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  1. Thank you for your reply , there is no need for you to sound so patronizing , i don't need your opinion on the tribunals as i understand what they are there for and this is not a personal dispute . All i need help with is the wording of my letters that is all im stuck with thank you very much .
  2. Thank you for the link i am looking through it now
  3. Thank you for your reply . I was employed for 5 years . I have a hearing in March i have to set out in writing what remedy the tribunal is being asked to award . They weren't interested in settling during conciliation . Unfair redundancy . They dispute it all . The company is run by my husband who i am in the process of divorcing .
  4. Hi , I have got a tribunal claim going on and need some help with drafting my letters , i would be very grateful for any help offered . Thank you
  5. Hi DocH , hope you are ok . Ive just recieved my letter from court ..... It is ordered that the claim in this matter is hereby STRUCK OUT . I cant believe its over , think i will celebrate tonight deedee
  6. A big thank you to you DocH i couldnt of done it without you . Thanks to everyone else for their help and support Deedee:)
  7. Hi DocH , im fine thanks , hope you are ok , ive recieved nothing from cl finance and the court havent recieved there AQ , just rung the court and they have told me that an order will be sent out within 7 days stating that the claim is struck out . Is that the end or not ? thanks deedee
  8. Thanks Sleepingdog Havent recieved anything in post this morning ringing court tomorrow lunch time see if they have recieved anything , will post here as soon as i know ,got everything crossed now deedee
  9. Hi Doch , hope you are ok , ive just rung the court they still havent recieved AQ and i havent had any documents , the court has told me to ring back on the 18th to see if they have filed anything and if not it will be struck out , fingers crossed deedee
  10. im fine thanks ,will have my fingers crossed all week
  11. Hi Doch hope you are keeping well . Havent had anything from claimant , rang court on friday they havent returned there AQ to court , they have only got till tuesday to supply all documents to me deedee
  12. Hi DocH , hope you are feeling better , ive recieved a letter from court today saying : Upon the courts own motion. The court has made this order of its own initiative without a hearing. If you object to the order, you must make an application to have it set aside , varied or stayed within 7 days of recieving it IT IS ORDERED THAT the claimant shall supply to the defendant the documents requested in her letter dated ...... by 4pm on 17th march , if the claimant fails to do so, the claim shall stand struck out .
  13. will it make any difference if she has advised me wrong ?
  14. i took it to court today and asked if i needed to sent the claimant a copy and she told me i didnt have to so i havent sent 1 ,will it make any difference ?? i havent recieved anything , she looked at where things were and she told me that they were waiting for the AQs and would be taking it from there she didnt say they had submitted 1 though thanks deedee
  15. Do i have to send a copy of this to the claimant ??
  16. you had me thinking it was a leap year lol . Thats great doch thanks deedee
  17. thanks doch im feeling alot better now , havent had anything from court either , i did have a read through but sorry i havent got a clue how to fill it in
  18. Sorry i havent been around ive been poorly , i havent recieved anything from court or the claimant , do i need to fill this N150 in and take to court on monday ? thanks deedee
  19. Hello DocH , Filled my N244 in and took it to court then yesterday i recieved an N150 allocations questionnaire got to be filled in and returned before 2nd March ??
  20. can anyone help me with this please ? would like to take it to court tomorrow thanks deedee
  21. hello , im filling my N244 in and im not sure how to put it ?? what date do i put about filing and serving my defence ?? i dont have to pay the fee as i am on benefit so do i put in about costs ?? thanks deedee
  22. hi doch , havent recieved anything from them , ive been to court today to pick up N244 going to fill it in now and then get it back to court tomorrow , thought i would of had something by now thanks deedee
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