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  1. They do transfers from airports to resorts to airports. Has anyone used this firm, had problems and got a reasonable resolution from them (ie a refund of both their cost and also a cost of a taxi) ? I booked this firm online to take me from Benidorm to Alicante airport. The day before I checked online for the pickup details (didn't work), called their 'helpline' and was unable to get through. I then received an SMS advising I'd be picked up at 20:00 hours the next day. My flight was in the morning. I got a taxi to the airport (c60 pounds rather than their 9 pound cost). Any chance of a refund of the fee (my bank said they'd reverse the charge on a Visa debit card if resorthoppa.com didn't) but more importantly the taxi fare ? On their website it is all the awards 'we' have won, 'we've' improved our services, 'we', 'we', 'we' but the small print is Please note we act as agent only in respect of all bookings we take on your behalf. We accept no liability in relation to any contract you enter into or for any transfers that you book or for the acts of omissions of any transfer provider ( principal(s) ) or other person(s) or party(ies) connected with the transfers. For all bookings your contract will be with the provider of the transfers concerned. The principal's booking conditions will apply to your contract. Copies of these terms and conditions are available from us on request. Any similiar stories or any advice ? Thanks.
  2. Being brief and to the point, no, there isn't anything you can do. A card transaction can debit the account up to the expiry date of the card (which when new can be up to 4-5 years)
  3. Buzby, Thanks for your reply. I was more querying whether the T&Cs allowed them to retrospectively to charge me. I signed up to an amount to hire a car. The amount plus 250 GBP was debited from my Visa card. It was not a shadow charge. The 250 was to be debited if there was damage to the car. Only 200 was refunded. I was aware they may make a charge for a one way but I'd expect them to do that up front and not retrospectively. For all I know it may have been beneficial for the hire company to have the car in the other location and they waive the fee as good 'Customer Relations' as otherwise they may need to move cars round using transporters. Thansk for your response.
  4. Hello, Wonder if anyone can help. I hired a car through a major national firm. When I took the car from one office it looks like the clerk forgot to charge me for dropping off the car at a second location. I arrived at the second location and dropped the car. Had it checked and the clerk there rang the original office to advise it had arrived. I then left. On checking my credit card I see they have returned only 200 GBP of the damage deposit of 250 GBP. Are they allowed to dip into the damage deposit to take charges they forgot to apply ? Any advice gratefully received. Ooop.
  5. This is the same as closing a bank account but knowing there is a cheque out there which is guaranteed. I think the cheque remains guaranteed until the card used to guarantee it has expired (which could be years). If that cheque was presented after closure the bank would pay it and chase for the money (if they could). But I do agree that the Haliban are a deluge of illegitimate beings.
  6. Not what you will want to hear but the Halifax is correct. It is up to you to stop the recurring payment with the company taking the 20 GBP. If you haven't sent a letter to that firm do so now. You can then use this letter to prove the item is in dispute (as you have cancelled the recurring agreement). At the moment I can't see the item being refunded, the company claiming will say you haven't cancelled the agreement. That said if you can prove you have stopped using the service or not received goods due from the recurring charge company then Halifax may refund to close the account.
  7. Sarcasm and negativity Quote If you think that's helpful you need your head testing. Quote Quote LOL!! I hope you're not a lawyer. God help us. Or maybe you work for GE Money. Quote What were the above then ? I asked some reasonable questions in regard to the the situation but all I got was the above comments. By the way you still haven't confirmed when GE were advised it was fraud. A phone call wouldn't convince any major financial supplier that transactions were fraudulent. That timing is more indicative of whether you have a genuine complaint. It doesn't matter when the card was ordered what matters is the timeline of events which happened after that. I didn't offer advice, just comments, my advice is though - Do whatever you want.
