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  1. ok, he is adding up the charges himself, have to call him tues.
  2. ok, i have call with him in 2hrs...will update with response on here straightaway!
  3. ooooh, i found a telephone number, spoke to a guy that is looking after my case...he said we will dig it out have a look at it, to call him back on fri morning and we will bring it to an end woohoo...will update on fri
  4. BC did file a defence yes.... Anyone know where I can get the email address for their litigation dept
  5. thanks for you help, really appreciate it...hope they settle sooner than later
  6. in your experience, do they settle before the date.... or has anyone gone to court for an actual hearing? thanks
  7. was just stat interest as well...sorry forgot to add in last post
  8. I attached with my AQ a letter of direction (i got it from this site) The letter from the court is 'a notice of trial'......and they want me to send documents to all parties involved and pay a hearing fee of £75 as well by the 29th of May. What shall I do?
  9. basically was claiming credit card charges for monument and barclaycard, go the standard rejection letter, followed by the here is an offer letter...so I went to MCOL filed the claim, they put in a defence, then got sent allocation questionnaire, so I filled that in and sent it back...2 days ago got a letter from the court with a date set to go to court in August. My question is, is it likely they will settle before this, or am I off to court! Thanks
  10. after filing my allocation questionnaire (and waiting for an offer, but none has come) i have a had a letter through with a court date of August 11th to go for a hearing! Now my question is, will they settle before this date, am I waiting for August now.... has anybody been in similar position. Thanks for the help
  11. Hi i was in the middle of climing credit card charges , when Nationwide sent it to KPR debt collecting agency for retreival. Is there a letter I can send to DCA to say it is in dispute etc Please help, do not know what to do? Andy
  12. Hi i was in the middle of reclaiming credit card charges, when they sent to KPR debt collecting agency for retreival. What do i do? Is there a letter I can send to the DCA to let them know it is in dispute and that I am claiming at the moment etc Anyhelp would be gratefully received thanks Andy
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