back again just to ask for a couple of quick pointers if at all possible. I'm having trouble paying Capital One and as much as I try to sort it out I keep getting landed with charges which seems to just send me back over my limit sending me back to square one again. I'm in a hole I can't seem to get out of due to it no matter what I do. Its a £500 limit, currently at a little over, due to their stupid charges. I've worked out that since Sept 09 they have charged me £192.00. Overlimit and late fees. At what rate do I charge the interest and how do I work it out. I don'
  15. Barclaycard were one of the few people who I owed money to who were actually helpful in agreeing a reduced rate for well over 18 months. I owed them about £750 and they agreed eventually on £3. something PCM. I never stopped talking to them, either by letter or phone which helped, sent them financial statements, copies of letters for incapacity benefit etc so they didn't have an argument in the end. Hope that helps. Good luck
  16. Many years ago my wife had some problems with IJ and had nothing but hassle, even long after she had gone bankrupt:mad: Sorry to say it took the threat of court action for harrassment in writing from us to finally get them to leave us alone, this was after they had been contacted by the official recievers on her behalf as they were like a dog with a bone. They just wouldn't let it go! I wish you nothing but luck with this company, in my opinion, and in my experience with them, they are evil and cruel. Best fight fire with fire then ;-):grin:
  17. Well i've still not had any more correspondance from them, nobody has knocked on my front door, i've yet to see a pre litigation report or proof indeed that the debt belogs to my wife:!: If they are so sure we need a good financial kicking I wish they would just get on with it and come up with the goods. I'm not known for my patience:mad: I'll try the red highlighting if I ever get another letter that demands a response from them What a spineless bunch
  18. No advice to add but wanted to say good luck mate. I was paying debts for about 6 years and gave up eventually and went bankrupt but at that point I had nothing to lose. For me it was the best feeling in the world and even after I got letters from DCA's who I took great delight in calling and being thoroughly rude and obnoxious to down the phone telling them to keep sending the letters as it was saving me a fortune in loo roll amongst other things I begged some of them to take me to court but I never told them I was bankrupt and they had an unenforceable debt:roll: I'm still waiting for m
  19. Well I sent a copy of the letter today, recorded. Added a few bits of my own and this is how it reads: You have contacted me regarding the account with the above reference number, which you claim is owed by myself and, which you further claim you have written to me about previously which you have not. I think we can both agree at this stage that you are using underhand, threatening and bullying tactics in an effort to make me contact you. I would point out that I have no knowledge of any such debt being owed to S.R.J Debt Recoveries. I am familiar with the Office of Fair Tr
  20. forgottenone: We had a proper rental agreement withour landlady. Unfortunately as it was due for renewal she refused to renew it. She said she needed her house back. Whether or not that was the truth is neither here or there, she was allowed to do what she did but its funny how she was talking of giving us a five year lease before all our troubles and woes!?! We had to make her evict us in the end to get any help from our local borough council which she found difficult and kept us hung on for a few more months which was like living waiting for an axe to fall. It wasn't a pleasant experie
  21. Thanks again for the replies. I've been perusing the site for a while this afters. Is there any way I can actually get out of paying this LOL:D I may look into the fact I simply can't afford it but any other avenues of opportunity I might tread? Reading some real funny stuff on the thread Cheekiness towards a DCA
  22. Thanks for the letter template. I'll sit down and copy it later when the kids are all in bed and I have some peace and quiet and fire it off asap. Should I send it recorded or just first class? Our local CAB are indeed heroes. However its virtually impossible to get through to them these days, probably as most of the rest of the population needs their help I feel confident that my incapacity advisor has ensured all we are entitled too as she is very very good at her job. Like I say, i'm not trying to duck out of the debt, I just want to be treated properly and not be considere
  23. Thanks for the advice so far I have no intention of phoning them, I can't afford the phone bill that will ensue LOL:D I've never heard of a S.A.R - (Subject Access Request). What exactly am I requesting from them? Also how can I prove they legally have the right to manage the debt? All I want to do is stall them long enough to get a lump sum of cash together to offer as a settlement. Edit: No I dont use them as my supplier.
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