  8. If you're not management I'd personally do nothing. I would say it's up to management to 1. Obtain sufficient evidence to identify the thief and/or 2. Create an environment where it isn't as easy to fiddle
  9. Not sure if this applies but years ago companies supplied different data to the CRAs. It was either all data (good and bad ie limits, last payment etc) or negative data (default stage). Companies could only access the level of data they supplied. Maybe these accounts go back to this time and there was nothing negative in terms of excedding OD limits ?
  10. As well as the SAR what are the dates on the bill. Is the insurance added 30 days after the account opened or the day it opened ? If there are any descrepancies on the bill (or at the credit reference agency) then that might be a route to progress (evidence of insufficient internal controls)
  11. Hate to disagree with you here but I think the OP was just after cash compensation (which a company would never pay they would pay an ex gratia payment as a gesture of goodwill). Maybe I misread the original post but perhaps not after some of the later posts. If the OP had requested advice in wording a suitable letter they may well have got a different response. Asking for an email address also suggests the OP was after the easiest way of contacting GE not raising a genuine complaint with GE. Again only just my opinion. I'm more than happy when large intransigent firms are held to account but there is a way of doing it and people on this site do have the knowledge if it is asked for in the right way/spirit.
  12. I would be more interested in how an 81 year old managed to get the store card in the first place, bearing in mind the problems the rest of the population is having in getting credit. I'd say it is none of your business! There are many 81 year olds who have more disposable money than say a 31 year old single mum of 3 who also has a store card. None of this is our business but the OP did decide to post on the board. Regardless of this, it sounds like you won't be happy until you've got someone's head on a plate so all I can say is 'good luck'. I think it is disgusting that a very elderly lady was treated in such a shabby way by GE Money and so quickly without obviously finding out the correct facts. I'd suggest you don't know the facts as the OP hasn't clarified what took place and this would then allow an informed decision as to whether GE screwed up. At the minute it looks like they were chasing a legitimate debt. Whether those are tactics people approve of is a different question. This lady is from a generation who in the large part would never get into debt but would save and pay their way by putting aside money in empty jars. Good generalisation. However, a store card was taken out. Again the more reasonable line of complaint may well be mis-selling She was very clearly distressed and for no reason. There was a reason, it looks like fraud was committed which is distressing. Don't know if £100 is the correct sum for causing this distress but GE Money should send a bunch of flowers and a proper apology rather than just a meaningless unsigned letter that is not sincere. Did GE cause the distress ? It appears they resolved the fraud (from the customers point of view) very quickly.
  13. Well was it a reasonable summary ? Was the first time GE became aware the activity was fraudulent was Wednesday 12th November ? You do mention the cost of a few pound in calls at 10p per minute. Were these calls every connected and what was the outcome of those calls ? If you have phoned, emailed, written numerous times and GE just didn't bother to acknowledge the fraud then fair enough, fill your boots and stick a request in covering all expended time (charge them your currently hourly rate at work for 15-30 mins per letter/email), costs (stamps, envelopes, phone calls ideally from an itemised bill) etc SINCE the first contact was made advising them of the fraud. I don't work for GE but then again I don't agree some phone calls are the equivalent of corporate manslaughter.
  14. Sounds like the OP won't be reading this but unless the detail has been reduced for brevity it sounds like GE issued card, card was intercepted or account taken over and fraud was commited. Last Wednesday, some 5 days ago, GE were contacted for the first time (unless a letter/other contact was made). In that time they have identified it was fraud and presumably written off the debt. If that is a reasonable summary I can't see what GE have done wrong, if they have been told repeatedly and ignored such communications then yes they have failed. Then again perhaps I just need my head testing.
