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  1. Hi Everyone, Unfortunately missed this month's DD for vehicle insurance. (cancelled due to my bank being shi**y!!) Close Premium Finance now want me to pay £40 charge for defaulting on a £26 payment, even though I informed them that payment wasn't being made on the same day it was due out.......I even sent debit card details to make the payment! (but they said they couldn't take payment in this way:confused:) Their reply told me to contact my insurance brokers, who have now got in touch with me to say I need to phone Close to pay the arrears by debit card - plus the £40!! This seems outrageous to me........are they allowed to charge so much? Or should I be asking for a breakdown of admin costs due to the missed payment? Thanks for your time, TIAW
  2. Hi Milly, My bit was dated, sorry erased it with my signature. The printed date is underneath the BoS signature - it's a bit weird on the right hand side as the same signature for BoS appears, slightly bigger & fainter, but going over the whole box and date section -no date added to this bit! I have sent a letter requesting clarification of the docs. but no response as yet.
  3. Hi Davey, Thanks for the link. Since I don't answer the phone calls, I didn't fit into the standard online complaints, so I have sent a letter with logged time calls to OFCOM to see what they say. It's Monument that seem to be the worst - including loads of weekend calls (but that's another story!) Received a request for payment from Blair Oliver and Scott - to which I'm sending the standard 'account in dispute.. refer to OC' letter. Also a response from Halifax 'The Bank is not required at this stage to provide a copy of the signed agreement, as this is only required to enforce the debt in court. The Bank has fulfilled it's requirements under The Consumer Credit Act and will not be providing anything further. the Bank also does not agree that the account is in dispute, as you have not provided any valid reason'....blah blah. So they continue to add interest and fees. What can I say to that?! TIAW
  4. Hi Everyone, Received a letter from Global Credit & Collection today - interestingly marked 'Without Prejudice' quite a nasty tone, requesting me to ACT RESPONSIBLY...pay within 10 days or..Dramatic effect on your credit reating & escalated collection activity..failure to respond means that my status will be changed to 'refuses to pay' and you will be dealt with accordingly! Any ideas? Shall I just send a standard 'Account in Dispute with OC'! Halifax have also sent me a copy of a letter they sent to my old address (why?) they strongly advise that I contact Blair Oliver and Scott 'to arrange payment as it will prevent any action being taken to recover the outstanding monies as we have not upheld the dispute you have put forward.' As always any advice and opinions welcome. TIAW
  5. Hi, Just received response to CCA request from Barclaycard, original application to Morgan Stanley. This has taken them months, during which time, they have phoned constantly (oh, how I love caller ID!). Now after producing this document, they have set Mercers on my case(who phone using a withheld number), demanding full payment, lovely letters! Please can anyone advise if this is enforceable, supllied enlarged, 2 single-sided sheets, stapled together - any ideas what they've blanked out at point number 4? (theat whole block is their erasure and not mine). http://i443.photobucket.com/albums/qq154/thereisanotherway/Barclaycard.jpg http://i443.photobucket.com/albums/qq154/thereisanotherway/Barclaycard2.jpg http://i443.photobucket.com/albums/qq154/thereisanotherway/Barclaycard3.jpg Thanks for your time.
  6. Hi Ida, Not too worried about credit file, so will hold off on payment until they can produce a valid cca. They are getting pretty sh***y though - another letter landed, saying they see no reason to enter further correspondence about alleged cca breached 'you lay at our door'. they don't consider thee account to be in dispute or void and will be pursuing for full repayment. Their claim is that they have supplied me with 'a copy of the credit agreement that you agreed to upon receipt of your credit card and signed it' whereas what they actually supplied was a single-sided application form - I have asked them for clarity that this was a true representation, but they seem to have ignored this. Any suggestions? thanks TIAW
  7. 1st credit have wasted no time in sending a letter stating their claim! They say they'll comply with data protection, I just need to send them £10 and an SAE I'll wait to see what they say to my non-compliance letter. Anything else I can do?
  8. Latest news from Mint - http://i443.photobucket.com/albums/qq154/thereisanotherway/MintResponse.jpg I'm a little confused as to what this actually means......it seems that if I make an offer, using a budget planner, they are going to file a default notice with the CRA's. Where does this leave me? The documents sent so far have been deemed unenforceable. The balance is still rising!
  9. Hi All, No response from Eversheds, however, I have received what I think constitutes SAR from citi, complete with years and years of statements, some letters change of address etc. BUT still no signed agreement..............just a printed document with my old address and answers to application questions (time with bank apparantly 00 years 00 months!) This morning I have received a Notice of Assignment saying that my 'contract' has been assigned to 1st Credit. Are they allowed to do this? What should I do next? Thanks!
  10. OK folks here are the docs! http://i443.photobucket.com/albums/qq154/thereisanotherway/BOSloan1.jpg http://i443.photobucket.com/albums/qq154/thereisanotherway/BOSloan2.jpg 2 seperate sheets, printed single side only. Enforceable or Not? Thanks everyone for your help and advice so far.
  11. Thanks for this fine template cerberusalert .....to be continued!
  12. Thanks Molly, I need to probe a bit more, and hope they've got it wrong!!
  13. Thanks for your support Milly, Yeah, Got a whole side of small print! See you in my other thread! TIAW
  14. Hi Milly, Just started to receive more letters from BOS again - got a 'we are dealing with your complaint letter........will respond no later than 4 weeks' for the CC. Just posted up about my loan on other thread 'BOS LOAN FINAL NOTICE' (sorry don't know how to link!). It looks like it may be ok for them . Just going to double check all prescribed terms are there. I guess I'll be able to stall for a bit while they sort out a legible copy and also confirm the 2 pages are actually 2 sides or not! TIAW
  15. BOS have at long last replied to my CCA request. Will try to get docs. scanned in later, but appears to have Loan and Preference Account on same agreement. Refers to t&c's set out overleaf, but reverse is blank, they have sent seperate sheet headed terms and conditions (small type, can't read it all). Other than that, it appears to have all prescribed terms. It has: Customer Details, Particulars of Loan repayments, my signature and theirs. Is it now time to make them an offer? Or get them to clarify whether the document is double sided or as supplied?
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