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  1. Thank you for your response. According to "Court Fees, High Court, County Court and Small Claims Court" the cost of an application for an order that a debtor attend court for questioning is £50. To request bailiff service of the order is £100. However, it is not clear how many attempts at servicing an order on an elusive debtor is covered by the £100 - and I have not been able to get a clear answer to this query from enquiries to the court helpline. This is why I hoped to be able to learn from the experience of someone who has been through the process.
  2. I am now in the same position as Howard was in 2011 wondering what it could eventually cost to have a N39 served on a Judgement Debtor. It is not clear whether there is a charge for each attempt at serving the order - and I don't seem able to get a clear answer from the court helpllne. Any advice from Howard or any other member who have been through the process would be much appreciated.
  3. Many thanks Daviet - very reassuring. We are currently awaiting the decision of the insurance company which they say may take a few weeks. They are having to correspond with the company concerned and their insurance broker. The broker wrote to us immediately after the accident saying that as there was so little damage to the lorry they will not be pursuing us for compensation but held my husband entirely responsible for the accident! We felt rather threatened! This was before we had submitted our full claim with witness statement and photographs to the insurance company who a
  4. Hello Bernie Thank you for your prompt and very helpful reply. The ‘hatched’ lane was surrounded by a broken white line so we appreciate that the driver of the lorry could enter it if it was clear – the onus being on him to check that it was clear. However, this hatched lane joined a lane for oncoming traffic turning right off the main road and he entered this lane (against the arrows) and it was here that he collided with us. We were stationary waiting to turn right into the main road. Describing a traffic accident is not easy but perhaps we should further explain that the
  5. I hope someone can advise or let us know where to get advice/help. We were recently involved in a car accident when our stationary car was written off when a large lorry hit it. The driver of the lorry had driven through a restricted lane (marked with diagonal white stripes) and on into a lane for oncoming T/R traffic against the arrows. We were waiting at this point to join the main road and the lorry struck us. He drove off around a corner - probably because had he stopped it would have been clear that he had been in the wrong lane - and came back on foot to exchange details. We ha
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