  15. GE Money are not taking enough responsibility for their actions and imo, this amounts to the business equivalent of manslaughter, .. What do you think? You got a reply, a quite reasonable one but you think it's a pathetic one. Fair enough but I can't see too many other people rushing to suggest things for you (IMO). HTH
  16. 2Grumpy, This situation isn't different in relation to the Direct Debit Indemnity scheme, it still applies. Whilst the scheme says the DD will be refunded it doesn't cover what happens to any charges incurred if the disputed DD incurs overdraft charges etc. Also this has come about because of banks cost cutting. Years ago a DD had to be set up using the Part A and Part B approach. This involved you signing a DD form, the company wanting to take the money mails the form to your bank, the bank checks your signature on file, sets up DD, keeps Part A for their records sends Part B to the company who then know they can claim on the DD. Current situation, Company sets up DD on your bank account. No signature check, no process, no paperwork. Hundreds of back office jobs saved/cut (depends on your point of view) and the banks just deal with the very small % of queries from disputed/incorrect claimed DDs.
  17. The formatting is terrible, sorry. The interest repayment figures are Month 1 - 121.38 Month 30 62.71 Month 59 4.05. The remainder of the monthly payment repays the capital.
  18. MonthStart BalanceInterestPrincipalEnd BalanceCum. Int. PaidInterest left to Pay110000121.38106.999893.01121.383580.82306076.0362.71165.665910.372761.47940.73315910.3760.69167.685742.692822.16880.0459450.674.05224.32226.353700.182.0260226.352.02226.350.003702.200 The above is the detail from the Rule78 url given. If you paid 2687.90 in interest then that seems to fit in with the above. If I'm not wrong as well the Halifax could have charged a months further interest as a penalty. Look at the difference between the interest repayments vs the capital repayments in the first month, middle months and last months. Also this calculator shows the initial interest to be 3580.82 not 3702.20 so I'd guess you had one of those 'nice' free first months where interest starts from the date of opening the account and all this payment holiday is is way of you paying more interest.
  19. Thanks for the replies. The document isn't a piece of identification, perhaps the use of the word document suggested otherwise. It is just an instruction to a company I have a relationship with. They know my signature and the scanned form sent to them is sufficient to meet a time limit for a transaction but they want the original signed letter/form before actually completing the transaction.
  20. Are faxes/scanned emailed documents now as valid as an original copy ? I ask because I am currently working abroad and find most UK companies accept emails, scanned documents, faxes etc to process my requests. One however is adamant that an original is needed. There was a time limit on the request so I scanned a document and emailed it. They are adamant that the original is needed but the scanned document is sufficient to satisfy the time limit. Does anyone have any similar experiences around this area. Thanks.
  21. Thanks 49, I thought it would be the case that the company is pressurising me either to repay quickly or to save them administrative effort. By the way they aren't small or medium sized they are a very large multi national with an award winning HR team (apparently).
  22. I left an employer and they continued paying me. They state that the figure I owe is net. However, if I chose to repay in installments and the total amount wasn't repaid by the end of the tax year then the full amount of the debt becomes payable gross and resolution of any tax issues with HMRC. Is this correct ? Can they move the goal posts and disown responsibility for their mistake, using the tax year as the reason ? I intend to repay the money and hope not have to query or question this statement but I have seen numerous overpaid threads on here and did wonder on the legality of my ex-employers statement. Hope someone can advise.
  23. I did assume your ex-employer would be a bank. There's nothing specific in the Banking Code to cover what authorisation is needed for withdrawals. There may be something in the T&Cs of operating the account. Formally dispute the transaction there seems little other option.
  24. Apologies rubbish typing/spelling. Include the charges levied on your bank account in the new negotiation
  25. There's not many details here, ie are/were you paid by BACS ? How was the money taken from the ban account ? It is my understanding that clawback of overpayments is allowed through BACS on the same day, an overpayment is known about on the days. Clawback is allowed but multiple entries will appear on the account. As this isn't the same day then permission is needed to take the money from the bank. Do you have a direct debit with your ex-employer ? If so they could use this method to take money but it has to be agreed with you and can be reclaimed using the direct debit imdemnity scheme. If it's not a direct debit then approach your bank dispute the transaction and have the money returned. You cna then leave it until the bank gets the money back from your ex-employer and then restart your negotiations for repayment.
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