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  1. Have you had any experience to remove it due not to issue a default warning letter???
  2. Anybody think I can do something to speed the removal of this default??? When I was refering to default notice is a warning letter that DCA send so you can try to fix the alleged debt in 7-28 days...
  3. No comunication from HFO.... I have sent several letters following Credit Consumer Act 1994 which HFO completely ignored. The outcome from the FOS is attached to this post....
  4. They couldn't as I stablished in one of the letters not to confuse the last acknowledgment with the default date. Letter: Sep 12-statue barred.doc I will write to Turnbull, thanks for the email, nobody knows what to do, they only try to kick it forward to another department. I really don't understand... if we established that is statute barred and I'm not going to give them any money.... just write it off and comply...
  5. Nothing in writing!!!. Barclays apparently didn't issue a default, it was HFO annd the default notice was sent to FOS, not to me. HFO couldn't start any court action because I was in dispute, they never sent any paperwork under Credit Act 1974
  6. With FOS I challenged the default and harrasment on the phone, the outcome was default is in court that they can decide and for harrasment I received £50 compensation
  7. Sorry for not explaining myself, is quite chaotic for the dates
  8. Before recording the default to the CRA they have to give you 28 days for you to try to solve it. That's why a default notice. The default notice was never received because I think it was created later. In this default notice, the adjudicator said it's dated on 29th March 2009 with a default start date of 13th November 2006 but HFO recorded in CRA as started in 13th March 2007. This default started appearing in my credit record from August 2008. SUMMARY: 2008 Aug: In my credit file a default appears from HFO, default start date March 2007. 2008 Aug: sent request for CCA + statements + deed of assignment. NONE received this 4 years. 2008 Dec: complain to Financial Ombudsman for harrasment + not complying with CCA Request. 2009 May: Adjudicator (FOS) said there is a Default Notice dated 29th March 2009, where date of default is 13 November 2006, date of assignment is 26 November 2007 So they have placed a default before sending the Default Notice and I was in disadvantage for being unable to dispute/solve this alleged debt.
  9. Original creditor: Barclays, apparently they defaulted me in November 2006 but in my credit file is March 2007... I'm chasing HFO (who bought it), CRA & Turnbull Rutherford. They had my correct address. HFO were quite dodgy: in Aug 2008 the defaults appeared in my credit file and the default notification was sent on 29th March 2009. I know this because when I complained to Financial Ombudsman for harrasment, Turnbull sent a copy to the adjudicator. I believe they "created" this notice but it was never sent. Today I filed a complain with ICO and OFT, don't know if Financial Ombudsman is going to be of any help.
  10. I know..... but I'm asking my following actions as the DCA DIDN'T send a notice of default and if the correct procedure was not followed this default should strike out. I have had this default for 4-5 years preventing to buy a house or getting a car's loan. I believe I had enough, I'm fighting to have my credit file in order. The DCA didn't do anything that I reasonably asked, just paperwork.
  11. I know. Default in March 2007 but last acknowledgment/payment was in August 2006.... so September 2012 is SB.
  12. I have a 6 year old alleged debt which HFO Services/Capital didn't provide any documents even several letters asking for it. Now Roxburghe (who took over) confirmed on the telephone that the account is closed and they won't try to collect any money. - I asked them (PHONE) to remove the default and send a letter saying that the account is closed (not complied, 7 days has passed). - I sent a letter informing statute barred, I'm not paying (Sep 12th) and also asking for the notice of default (Sep21st) not complied, 28 days has passed. - I asked Experian and Equifax (EMAIL) that I dispute this default, not having any CCA with HFOS and that this alleged debt is statute barred. I made clear in all communication that the last payment was over 6 years ago and that's the date they should count. Is any procedure/action I can do to speed up the process of removing the default? I'm enclosing the letters I have sent.... Any help would be much appreciated!
  13. But is anything I can do right now? Thanks!
  14. I've received a letter from the court stating that: Before Distrcit Judge Mxxxx Sitting at Northampton Court Without hering it is ordered that: 1) Following the filing of a defence or holding defence the claim shall be stayed pending judgment in the Office Fair Trading test case. 2) Liberty to apply with an explanation. ...... Nationwide has filled the point 3. Defence saying that "they intend to defend this claim and will file a full defence within 28 days of the stay of proceeding expiring" - Just to clarify, all this means that Nationwide will send an explanation and after that my claim will wait for the OFT case to finish? Is anything I can do now? And after those 14 days or before those 28 days? - Nationwide pays in full before sending the defence? Have anybody any other experience with Natonwide? Thanks! Diego
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