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  1. if you call him again make sure you can record the call - I have learnt that today. I too have had Rundles on my doorstep today, with no prior warning. I have posted a thread which is helping me sort it out. I am in the process of writing a Removal of Right of Implied Access notice - which I am told will keep him away from my property if posted on the door - and INSIDE the front window so he can't throw it away, and I've also emailed a copy to several people at Rundles. I was scared and panicking this morning but am quite calm about this now ,having had some
  2. thank you for the advice so far, which i have gratefully acted on. No, there has been no bailiff in my house previously, neither for siezure of goods or to levy . This is the first contact we have had with themn re this debt.
  3. I have been paying Rundles £25 a week for this years council tax .I have paid regularly and on time. I make my payments online. Last week as I made the payment I noticed they held a second account for a smaller amount of unpaid council tax for last year. I knew we had an outstanding amount but wasn't aware it had gone to the bailiffs. I have since been expecting a letter from them asking for payment or a payment arrangement, instead I have just had a bailiff visit my house and leave an attendance notice saying he called to remove goods and will be calling back in
  4. Because I was teaching I can't really threaten to take anything back, but my last resort is to let City and Guilds know about some dodgy marking which went on - after my involvement -.
  5. I asked for the name and address of their advisors on July 17th - no reply has been forthcoming. I have sent a Letter before Action giving them 14 days to resolve the matter satisfactorily. Thanks for your help
  6. Thank you - my thoughts exactly. I am taking control of this and going the way. I will send the recorded delivery letter tonight. thanks again
  7. In March 2007 we agreed to buy a Toyota Townace from someone we considered to be friend - who deals in exporting and repairing vehicles. The total cost was £1200. He told us it needed some work doing on it which would take a few weeks - we gave him £560 -stupidly without asking for a receipt as he was a friend, and partly because in taking it from us he was doing us a favour in stopping us spending it on something else. By July after many promises from him, the vehicle was still not ready but knowing he was busy and not wanting to fall out we borrowed a neighbours car to tow our caravan. B
  8. I worked for a training organisation as a self-employed trainer from Nov2007-June 2008. I was contracted to deliver training which was worth just over £10 000 in fees. I have submitted an invoice each month since Nov 2007 and have so far been paid only just over £3000 in very erratic and irregular payments. The last payment was for £500 just over four weeks ago. I have been pestering them on a daily basis for the rest of my fees as life is now becoming very difficult - my rent is in arrears and my phone has now been cut off - there is only so much in which large organisations will listen to pr
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