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  1. We could not get any Legal Aid last time for the first hearing so I doubt on appeal any legal aid would be granted. The cost of defending the case far outweighed the fine. They threatened him he is going to jail! even though he offered to do community work. I have lost all faith in legal system
  2. Update on my son they wont accept community service say he as to pay or risk jail got another hearing soon !
  3. Thank you for that information. I will speak to my son and the fine`s officer and see what can be sorted out. Thank you
  4. My son had the misfortune of receiving a Fixed Penalty Fine for a Public Order Offence. He only earns 50 pounds per week and could not afford to pay. There were also circumstances which made a reasonable to defend this action so he submitted a defence. He had no legal representation as legal aid is not granted. The CPS in their wisdom decided to make an example of him and go to trial. My son had never even received a caution before and the incident happened on his birthday. Anyway the police managed to gain a conviction against him and he was fined 125 pounds and given 495 pounds costs. Well basically he cant pay this he does not earn enough to pay the fine. So I guess he is going to Prison as I cannot afford to pay the fine for him. I am so angry. I have no convictions either but I think I will be driven to crime by my hatred of the establishment! Let them send us all to prison then:mad:
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