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  1. They have been identified. both my letter, and credit file, says it is capquest. i assume that means they have bought the debt. that part was never in question. what is in question is what it was originally, before capquest bought it.
  2. Thank you Mr Womble. I assume that's why the name, and you're not actually a bulgarian uncle. despite earlier claims made, that was straight and simple!
  3. i had to look up the old thread to remember what it was, and yes, i did want a simple answer. the answer was no, that was not a legal requirement. and it was like pulling teeth to get that answer lol I honestly don't understand why people can't just answer the question asked, not just on here, but in all walks of life.
  4. honestly i'm feeling a little stupid with all this, which, at the risk of sounding arrogant, is a very unusual situation for me. and again, not wanting to come across like a [removed], and i thank you for the help, but it feels like you are giving me the info you think i need, rather than answering what i am asking, which is why my level of understanding is low.
  5. I'm not trying to be a dick here, but i'm finding parts of what you are saying confusing. for example - "a solicitor is not a creditor so cant issue court claims they represent the client in any legal matters" surely they would get the solicitors to make a court claim on their behalf? Is that not the point of having solicitors, to, as you say, represent them in legal matters, like the filing of claims with the court? you also said - "capquest have told them to start the legal process" which supports what i said above. it seems your answers are edited for brevity, and frankly are not helping me to understand what you're saying. you give an answer, but its very short and does not always actually answer the question asked. I get you're a volunteer, but you could try to explain a bit more when answering, as right now i'm doing what you've told me, but if a similar situation was to come up, i'd need to ask again as I don't understand why i'm doing this.
  6. but wouldn't the owner charge a firm of solicitors, like shoosmiths, with doing this? is it not possible thats why this letter was sent? I'm asking both for clarity, and to know if this lot have threatened something they are unable to follow through on. if the latter, surely that's illegal in some way?
  7. so i'm assuming i should send the CCA to capquest, but inform shoosmiths of the situation, which should prevent them from taking the court action they have said will be taken?
  8. to be honest i do not believe i have ever had any dealings with either company, though i suppose it could have been an arm trading under a different name. I have never, in all my days, had a catalogue that i ordered stuff from. out of interest, why would a SAR be pointless? surely they need to provide that just like everyone else? edit - should the CCA go to capquest? or shoosmiths?
  9. OK, noddle lists it as capquest investments LTD and the type as mail order, but does not indicate who the original creditor was, and i dont know from this limited information. This is not relevant though to my initial question.
  10. that was reference number and amount. come on, do you really think i would blank out the thing i have repeatedly said i do not know?
  11. I dont have access to my credit file, or the money to get access. surely they need to provide me with full info on what it is about though? letter pdf letter.pdf
  12. I don't have a scanner, will get a picture taken and converted to PDF.
  13. I'm confused, surely that letter of claim would come after they start legal proceedings, not before? I do not believe i have received one of these.
  14. As I said, I don't know who the original debt is with. that's part of what i need to establish. I have no information beyond this letter. As for it not saying "will" - "If we cannot agree during the next 14 days how you will repay the amount outstanding to capquest investments limited, we will issue court proceedings against you for the full sum outstanding together with legal costs. We will not contact you again to warn you that proceedings will be issued." So you'd lose that bet.
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