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  1. I too have just a tax credit overpayment letter for 5k.i did claim tax credits due to my income but because im a workaholic I did some overtime over the year and the the next year I told them what to do with their tax credits as they said they overpaid me but still left with what they say I owe.it is a joke to say work pays when you have to pay back to them some of your earnings.
  2. so does a default drop off credit file on on the date six years on from first registered.does it come off automatic/
  3. Cabot they have registered a default on my cra file that they shouldnt have.i have told them this default is statute barred and they tried to argue that it wasnt.after contacting the original creditor to update my details with them they have put on my cra file that the account was settled in 2006 yet after looking at my cra file cabot have defaulted that account for six years.is there any way they can be sued for their actions.
  4. does a default automatically come off my cra file by a credit reference agency after six years or do i have to apply to get it removed
  5. do a cra automatically remove defaults from my file after six years or do i have to apply
  6. last payment was made to original creditor six years ago then it was sold to a dca since that time a claim was made for missold ppi and original creditor updated my cra file as settled yet dca have it recorded as a default
  7. the default is due to drop off in september i have not paid anything at all,
  8. can another dca default a debt that has run for 6 years and dropped off credit file for same debt
  9. you are right these companies arnt properley regulated they have guidabce rules but dont adhere to them.they can get away with anything they think they are a law to themselves.next time they should be on the consumer programme bbc watchdog
  10. i have had a default on my credit file for nearly six years it is due to be removed i havnt acknoleged it or made a payment in that time and that it is statute barred.this was entered by a dca on my credit file.after updating my records with the original company they have got this account as settled six years ago i know i didnt owe anything to a dca who had been hounding me.is there anyway.that these dca,s can be brought to heel and can one seek compensation off these companies for distress caused and for having to look at higher interest credit when they think they can do just what they like.are they regulated from a legal standpoint.i dont remember these companies appearing on the likes of watchdog etc it is about time they were made to answer some questions.
  11. thanks for that i just had a letter from them saying they got my claim and they will reply within 4 weeks
  12. when does statute barred begin is it from when an acknoledgement or payment is received or is it from when a default is registered with a cra which i have a default registered against me.
  13. as you were suceesful in your claim for ppi i phoned my bank they said i had ppi on a loan i had with them so they sent me a questionaire which i filled in but couldnt remember some things i didnt send statements agreement etc as they should have the details.does this matter or is it just for my own benefit to make sure they have got their figures right with the claim.my loan was with hsbc
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