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  1. Thanks Sillygirl - i did think of issuing joint and severally but ultimately my contract is with O2 so didnt go down that route. So when you say CPR rules know its civil procedure rules but have i got the same rights to request this information under the data protection act and can i also get the transcripts?
  2. Hi all, Am first timer here so please accept my apologies if i am a dunce at this! I have just issued a claim in the county court against O2 (Telefonica UK Ltd) for loss of earnings. Basically they were supposed to deliver my upgrade phone on an agreed and specified date. I took the day off work and never left the house and surprise surprise it never turned up. I phoned then on 3 different occasions throughout the day and was fed a load of rubbish. The straw that broke the camels back was that i was basically called a liar by their delivery agent (Yodel) so i sent them an LBA (reco
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