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  1. Hi, I have an outstanding balance owing to Paypal. I am being awkward to them at present due to their ridiculous and illegal? practices of witholding funds/monies for money laundering laws. Anyway, they are threatening court action and I was just curious as to where they stand. In most cases you need to produce a signed credit agreement I believe? With it being on internet, I was interested in what the legalities are. Any assistance would be very helpful and gratefully received. Thanks:)
  2. Thanks lookinforinfo, I shall be making a decision shortly and this info will be shown to my solicitor if I proceed:)
  3. Good question JB - I was thinking of asking it myself! I voluntarily returned my car to the finance company after half the balance was paid off (something not many people are aware of). This meant I had nothing further to pay them and that should have been the end of it. They kept sending letters, threatened to take me to court for outstanding balance of 5500 pounds. Eventually, after I telephoned them for the umpteenth time, they admitted I owed them nothing. I felt like taking them to court for harassment but decided to let it lie. Now it's 4 years later, and I sent for my FREE!! Experian report:mad: The jerks had defaulted me:eek: After I had stopped my blood boiling, I got in contact with Experian, by email, and told them to get in touch with finance company and to get default taken off. To be fair, Experian were very good and had the default taken off within 2 weeks. The thing is though, I haven't heard a thing from you know who to apologise. So, I want to get even and I AM going to sue them whichever way I can. Due to these idiots, I have had credit cards applications refused, had to take out higher rate mortgage, had HP refused for car purchase etc. Whilst you have to weigh up the pros and cons for contacting CRA's for credit report, if I hadn't done so, it would still be on my file. It was the story about the guy who bought the laptop (without modem)for 1000 pounds and ended up with some nice compensation that got my juices flowing. :DAnyone got the details of it? I look forward to reading this thread with interest.
  4. Hi F1, sympathise with you totally. Grabbey National are a bloomin' disgrace. Don't know why people are still with them. My local branch are just the same. It's more like a branch of the Womens Institute - I am an expert on cakes, hairstyles, dresses, the sex lives of all local women etc. - and I am male!! I stood for 15 mins whilst they served ONE customer. Would have helped if they had put extra staff on but their reply was that they had to have dinner too!! Why am I so bitter? Oh yes, I remember. I had 90 pounds in my account to cover 4 DDs SOs etc for approx 20 pounds each. On that particular day they were due to take out bank charges for 80 pounds. Stupid me! I thought they would pay 4 DDs SOs first and then put through bank charges. This would have given me a balance of approx 70 pounds overdrawn. NO! Out came the bank charges. Balance 10 pounds. Then it was bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce as they returned all my DDs SOs. Result - Balance 130 pounds overdrawn and no bills paid!! At least they got their charges though, POOR little darlings. NO, I'm not bitter - MUCH:mad: There is a happy ending though, of sorts. Closed bank account. Hooray! Told them to stick mortgage you know where! Hooray! Claiming 6 years of charges - 5000 pounds of charges incl interest, which has been stayed. Boo! I can wait though. If I die first, I'll come back and bloomin' well haunt them:grin:
  5. Hi, thanks for info - tried link but didn't want to play:( I shall find it though!!
  6. Hi, just received a letter from a DCA stating they are after payment of a debt. I would like to know what I should ask them for to justify their claim. The debt is owed but I would still like for them to prove they have the right to collect it - Don't they need to have copy of original agreement for example?? Thanks for any advice:cool:
  7. Hi BRW, thanks for that, I shall get started on this on Monday. I shall post and let you know if all goes well or if they suddenly get intelligent!! Regards inklink66
  8. Hi, I am thinking of claiming back charges from Capital One. I realise that they will probably close my account, which I don't mind too much as I only owe £200 approx. My wife also has a card and her balance is approx £900, but she is not going to claim because she is sensible and hardly ever gets charges!! What I am worried about is whether they will 'pounce' on her and close her account because of me. Can they do this? Will they do this in all probability? I would welcome any input before I decide what to do.
  9. I can't sleep:mad: Just wondering if anyone has tried to stitch up Experian etc by giving them duff info, waiting for them to post it and then challenge it. A little bit naughty, unethical - they will be able to relate to that!! Would be interesting though!!
  10. Hi, new to this so please forgive any errors! Just checked my credit file and found a default for Abbey because of bank charges reclaim, so have asked Experian to remove it. That reply should be fun! The main reason I'm posting is Forthright Finance Ltd have had a default on my file for 4 years and I didn't know! Basically, I voluntarily handed back my car to them after making half payments. That should have been the end of it but 6 months later they threatened to take me to court for the outstanding balance. I told them to wind their necks in and threatened action of my own. After investigating my file they apologised and said it was their error. Now 4 years later I find out they defaulted me. I have told Experian that they should contact Forthright and correct my file and that I shall be taking action over the libellous content of the entry. Should I follow it up or am I wasting my time? Who do the CRA have to answer to? I find it incredible that you can be ruined by faceless morons. Bah!!
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