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  1. UPDATE: Thanks to a thread on CAG which is here http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?463176-Three-Mobile-Help-Required An Email was sent to Three Executive Team on david.dyson@three.co.uk 30 Mints after this email, a customer service person from Three Called my friend, apologies about yesterday incident and cancelled the contract. He also send an email telling my friend that a complaint has been raised against the particular cancellation team member for lying and not cancelling the contract yesterday. So basically thank to CAG team and all members. Again at last I would like to say that I am with Three from long time and never ever had any complaints for network or even bills, So please dont take this Thread literally. At last they were very helpful.
  2. I was not sure if I can do that or not. But since everybody is naming and shaming I would like to say it is Three UK. But same time I would like to say that I am with Three from last 5 years and customer service was always very friendly and even on this incident the customer service was polite and helpful. It was cancellation team who lied and refused to cancel the contract.
  3. Hello Everyone, I recommended a friend to buy a SIM only contract from the same mobile company I am using to have more data on less price. She called the mobile company and took a SIM only contract. Unfortunately the service of this particular network is very bad in her home area and she only gets 1 point on Signals bar, which make it very difficult to make and receive calls or use the 4G service for internet. Following is the contract details. Order: 11/04/2016 Post Date: 12/04/2016 SIM Arrived: 13/04/2016 Contract Start: 13/04/2016 She called the network provider on 23/04/2016 to cancel the contract but she was told that there is some service improvement going on in her area, So she must wait until 25/04/2016 evening. If the service level is still low then she can call back on 26/04/2016 to cancel her contract. She called the network yesterday, the Customer service guy told her that she is within 14 days of her contract and he is going to transfer to cancellation team to cancel the contract. Unfortunately the cancellation team member think otherwise, Cancellation team member asked my friend to check the delivery date on the letter received with SIM and tell what date is it? It was 12/04/2016. So based on delivery (Postage Date) which is written 12/04/2016, they can not cancel the contract. After a long conversation the cancellation team agree to open a case for the management to listen to the conversation of Saturday 23/04/2016 and decide weather to cancel the contract or not. So my friend is still waiting for the call from Network Provider. Today she received a welcome letter and first bill, on this letter Contract start date is 13/04/2016. So based on above information, Can network provider be that stupid and lie to customers? She has submit a formal complaint to Network provider about the incident and she is going to complain to OFCOM aswell. But is it fair for Call centre staff to lie to keep the customers for 12 months?
  4. I was searching over the internet regarding this matter and find this link helpful. So basically I can ask them to disconnect me or cancel my contract.
  5. hi all, Today I received a letter from Virgin Media broadband telling me that my bill will be increased by £1.75 from 1st of November. I install this broadband about three months ago. I choose the plan which will be unchanged for 24 months. Not the one which is half price and then jump into £30 per month after 12 months. So my question is can Virgin media do this? I heard in past that offcom change its law so mobile phone comapnies can't charge more mid-contract. Is this the case with Broadband also? I have 50MB broadband and I am paying £28.50 already for it. thanks in advance.
  6. I realized that mistake , I am in London. I Just read the Local authority webiste and it says that 30 Mins parking is free in that car park to help local business. To display ticket for that 30 mints is not mention.
  7. a person who is so stupid to press machine button to get free ticket will keep invoice? I doubt that. but i will ask him.
  8. Taken from a nidirect ebiste about code6 "Contravention code 06 shall be used for non-goods vehicles (cars, motorbikes, etcetera) seen to be parked in a pay and display bay without clearly displaying a valid pay and display ticket, or have a valid cashless parking event. A five minute observation period will be applied to allow customers adequate time to purchase a pay and display ticket and/or to establish whether loading/unloading is taking place." this vehicle was only observed for 3 mints.
  9. hello everyone, my brother went for shopping this morning on my car and park in local shopping car park which is provided by local authority with 30 mins free parking. There are pay and displays machines, so everyone who want to park there for 30 mints or less, can press the button and machine will issue a ticket for 30 mins free parking. my brother dont bother to press the button to get the free parking ticket so he got a PCN. my question , is there any chance to get rid of this PCN by saying that the car park is free for 30 Mints, he only went to shop for three mints and he got ticket? or is displaying a ticket compulsory? when you enter the car park it shown (pay and display), on PCN the code is (06 Parked without clearly displaying valid pay and display ticket or voucher) observed from 10:37AM to 10:40AM. any help welcome.
  10. Hi everyone, I am sorry if this is not the right section. I am working as a self employee for last 10 months in London area, before this I was working as an employee for a company for three years and I have P60 and pay slips etc. Fortunately I save some deposit to buy a home, this Monday I call my bank and ask where I stand for GOVT help to buy. The bank lady check everything like my expenses against my income etc. After talking to her senior she said the bank cant offer me mortgage now because I need to be in self employment for atleast 2 years and I need to show them tax returns etc. My question is , is two years criteria is basic requirment for all self employment people or its depends from bank to bank? Shall I go out and ask independent mortgage advisers? Or is that just waste of time and credit searches on my profile? Any help welcome.
  11. Today the Mercedes head office sent me an email explaining why they reject my claim. But it was the same reason which was told before. They guy also give me details of http://Www.motorcode.co.uk So if I believe I have case (which is two years parts warranty) I can contact this independent body for help. Have any of you had experience of motorcode.co.uk? I went to citizen advice and their website also had information about motorcode. Any help out there? My plan is to pay for repair now and bring the car on the road and then deal with Mercedes. Is it right?
  12. You were right. Brentford dont want my custom. Just wasted my time. You wont believe me.I sit in dealers reception are and call the head office. I guy told me you 150 percent have the warranty.*I tell this to service care. He went to manager who call merc and tell them this car is too old (6) years so no warranty.*The head office call me from Germany no. And told me that high command told us that there is no warranty.*Can you believe? The dealer went extra mile to pull my legs and let the merc call me directly and told me that there no warranty. Same time the guy who was calling me from Germany said ( nicely ) you better go to the people who fit this engine.*So clearly brentford dont want my custom at all.
  13. Long time since I open this thread, they sent me letters for 6 months and then never heard of them at all.
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