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  1. Hi there Dont even think about asking brighthouse for reduced payments cos they will just not do it. You will be charged late fees for every week u miss for each agreement u have with them and they will harras you by phone (my experience was they would u ring u at all hours of day and night at at least 10 x a day) and calling at your house demanding payment. I have been there and its not very nice, so im just warning you. Charlie xx
  2. hi Yes i sent it recoreded deliverary. I have had no phone calls or anything for the past 2weeks from them either
  3. Just phoned the loan store as my bank gave me the transaction numbers and told me to phone them n ask for the merchant bank. The loan store wouldnt give the number, so i asked if they would send the paperwork that i supposidley signed to say they could take money from my account, and they said i had to pay £15 for this!!!!!!!
  4. Hi They must have been snooping into my account because as soon as my money went into the bank it was taken out by them in 3 installments. There was £7 left in and when i checked the balance yesterday they had even took that. Like i have said i have phoned them and they r not even intred#sted in talking to me about this. What is a chargeback?
  5. Hi everyone,, Just phoned the Loan Store and spoke with someone, and explained about being on benifits and not having no money for next 2 weeks etc, and guess what he wasnt even bothered. They wont refund any of the money - oh n by the way they took the last £7 from my bank yesterday!!!!!!! So now i have 5p to my name!!!!! Just waiting fot my new card to come with new account num on etc. So as you can expect iam at my wits end and very very very anoyed.
  6. Hi all Wrote the letter that u advised me to, and once again i have had no response. I posted it first class on fri evening so that should have got it Saturday or Monday at the latest. So they cant be that desperate for there payment. What would be my next course of action. Thanks in advance Charlie
  7. they took the amount from my card details. It a visa elecrton. I cancelled the dd ages ago due to my money probs. They must have been watching my bank details for them to take money as soon as it goes in. The original dd payment was £73 pr month and they have taken £93. They did the same in Dec 07 but they took £212 and that was the day b4 xmas eve, but they refuned some of that back.
  8. Thanks for that, im on the job now to open a new bank account, but how can i get the money back, surley they cant take all of the money, because now i have nothing left.
  9. Hi HELP PLEASE I have a loan with the Loan Store and have been having money troubles. I have had my benifit paid ino my bank account, and they have taken the lot out of my account and left me with £7 to last me for 2 weeks, i have my prioty debts to pay eg electric and water rates and shopping. I have phoned them and they said they cant refund it and i asked to spek to the supvisor but wouldnt put me through. What can i do?
  10. Thanks for that, I will write a new letter out later tonight. I will keep u informed. Thanks Charlie xx
  11. Hi there, Thanks for that. I sent one of those letters a few weeks ago and i never heard anything back. I told them this and they wasnt interseted. My weekly payment for a ps3 is £20.67. This is my only item from them. I even offered a payment in store yesterday and they wouldnt except it and said if it went to court the court would take Brighthouses side. Should i send another letter?
  12. Hi everyone. I have a PS3 with only 11 weeks left to pay it off and recentley had some money troubles, and due to this built up arrears of £160. Someone from the store came to my home yesterday demanding the money, so i said i will come to the store today and talk about my options cause i couldnt give her that amount of money due to being on benifits.. So i have been. I offered them 1 weeks payment of £20 and another weeks payment plus a bit extra for the arreras next week, and then pay weekly + extra as iam back on my feet now, but they wasnt intrested they wanted the money upfront. I said take me to court then and they said that the courts would be on there side (Brighthouse side). And they said that they dont except part payments. I cant apply for a reset as i had one in Nov 07 and i dont want to give the goods back as i havnt long left on the aggreements. At the end of the day i have offered a payment and they refused it. I just got that fed up with them not resoning with me i just walked out of the store. Please help, Charlie xx
  13. Hi everyone I have a PS3 with brighthouse and have 11 weeks left to pay it off, but have had some money difficulties, causing me to biuld up arrers of £160. I went into the store today as yesterday someone from the store came to my door and wanted payment. I said i will come to the store and discuss the matter there. So i went and they wanted the payment there n then and i said i cant afford to pay all that amount and offerd them 1 weeks payment of £20 and as from next week i will be able to pay another weeks payment and then i will be able to pay weekly from then, plus a little extra to pay arrears off as i have got back on my feet - but oh no that wasnt good enough for them. So i said take me to court then and they said the court will be on ourside (Brighthouses side) and that Brighthouse dont expect part payments. What can i do? I have tried to reason with them, but they r just not intreseted. HELP PLEASE xx
  14. How do i start a new thread in the brighthouse forum. Could anyone help me plaese? Thanks Charlie xx
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